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Help, Support & Delivery Fees.

Selecting your self-inking stamp can be confusing for newcomers. So many choices are available in size, style and colours. And then there’s questions around how to replace ink pads and general tips to help keep quality high.

Replacing the ink pad in your stamp.

Trodat and Shiny stamps have replaceable ink pads in them. To replace the ink pad: Press the stamp down slightly – this separates the ink pad from the rubber die and will allow the pad to move plus lineup a slot in the back for the ink pad to move out.

  • On some models there is an oval button on the side with the brand name, push this and it will push the ink pad out slightly in the rear.
  • Other models have a small grip on each slide to grasp and pull out as can be seen above.
  • Slide in the new ink pad in and push firm the last little bit as this locks it into place.  You might hear a little click as it locks into place.
  • Remember to have the ink pad face the direction of the paper.
  • Your stamp is ready to use again.

How to find a stamp or stamp part if you know the model number.

If you are wanting to replace your stamp or a part like an ink pad or rubber die you could search for the product in the website.

Steps to do this are:

  1. have a look at your stamp body and see if you can see a model number like “4912”.
  2. once you have a model number go to the white box “Search for products”  in the top right corner of the page.
  3. type in your stamp model number and press enter.

This should give you all the options for the stamp model including:

  • a new stamp
  • a new stamp with multi-colour ink pad if available in that body
  • a new stamp with extra colour ink pad if available in that body
  • replacement ink pads for this model of stamp
  • replacement rubber die should your details change or you want to reuse the stamp body for another purpose
  • a combination of rubber die plus replacement ink pad combo

How to change a replacement rubber die in your stamp.

Here is a link to a set of instructions to for a replacement rubber stamp die on how to do this.

Tips for using traditional rubber stamps to get good image results.

  • Make sure you are stamping on a flat surface
  • Have something that will have a very small amount of flex in the surface underneath your paper, we use 10 or more pages of paper underneath and find this gets the image to all the edges better
  • Larger stamps are harder to get a quality stamp image from each time.
  • Care and attention is required for the best results.
  • Don’t be too fast, press and wait before taking the stamp off the paper.
  • Make sure even pressure is applied over the entire image, use your fingers and press the edges to make sure on big stamps.
  • If you are stamping bags make sure there is not a fold in the bag under the area you are stamping as this will leave a gap along the image next to where the extra layers of paper are.
  • That’s right only one layer of paper could leave a gap in the stamp image made.
  • Broad ink areas tend to mottle in the ink coverage.  This will be random and variable each time you use it.
  • This is more pronounced in stamps with what we term ‘knock out’ images.
  • This is where the stamp is a solid ink area and the image is a gap in the ink area coloured by the paper it is used on.
  • Try to keep your image lines thicker than 0.2mm
  • Keep fonts larger than 6.5 point

Delivery Fees

Self-Inking Stamps uses NZ Post to deliver orders.

This gives multiple delivery location options:

  • Private dwellings
  • Businesses
  • Post Office Boxes
  • Rural delivery

To make delivery easy we charge flat rates for three different sizes. Anywhere in the NZ Post New Zealand delivery area. Whether you are in Bluff or Kaitaia or anywhere in between.

  1. $7.95 inc GST for stamps and most other items.
  2. $4.95 inc GST for smaller items like rubber stamp die, ink bottles and ink pads that we can quickly get into a DLE sized courier bag.
  3. $10.00 inc GST for stencils.

Delivery time.

We try to get as many orders as possible into parcels to achieve the overnight classification of parcels to urban areas. This usually means next working day delivery. Some deliveries are possible on Saturday.

Larger items and boxes often will go into a different delivery stream and may take 1-2 days more.

Please allow extra time for rural delivery. Sometimes next working day has been achieved. Yes, shocked us too!

Is pick up possible?

Yes, pick up is possible and can be specified on your order at checkout. There is no extra cost for this option. We prefer a user pays model to lower your cost. Delivery is extra.

Pick up is from Huapai, northwest of Auckland city.

Delivery packaging.

Self-inking stamps choose not to use single use plastic.

Our packages are either plant based compostable plastics or paper with cushioning.

For larger items we use carboard boxes and sheet cardboard.

Our tape tapes are usually plant based, paper and/or compostable.

The label on the outside of the package is also compostable. We felt it was especially important to include this in the compostable capability. Who wants to try and get the labels off the bag to compost them!! No thanks. We do not want to discourage composting. Just get it right to start with and help everyone and the planet. Our compost bin looks a bit weird though with compostable bags in it during the breakdown process.

There may be some plastics from time to time especially bubble wrap. These are usually from parcels received here and instead of dumping it we make sure it has another use instead of single use.

Boxes are also re-used frequently you may find lots of tape and other delivery labels on there. We can all help by re-using these items.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us below.

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