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Dater with adjustable date

Dater stamps have rotatable bands. Dial up the day of the month, month and year to get the date you need using clean thumb wheels. No need to contact the ink with your fingers.

The date is always in a fixed position. That cannot be customised. The text on the date bands cannot be customised.

Some of the dater rubber stamps below are just a date alone. Others have text to the left, above or both above and below the date. Scroll down to see all the options available. Yes images are possible as well, however consider most of the areas available for customisation are very small.

All of these self-inking stamps have replaceable ink pads or can be topped up with a few drops of ink at any time.

Below are options of all plastic construction every day models plus heavy duty steel frame versions for high daily use.

There are options for different ink types. The standard ink is water based and perfect for copy paper or cardboard. Many models also support special ink pads for solvent based inks on glossy or non porous surfaces.

For stamping on small or hard to see or reach places the traditional style of stamp with a separate ink pad can be very useful as the end of the stamp is exposed and easy to see where to aim it.

Please ask if you have a special situation, we may be able to suggest just the right model for you.

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