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Traditional Stamp or hand stamp with separate ink pad

hand stamp

Do you prefer the traditional hand stamp with a separate ink pad?

What is a hand stamp?

There are different styles of hand stamps. Some are just date stamps, like the one on the right in the photograph above. Others are Numberer stamps. Then there are the custom made ones for text and or an image like the other three here.

This style of stamp can also be much bigger than any self-inking stamps. The other great result is large custom hand stamps are lower cost than the largest of the self-inking stamps.

Wooden Handle Custom Hand Stamp

This one has a great handle, smooth to the touch, lovely and round and comfortable in the hand. Custom made for you and shaped to the image to reduce over marking. Priced by the height x width, tell us the size you need when ordering your proof.

Click on the picture below to order your proof and get a price which is based on the width x height of the stamp..

Rocker Custom Hand Stamp

Another option for large stamps is a rocker stamp. These traditional large stamps have a curved base plate. This allows a lot of pressure to be applied to a smaller area of the image. This will improve the application of ink to the paper and you get a better mark on the paper. These custom rocker hand stamps are made in house with the handle and base plate laser cut from acrylic. The base plate is heat bent to the curved shape. The a thicker than usual rubber die is laser cut twice to reduce damaging heat. That is fixed to the base plate. As we make a handle at 135mm wide to fit a and we do recommend over 135mm width for this style of hand stamp. Using a Colop Top pad with this hand stamp will get you great results for a paper bag stamp.

All traditional hand stamps.

Or try one of these traditional rubber stamps. Below are all the stamps on this website which require a separate ink pad when stamping. Whether they are custom made stamps in house or factory made by Trodat of Austria all of these rubber stamps will give great results. Have a browse around scrolling down this list. Or if you need help scroll to the bottom and use our enquiry form to ask some questions. We are here to help you find just the right rubber stamp for your needs.

Yes these stamps can be used with the standard water based stamp ink or solvent based inks like Noris of Germany. There are different inks for gloss paper, plastic and freezer bags.

How do you use hand stamps?

A hand stamp is used in conjunction with a stamp ink pad.

Pick up the stamp.

Dab the stamp in the ink pad a few times to ensure good ink coverage.

Place on the spot to make the stamp mark.

Then once in place press firmly. Use you fingers and press on the outside of the base plate if it is a larger stamp.

Lift the stamp off.

Pressure is an important part of the mark. Think about “printing press”. Yes press is the key word there and that is the same with a hand stamp. A hand stamp or any stamp, is not a hammer. Bashing does not get a better mark. Slowing down and applying press once on the paper will get you a better mark.

With your new custom hand stamp an ink pad is necessary. View below to go to the stamp pad page to find the one for you.

For any question you have contact us below

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