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Self Inking Stamps

Self Inking Stamps are wonderful things. Just pick them up, place them on the spot where you want the mark made, press down on it and release. Done. As simple as that.

Click on a tile below to take you to some groups of stamps in the style of stamp that suits you.

If we are guiding someone to a stamp the menu we use the most is firstly Text &/or image and once there then rectangle shape stamps.

See the self inking stamp sizes side by side.

Use this pdf to see the self-inking stamps side by side. Print it out to see them in actual size to find the perfect one for you.

Click the tab to view a pdf guide to view rubber stamp sizes alongside each other.

Click on the stamp in the pdf to get to the stamp in the website nice and quick to order.

Click on the picture below of the one that best describes the type of stamping you want to do.

There will be individual products there for you to see and purchase.

Different functions of self inking stamps.

There are different functions that self-inking stamps can perform.


These are special stamps from Trodat of Austria. Each stamp can mark two or more colours at one time.  Fantastic for brand promotion and logos.  Special conditions do apply for individual colour separation and minimum area required.  16 ink colours are available.

Browse multi-colour stamps here.

Text &/Or Image.

These are the most common uses for rubber stamps.  These might be an address stamp, branding, directions, charts or advertising.  the world is your oyster.  Yes images can also go into a stamp.  Laser engraving rubber stamps does require a vector image for precise outcomes of your image.

Browse Text &/Or Image Stamps here.


These stamps have small rubber bands and a drive wheel for you to rotate to change the date.  Generally a band for each day of the month, the month in three letters and then the year in four numbers.  Some are date only and others are date plus a fix text or image.

Browse Dater stamps here.


Like the Dater stamps above these have rubber bands with the numbers on them, plus some have other characters as well.  Dial the number you need and stamp away.  There are also automatic numbers which have numbers only and automatically change each time they are used or each so many times they are used depending on the setting used at that time.

The Professional grade Trodat numberers can also be modified to have the number bands changed out for letter bands.  Only half the alphabet on each one however, either A-M or N-Z.

Browse Numberer stamps here.

Browse through ALL self inking stamps available below.

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Max. file size: 512 MB.

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