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Rocker Stamp (Free Quote)

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Rocker stamp for stamp marks over 135mm to fit the handle to the base.

  1. Fill in your details below to get a quote
  2. From $148.00
  3. Price is confirmed with the proof sheet next working day
  4. You pay after you approve the proof supplied

If you cannot upload files, please clear your web browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete). Send your file direct to us at is one of the best options. Tell us that you are doing this in the Comments box below.

Broad areas of ink in large stamps tend to mottle.

We will send a proof sheet with your stamp to scale when printed and quote price back to you during the next working day. If you haven’t received an email within 48 working hours please check your SPAM/JUNK as they sometimes end up in spam box.

See ink colours available here.

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    If you cannot upload files, please clear your web browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete). Refer to


    A Rocker stamp is available in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. These stamps are priced by their size, width x height.  Enter your ideal size and we can give you a price. They can be made to the millimeter size as you need them. A rocker stamp is excellent for marking paper bags. Their large size and lower cost at large sizes is ideal to get your brand on shopping bags. This is the ideal paper bag stamp. For large prints like wedding invitation printing these can be super good stamps.

    Note: It is important to identify the surface and match the correct ink type requirements for varied surfaces.

    What can I put on my Rocker Stamp?

    Any shape is possible, we cut and then mould the base plate to your requirement. Use your image or text or have both image and text.  Only your imagination is the limit here.  For a circle shape stamp the height of the ink pad will limit the size.  Think about the maximum diameter on the various ink pad sizes as 63mm, 83mm, 150mm and 230mm maximum on the really large ink pad.

    Send us your image as a vector file or pdf vector image file preferably as these work better generally in our engraving machine.

    How much will a custom hand stamp cost?

    These stamps are calculated and priced by their size Width x Height mm of the final stamp size.

    We will advise once proofed what the final price will be.

    From $148.00 up to $222.00 at 153 x 83mm maximum size in a 160 x 90mm stamp ink pad.

    Or for the huge and expensive 310 x 240mm massive ink pad the stamp at maximum size of A4 rubber is 291 x 204mm is $458.00.

    Somewhere in between these extremes would be your custom stamp.

    What is the custom hand stamp made of?

    Our hand stamps are very basic. Function is their purpose rather than beauty. Although these do look cool. Generally these were introduced for very large stamping requirements. The handle is 10mm thick laser cut acrylic with support blocks to enable a greater surface area to glue it to the base plate.

    Then a 6mm thick casted acrylic base plate laser cut to the shape of the stamp image is heat bent and glued to the handle.

    Onto the curved base plate is fixed the laser engraved rubber die. This rubber is a special rubber which is thicker and softer. This allows better transfer of ink on this softer surface as generally these massive stamps have broader areas of ink applied in one area. Please note that the broad areas of ink with a stamp generally mottle. The thicker rubber also allows much deeper engraving to reduce the chance of the background rubber marking the paper unnecessarily.

    How big can I have a custom hand stamp?

    The rubber sheets we engrave with the laser engraver are A4 sheet size 210 x 297mm and, while enormous, is possible in this style of stamp.

    The larger the stamp the harder it is to get a quality stamp from.

    The size of a hand stamp is governed by the size of ink pad you have.  If you can’t ink it up it has no value as a stamp.

    The stamp needs to be around 7mm in size less than the size of your ink pad to allow the base plate plus moving the stamp to ink up.  The more space you have the easier to get a few places to rock the stamp around in the ink.

    The most common pad size is 110 x 70mm and a bit small for a custom rocker stamp.  This would mean a 103 x 63mm maximum size of stamp. These can be made quite easily on our custom hand stamp with a flat base plate.

    Next up is the 160 x 90mm stamp pad which you can get a maximum of 153 x 83mm for the stamp.

    If you are feeling rich then the really large one is the largest possible from a sheet of A4 rubber at 291 x 206mm.  Be careful with these as the larger the stamp is the harder it is to get a quality print from. The big rule is slow down and pay attention to what you are doing and do not twist the stamp while rolling.

    How long does it take to make my hand stamp?

    The first stage is to finalize a proof of the stamp.  If you supply a image file in vector or pdf form and it needs no changes the proof is completed the next working day.

    Once you approve the proof for manufacture the stamp components are made within 24 hours. Sometimes and extra day is added if the glue has had insufficient time to set before packing for the courier pick up. We do not want your fantastic stamp arriving in pieces! That is definitely not the customer experience we are striving for.

    Once you pay for the order it is assembled and dispatched.

    Then the completed stamp is put on the next courier pick up which is generally 3:00pm weekdays.

    So all up 3 working days from inquiry to stamping can be achieved, but allow 4.

    The only process outside of our control is the courier. Some times of the year they are immensely busy and delivery time can move out from next working day to more than one day especially around Christmas time.

    What stamp ink pad can I use with my hand stamp?

    The standard ink is water based and works well with the stamps on matt paper or cardboard. Generally in stock are Trodat, Shiny and Colop brand of ink pads.

    The standard colours are:

    • Black
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Green
    • and Violet
    • we do have more however

    You can also use the alcohol based ink for fast drying situations on glossy paper, plastic etc, even freezer inks. The ink colour range is reduced for these special purpose inks.

    See the Noris 007 inks.

    The most common ink pads that are used are the 110 x 70mm SP3F9 or the 160 x 90mm Colop Micro-3

    See the full range of stamp pads here.

    My stamp pad is low on ink, now what do I do?

    Don’t panic! Don’t buy a new ink pad unless the surface of the pad is fury or damaged.

    All the ink pads can be topped up with ink at any time. If you like a good solid ink mark this top up can be more regular.

    Please use the brand of stamp ink for the stamp ink pad you have. You can shop for the ink bottles HERE.


    • Make sure you are stamping on a flat surface
    • Have something that will have a very small amount of flex in the surface underneath your paper, we use 10 or more pages of paper underneath and find this gets the image to all the edges better
    • Larger stamps are harder to get a quality stamp image from each time. A rocker stamp reduces this issue compared to a flat plate stamp. Care and attention is required for the best results.  Don’t be too fast, slowly put down one side of the rocker stamp on the paper and slowly roll all the way to the other edge. Lift off carefully so that the last contact point does not smudge as you take the edge of the stamp off the paper.  Make sure even pressure is applied over the entire image.  If you are stamping bags make sure there is not a fold in the bag under the area you are stamping as this will leave a gap along the image next to where the extra layers of paper are.  That’s right only one layer of paper could leave a gap in the stamp image made.
    • Broad ink areas tend to mottle in the ink coverage.  This will be random and variable each time you use it.  This is more pronounced in stamps with what we term ‘knock out’ images.  This is where the stamp is a solid ink area and the image is a gap in the ink area coloured by the paper it is used on.
    •  Try to keep your image lines thicker than 0.2mm, or gaps between ink areas
    • Keep fonts larger than 6.5 point
    • For images a vector image is perfect. That might be a file with .cdr, .ai, sometimes .psd or .svg at the end
    • A screen shot or off the internet can guarantee a poor quality stamp. Large stamps can display pixilation issues very easily. It takes time, and money, to graphically clean up these sorts of images for a high quality stamp


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