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Custom Stamps

How long will it take to make my rubber stamp?

On average 3 working days from inquiry to stamping.

Does a hand stamp take the same time as a self-inking stamp?

Generally yes they do, but sometimes testing the stamps reveals a detail we are not happy to let you have and the cycle is repeated to get it just right. Sometimes the glue on the handle has not set enough for testing and packaging.

What is the process in making my stamps?

There are a few steps involved – the proof, manufacture and payment, shipping.

1. The Proof – all stamps have a proof made and sent to you which must be approved before we make them. This may be simple or complex, depending on the image required. Some images are proofed many times to get them just perfect, and may go back and forth between Self Inking Stamps and the client until every last fine detail is just what our client needs. Text is easy and is generally back the same day, but it depends on workload. When the workload is low, like school holidays, it has been known to be minutes. Other days it can take 24 hours. We will let you know if we are out of stock and have to order your product, generally this is 24-48 hours.
Our target is to get the proof back to you no later than the next working day morning.
2. Manufacture and payment – Once you approve the proof it immediately enters the manufacturing process. If the product is out of stock your order will have to wait for backorder which generally takes 24-48 hours. We will let you know the status. Also large orders will take longer to obtain stock and then to manufacture. Sometimes the rubber die is being created in the laser engraving machine while a reply is being  sent to you and by the time you pay is already made. When your proof is approved before 10am our target is to get that on the courier at 3pm that same day. It can be a bit intense at times here and we may ignore the phone to ensure everyone is on deck and trying to achieve that target. Depending on the day’s workload we still keep the process going. We will ship as many as possible even after this time. We have had inquiries made at 1:30pm and the order was shipped at 3pm. Sometimes everything just happens to time perfectly and amazing ones like that happen, you never know your luck.
3. Shipping – Before we ship all orders must be paid for. If that payment is too late to assemble and package and be ready for the courier it will miss that shipment. The faster you pay the faster you get your stamp. We have easy links when ordered via the website for internet banking and credits cards that tell us you have paid quickly for this reason and we can then release your order for assembly and you get your order faster. Our orders are shipped via CourierPost New Zealand wide and includes P.O. Boxes. All are track and trace so we know what is happening and they can show you. Parcels are on overnight delivery for the next day. We regularly ship in the afternoon from Auckland and Invercargill can have them at 8:00am the next morning. Specifically where you are and timing can make a big difference. Larger orders go in cardboard boxes and usually the North Island receives these the next business day. The South Island can take two days. Rural delivery and outer areas can take longer due to the couriers and rural delivery people and the time of connections there. Some urban areas are able to have Saturday delivery for an extra fee. On average the orders are delivered the next day.

How long does it take for me to have my rubber stamp?

On average 3 working days from inquiry to stamping.

Read This Important Information

– Use our Contact Us form and Self Inking Stamps NZ will get back to you in one business day (24 hours) or less.
– When you submit an enquiry or order for a stamp we will endeavor to get a proof back to you within 1 business day (24 hours).
– If you are not sure which stamp may suit you remember you are not charged for the stamp if you choose payment option “Direct Bank Transfer”, you are just ordering a proof to start with.
– We can change your order for you if you want to add something or change the stamp you initially thought might suit you.
– Just try a stamp that might suit you and ask if this one is suitable for you in the notes box, there is no cost.
Have a look here at this pdf for side by side comparison of stamp sizes for something that may suit you.
– Click on the one you like to get to the product in our website. Or try this generalised product HERE to give us a guide as to what you might like.
– With this one click proof required to get this one right.
– Using our products through this website will result in a faster stamp to you. As all your details are recorded for invoicing and courier directions. This will speed up the processing up at our end.  Your details will NOT be handed on to anyone else.
– To make the best stamp we have to have the best image in digital form to do anything.
– The old adage “garbage in garbage out” is especially true for a stamp.
– The image direct from the graphic designer in vector form is best.
– To convert an image to a form we can work with has an additional fee for graphic design work.

