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Rubber Stamp Ink, Stamp pads or replacement Stamp ink pads

If you need stamp ink, stamp ink pads or replacement ink pads for a self-inking stamp you are in the right place.

These are three quite separate items that do similar things.

Rubber Stamp Ink

Stamp ink comes in small bottles.  They have a small nozzle in the end to slowly allow ink out and onto the ink pad.

Click HERE to go to where these are in our website.

Rubber Stamp Pads

These are for the traditional rubber stamps.  Dab the stamp a couple of time on the ink pad and over to the paper to mark the paper and back again.

Click HERE to go to all our ink pads

Replacement Rubber Stamp Ink Pads

These are the replaceable ink pads inside a self-inking stamp.

Pop out the current one. Slide in a new one. Neat and clean no need to have any ink on your fingers.

And away you go with what is a new stamp.

These replaceable pads can also have ink added in a few drops at a time.  This can be much more cost effective.

Eventually the ink pad will deteriorate and need replacing too.

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