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Colop Printer 10 27x10mm

$41.69 GST Exc. $36.25

  • Max text plate size: 27x10mm (rectangular)
  • up to 3 lines of text
  • Clean ink cartridge change without touching the ink – for clean fingers
  • Replacement ink pad E10 in black, blue, green, red, and dry (no ink, ready for your special purpose ink)
  • Suitable for matt paper or cardboard, porous surfaces.
  • Incredibly small and light with pleasant, secure stamp grip
  • Transparent positioning window allows accurate imprint positioning
  • This Colop Printer 10 is the same size as the Trodat 4910 or Shiny S1821
  • Choose proof required to see your stamp image before manufacture
  • the perfect size for a name stamp


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    This Colop Printer 10 stamp has a maximum image size of 27 x 10mm.  This is the maximum size available.  It does not have to be filled completely.  Self-Inking Stamps Ltd like to fill the area and that might be the width or the height of your stamp.  Sometimes both the width and the height are filled but do not have to be.  You could just have a full stop and nothing else.

    This is an excellent size of stamp for a name stamp.

    Colop self inking stamps are world leaders in stamping technology.  These Colop Printer rubber stamps are excellent personalised stamps.

    The new Colop Printer range of stamps have a unique clear plastic body. This allows for easy placement to see exactly where to place your mark.

    The top cover can easily be removed and the personalisation card changed to one of four colours in every stamp.  This gives the choice of:

    • Black
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red

    Along with interchangeable body colours there are two other parts that can be changed at any time.

    What if my stamp has run out of ink?

    Don’t panic.  Good news here. The ink pad is removable and a replacement ink pad can be installed.  These are available in a range of colours to suit your purpose.

    • Black
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Green
    • Dry – no ink ready for your choice of special purpose ink.

    Can I add ink to my self inking stamp?

    Yes you can. Colop stamps have nice little 28ml bottles of ink.  You can remove the ink pad, add a few drops of ink and away you go again.  It is really easy to do and if you are careful you don’t even get any ink on you.  If the quality of your stamp mark is important or there are broad areas of ink then topping up at any time is how to achieve the best result.

    Note: it is better to have too little ink than too much ink in the ink pad.  Too much ink will leak out and go right through your stamp and dribble down onto the paper making a real mess.  If you are unsure about doing this then just replace the ink pad.

    You can find stamp ink here.

    My details have changed, is update stamp possible?

    Also for these Colop Printer 10 self inking stamps at any time they can be re-purposed with a new rubber die.  If you have a changed address or personal details these stamps can have the rubber die replaced.  This is a very cost effective way to update your personalised rubber stamp.  Self-Inking Stamps have combo deals where you can replace the rubber die and the ink pad with a discounted price for the combination of the two products saving you money and you get the equivalent of a brand new stamp for around half the cost.

    All of the parts are available on this website by searching the model number of the stamp or use the inquiry form to ask for help.

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