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Custom Made Cake Decorating Equipment, Made Locally in Auckland

Order Cake Decorating equipment from Self-Inking Stamps. A leading NZ company selling Rubber Stamp supplies and Laser Cutting services. Recently we had an enquiry from a customer asking if we could make an item for cake decorating. Have you had an experience when a question was asked, and you go looking and hey presto you are down a rabbit hole? This is not a daily occurrence for the Self-Inking and Engraving team, however from time to time we do have challenging questions from our customers.

This one was a good one! Can we custom make cake decorating equipment? Well, it turns out yes, we can. Because, we have been making laser cut stencils for some time now. Using a food grade plastic called PETG this leads directly to custom made cake decorating equipment. There are food grade acrylics out there however the PETG is remarkably the same as clear acrylic. It can be laser cut to any shape. It can be laser engraved to give a frosted appearance. It comes in various thicknesses. That is where the custom variation can really excel.

Thicker 3mm plastic cake decorating equipment can be made for more strength like scrapers and fondant moulds.

Thinner 0.25mm plastic cake decorating equipment can be used to wrap cakes and airbrush finer details. Having done a Google search for custom made cake decorating equipment lots of options popped up. Other searches offered were cake decorating supplies nz and cake decorating tools. That was an interesting exercise for what we found. There are lots of cake scrapers, cake stencils, cake decorating moulds out there. Fantastic the market is covered. Or is it? What if you want a shape, a pattern or contour that is not being offered?

You can now order custom-made cake decorating equipment laser cut for your cake business.

Let’s look at cake scrapers. There are lots of high-volume cake decorating products. Many mass produced in Asia somewhere. How about that specific shape you need to speed up your cake decoration? Yes, any shape and any size up to 800 x 500mm is possible. Yikes that is a whopper of a cake we don’t expect to see anything that big. But you get the idea.

They could be straight but longer than usual. Maybe a particular corner detail. Maybe a geometric repeated shape. Gentle curves or ripple effect are all achievable. As custom laser cutting of PETG plastic is possible to do all that is needed is an idea, a specific vector image cut line and the laser machine, and you have a custom-made cake scraper.

Custom made cake stencils are possible too.

The thicker the custom made cake stencil is the more robust it will be. Then the cost of production can be spread over many cakes and make it more cost effective. However, the thicker they are the harder they are to curve around a cake. At 3mm thick these cake stencils can be used to make fondant moulds as well. Fill them with fondant, smooth the top and there you go quickly made repeatable items. Any size, any shape.

At 1mm thick this is our usual thickness for a cake stencil. Great for repeated use. Perfect for flat topped cakes. These will bend but do consider those little edges that lift on curves and how you apply an airbrushing. Or press them in to create the pattern and hand fill the imprint.

The very fine 0.25mm is very flexible and will curve around some tight corners and handle some fine cut out.

Do consider how fine your detail is. As a plastic which can bend and deform under heat when it is being cut with a laser beam that is extremely high heat. If any two cut lines get too close to each other the plastic will not take a second cut line and will melt instead and render the cake stencil useless before it is even used. A lot of that can be checked in the design and proofing process before manufacture. Sometimes some testing of a particular part makes sure it really can be made, will be necessary.

Custom laser engraved wooden rolling pin.
Custom made Cake Decorating equipment

This one is a bit more unusual. Wood is laser engravable. Grab a wooden rolling pin, have a particular pattern, and use our rotary engraving tool in the laser machine to laser engrave that pattern around the pin. This one is technically more difficult to achieve to get that pattern perfectly aligned from the start point to finish around the circumference. All sorts of patterns can be created. Custom laser engraved wooden rolling pin can also be used to make patterned biscuits and cookies.

Order your very own custom made cake toppers.

Oh boy these are everywhere. Mass production of the same old thing at cheap and cheerful prices and readily available. Cool. Warning: did you know some forms of acrylic when in contact with dairy products allow the transference of the plastic into the food! Please wrap the legs of these cake toppers in something to prevent contamination of your cake.

AS PETG is a clear plastic this is a bit boring as a cake topper. Usually, brighter colours really help to make the cake pop visually. Yes, we can cut all sorts of colours of 3mm thick acrylic for custom made cake toppers. Black, red, gold and mirror are all possible to cut. There are some lovely glitter acrylics we have in stock too for cake toppers. Available in red, green, blue, gold, silver and black.

wedding table setting name

Also with the toppers are names laser cut out of coloured acrylic. The individual name of the birthday boy or girl can be cut as a single item and then kept and hung on a wall afterwards. These are also great for wedding receptions. Custom made wedding table setting names go down a treat as your guests get to take their own custom-made laser cut name home with them.

custom laser cut names

Another alternative is 3mm thick veneer plywood. These are available in quite a few different species from the darker walnut to lighter maple. A great alternative for cake toppers. The laser cuts through the timber with heat darkening the edge of the timber. Higher power laser machines can cut at a faster pace and the potential for a black sooty edge is much reduced. With our very powerful 120W laser this is minimised and often is a beautiful fawn to brown colour depending on wood species.

Along with stencil patterns is stencils for alphabets. Here the letters are cut with the laser beam which is extremely thin for the cut width, kerf, and either the letter or the frame can be used. The letters and be individually pressed into the fondant and that mark hand painted. All sorts of fonts can be used. However, think very carefully about the script types of fonts with a very thin side to the letter and thicker other side. The very thin sides can be too thin for the plastic to cut twice close together as they can overheat and melt instead of cutting.

Another important point to consider is the centre parts of the hooped like letters. Like o, a, e, d etc. if you need these parts held in place in the frame of the stencil then a link must hold it to the frame. Generally, two work better. These alphabets take considerable time to graphically design. The first one is quite expensive. However, once the design is done it is infinitely repeatable which spreads out that design cost over many items to lower the per item cost. These alphabet stencils can be made with thicker 3mm PETG to press into the surface. Or as the very thin 0.25mm to curve around a cake and airbrush through. Anything is possible.

How do I order a custom-made cake decorating equipment?

That is easy. Just email Self-Inking Stamps. Explain what you would like to do. Give us lots of information like what the item is, photos or drawings, a measurement of how big that needs to be and your contact details. The next working day we will answer your email with either some more clarifying questions or proof sheet to check and a quote for that item. If we have the sheet material in stock for that item, we can make the item generally in one working day. Once it is paid for, we can get it away on the next courier pick up.

See what they are saying.

Our happy customers have a lot to say about our products and services!

5 stars from Ninel Markovic

Perfect. Very professional and friendly people. Have solved my complicated request. It was very urgent and they did their best to supply on time. I’m very happy. Thank you so much for your great work and excellent service. I Highly recommend this business and will use again without a doubt.

5 stars from Marie Roberts

This is a brilliant company with fabulous customer service. I ordered stamps for my law practice at 230 pm on a Monday afternoon, they were shipped within an hour and arrived the next day to a rural regional address. Fabulously fast, great communication and the product was reasonably priced and in perfect order. Impressed and highly recommend.

5 stars from Nick Lassally

Wow what a great company. The whole process of getting a special stamp made couldn’t have been easier. Super happy with the end product and the speed with which it arrived to our rural location was very impressive. I can;t recommend self-inking stamps highly enough!

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