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Colop Top Pad 220×160 mm with ink

$144.55 GST Exc. $125.70

  • Stamp ink pad for very large traditional style of hand stamp
  • For stamps up to 150x210mm
  • Top up with stamp ink at any time to produce strong stamp image
  • Ink will stay use able for years
  • Suitable for copy paper or cardboard, porous surfaces.
  • Ink will not stay on gloss or coated paper.
  • Total

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A Colop Top Pad stamp ink pad like this very large one is what you need to use a traditional stamp that is very large.

This size of stamp ink pad is best suited to swing or rocker type stamps to get the best image on paper.

Open the lid.  Dab or roll your stamp around on the surface to ink up and then onto your paper.  Close the lid when you are finished so there are no accidental inking incidents.

It is as easy as that to use a stamp pad.

  • Pre-inked ready to use classic stamp pad
  • Ink will stay useable for years
  • Top up with ink when required to get even more from this stamp ink pad
  • Great to use with our hand stamps

This ink pad is 160 x 220mm internally.

We find that a stamp needs to be smaller than each dimension to get in here.  There is usually a bit of the body of the stamp sticking out further than the rubber stamp part.  Also to allow some maneuverability so you can dab the stamp a few times in different places to get enough ink on the rubber for a good print.

For our custom hand stamps we recommend no taller than 150mm or no wider than 210mm to use in this ink pad.  To get these inked well you need to get the stamp inside the little raised edge and in full contact across the surface of the stamp to get the best print from a stamp.

How to make the best mark on paper with a hand stamp and ink pad.

To get the best mark from your stamp at this size we recommend slowing down.  Do no rush your mark.  Time and pressure is required to transfer the ink well from the rubber die of the stamp to the paper.  It is imperative to ensure all areas of the stamp have pressure applied to the paper area.  Using a flat plate type of stamp like our Custom Hand Stamp you will need to use another hand to press down all around the outside edge of the stamp to make sure every part of the stamp makes contact with the paper.  Also make sure the surface being stamps on is absolutely flat.  With a slightly soft surface.  Sometimes around 10 pages of paper can give enough flex to obtain a higher quality mark on your paper.

To see the other stamp ink pads available click HERE.

This ink pad is from Colop the makers of the Colop Printer range of self-inking stamps.

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