Our preference in order of an image file to work with would be:
1. Vector image – no charge
2. .cdr (CorelDraw) – no charge
3. .ai (Adobe Illustrator) – no charge
4. .pdf of a vector image – no charge
5. .pdf very high resolution (saving a low res jpeg to pdf is unsuitable) – additional fee
6. Very high resolution (300 + dpi) jpg or png file lastly.  (screenshot or internet images are unsuitable)  – additional fee

Delivery Service

What are the delivery fees charged?

Delivery Fees.
Self-Inking Stamps uses NZ Post to deliver orders.
This gives multiple delivery location options:
·         Private dwellings
·         Businesses
·         Post Office Boxes
·         Rural delivery
To make delivery easy we charge flat rates for three different sizes. Anywhere in the NZ Post New Zealand delivery area. Whether you are in Bluff or Kaitaia or anywhere in between.

Our delivery fees are as follows:
$10.95 inc. GST for stamps and most other items.
$7.95 inc. GST for smaller items like rubber stamp die, ink bottles and ink pads that we can quickly get into a DLE sized courier bag.
$15.50 inc. GST for stencils.
Add an additional $2.00 for rural postcodes.

Delivery time.
We try to get as many orders as possible into parcels to achieve the overnight classification of parcels to urban areas. This usually means next working day delivery. Some deliveries are possible on Saturday.
Larger items and boxes often will go into a different delivery stream and may take 1-2 days more.
Please allow extra time for rural delivery. Sometimes next working day has been achieved. Yes, shocked us too!
Is pick up possible?
Yes, pick up is possible and can be specified on your order at checkout. There is no extra cost for this option. We prefer a user pays model to lower your cost. Delivery is extra.
Pick up is from Huapai, northwest of Auckland city.
Delivery packaging.
Self-inking stamps choose not to use single use plastic.
Our packages are either plant based compostable plastics or paper with cushioning.
For larger items we use cardboard boxes and sheet cardboard.
Our tape tapes are usually plant based, paper and/or compostable.
The label on the outside of the package is also compostable. We felt it was especially important to include this in the compostable capability. Who wants to try and get the labels off the bag to compost them!! No thanks. We do not want to discourage composting. Just get it right to start with and help everyone and the planet. Our compost bin looks a bit weird though with compostable bags in it during the breakdown process.
There may be some plastics from time to time especially bubble wrap. These are usually from parcels received here and instead of dumping it we make sure it has another use instead of single use.
Boxes are also re-used frequently you may find lots of tape and other delivery labels on there. We can all help by re-using these items.

What should I do if my order hasn’t been delivered yet?

Please contact our Customer Service by email to sales@self-inkingstamps.co.nz

Can I track the delivery of my order?

Yes a NZ Post tracking code will be sent to you by email confirmation.

Returns & Refunds

What is your Returns Policy?

A return may be looked at individually by Self-Inking Stamps to decide whether to accept the return or not. Please contact our Customer Service before returning any product. All new products have a minimum 1 year warranty. Where goods are accepted (for credit or refund at the Self-Inking Stamps discretion) they must be delivered at the buyer’s expense to our Self-Inking Stamps premises. Refer to the “Change of Mind Refund” guidelines at the consumeraffairs.govt.nz website.

How do I return something to you?

Address: 29 Sunny Crescent, Huapai, Auckland 0810, New Zealand.
Phone: 09-412 9381
Email: sales@self-inkingstamps.co.nz


“Available on Backorder” means:
1. For Trodat, Plus, Dixon or Colop brand products which are not customised. And do not include a Shiny brand product in the order. We often drop ship your order direct to you from our supplier to save time and takes approximately 1-2 working days for delivery.
2. Otherwise a backorder product is often 2 to 3 days delivery time to our office.
3. For some items that are out of stock in NZ we will contact you to give you the theoretical import date to NZ.

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