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Stamp Ink Pads

These stamp ink pads are great to use with hand stamps of all sorts from a larger hand stamp to little stamps for art and craft projects. Here at Self-Inking Stamps we also make custom hand stamps to use with any of these stamp pads.

How to choose the right size of stamp ink pad.

If selecting your pad for your stamp we look for a pad that is 7mm wider and/or taller than the stamp. This gives a bit of room for the base of the stamp which generally sits out wider than the rubber stamp die. Plus a little extra for space to dab the stamp a few times before using it. Dabbing in the ink a few times ensures a good ink coverage is on the rubber stamp die. If you already have your stamp measure the base of the stamp to make sure everything can get into the stamp pad. The stamp pads often have an upstand on the edge of the surface which means the stamp body has to fit inside that edge to make contact with the pad surface.

Is your stamp pad no longer giving enough ink to the stamp?

Stamp pads can have ink added by you to freshen them up again.  This will mean your stamp will clearly mark the paper again.
The Trodat stamp ink standard ink colours, Shiny stamp ink, Colop stamp ink, Dixon stamp ink, Noris stamp ink and Acme stamp ink can be purchased on this page HERE.
The dry pads can be used with specialty inks for stamping glossy paper or plastic items and even steel or aluminium.  Also we can ink these dry pads up with the ink colours from Trodat Multi-colour ink range for a special purpose or to make your stamp stand out.  We call these 11 colours our Extra Colour Range of inks.

Small Stamp Ink Pads

Large Stamp Ink Pads

Small, Round Stamp Ink Pads

Very Large Stamp Ink Pads

Finger Print Ink Pad

Small art stamp ink pads.

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