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Text &/Or Image

Your self-inking stamp could be just text or just an image. Or a combination of both.
Which Self-Inking Stamp is the one for you?
ANY image shape can go on ANY stamp body .  Round image in square or rectangular.  Square in round, it doesn’t matter.
The stamp body shape is more about fit.  Will it fit in that size and shape.  Can we fit the image at the size you need in the smallest/lower cost body with the least waste of space.
The size of the stamp is more important.  How wide do you need it, or how tall do you need it.  Select on size first.  Here is an example – a round image larger than 50mm will not go in any round Printy self-inking stamp body as it is too large.  Instead use a heavy duty Professional rectangle shape as there is 55mm and 70mm tall ones there.

There are different body shapes available.





and multi-colour for any shape special occasions.

You can see all the stamp sizes on this pdf download here.

Drop files here or
Max. file size: 512 MB.

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