Unusual Stamps or Special Purpose Stamps

Got a need for special purpose stamps or unusual stamps?

There may be a solution for you.

There may be stamps or stamp like products for marking paper, glass, plastics, bottles, card board boxes, pallets, documents or export documents.

Something might be able to be modified.  Something may be able to be made one off for you.  Or using some special products there might be something you can adjust for your special stamping need.  One was made to mark coconuts!

Maybe you need letters seriously large.  Yes up to 25.5mm high letters can be done.

How about changing the bands in a date stamp to renew them to current years.

Or even a numberer stamp to have a band replaced to a letter band either A-M or N-Z try us.

Below are some special products that might be of interest.

At the very bottom of the page is an inquiry form to ask if there might be a solution for your purpose.


Try a Plus Automatic Numberer

How about a DIY or TYPO stamp?

DIY or TYPO Self-Inking Stamps are stamps which you can change what is stamped any time you like.

Excellent for Date and Batch number on products and Best Before situations.  Very convenient just change each part when you need to.

Use a Trodat Professional for high use situations as this machine has a steel frame and can handle the demand.

With or without a date these DIY or Typo Self-Inking Stamps are really useful.

Buy a set of characters for either the Trodat TYPO stamps or the Shiny DIY when you need more.

Press-Lock Character sets.

Press-lock character sets are like the DIY sets above.

How ever they are heavy duty and in a range of character heights.

Press-lock character sets range from as small as 3.5mm through to 25.5mm in size.

These work a little like the DIY stamps  where a ribbed plate holds the characters you push on to it.

However this base plate is a rubber plate fixed to the base of a Professional grade Trodat stamp.

There are three items required for one of these fantastically variable stamps.

  1. Professional grade stamp in the size you need
  2. Rubber ribbed base plate
  3. Character set in either numbers only or alphanumeric which has both the numbers and letters.

Perfect for export pallet card marking.  10mm Characters are quite often required for the American market.

Fruit and vegetable packhouse stamps are used like this.  Also meat process stamps get used for this as well.

These are high quality products and are not cheap.  Each set is imported for you to order and takes approximately 14 days to get here and then on to you.

Add a base rubber to attach your characters to.  Match this to the size of Professional grade Trodat stamp as well.