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Address Stamps Self Inking (Free Quote)

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  1. Fill in the details below to get a quote for an address stamp self inking.
  2. You do not pay now. NOT even the courier click GET QUOTE
  3. Stamping on surfaces other than matt paper or cardboard is possible but costs extra with special inks
  4. Price is confirmed with the returned proof sheet, depending on the model(s) most appropriate for you.
  5. Multiple sizes might be offered as a solution for you.
  6. The more information you can tell us, the closer we can get to the perfect stamp for you.
  7. Yes more fonts are available than listed, what would you like?
  8. Click add to Cart then on the next screen click GET QUOTE.  Please DON”T pay funds at this stage.
  9. Price From $34.00

Buy 2 or more Self-Inking Stamps at one time and get a 10% discount!

Click here to read more about what is possible for address stamps.

Click here to view all the self-inking stamp sizes side by side on this pdf

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    As the title says these stamps are self-inking stamps. Nice and neat and tidy. No contact with ink at all when operating them.

    Here is where you can order your personalised address stamps self inking.

    You could even put one in your pocket, especially the little 38 x 18mm one, a big one or a professional model might prove a tad uncomfortable. Above are some examples of what can be achieved with these stamps and what some of them look like.

    I need help to find the right product to get my own address stamp self inking.

    The easiest way is to write your address in the big box at the top titled “Write your Custom text here.” Then leave all the boxes alone and add to cart, fill out out all your contact details and send off the request for a proof.  We will make a proof of it and send it to you by email to look at.  This might help you then to see what it will look like and how big it is.  Then you might get ideas of what you would like to change to get the one you really what.  Once we get the right one for you we can adjust the product to the final one in the cart for you. If you want to make some notes write that in the box titled “Write any Notes, questions or comments here”.

    You may have an invoice book or form it has to fit in, we can make it fit.  Tell us what size it has to fit within like 39 x 27mm and we can adjust lots of things to get a readable image in that area. Even row height can be adjusted to fit a form.  Just tell us in the Notes box.  Even better scan the form or book and send that to us as a pdf.

    How much will an address stamp self inking cost?

    The cost is governed by the stamp model.  There are no extra fees.  The price alongside any of the models on this page of address stamps is the finished price ready to work straight out of the box at your place in three working days.

    How big you need the stamp governs which stamp is the closest or most economical in price to that size.  We will tell you once we have created the proof.  We will find the smallest or lower cost option to the size you want for you.  If you have a brand choice there is a box above named Stamp Brand choice” which you can make a choice there.

    I have a stamp now and need another one just like it.

    If you bought your current stamp from Self-Inking Stamps it is very likely we have it on file already and it is simple to make another one for you.  Just let us know what name or order number you have ordered with before and we should be able to find it.

    If you bought a stamp from a store like Warehouse Stationery, Office Max or Office Products Depot we can make another easily for you.  Tell us the model number and stamp it on some paper, scan that and send it to us as a pdf file and we can import it trace over it and make one the same.  If you need some details changed because you have moved or some thing like that we can easily change it.

    By the way did you know the rubber die can be changed on your stamp, you don’t have to buy a new one if the body is still working fine.  To do that just type in the box at the very top of the page the model number like “4912″ and click enter and the rubber die option will be amoungst all the options for that model of stamp results.  Here is how to change the rubber die in your current stamp body.

    What font do I use?

    Most common fonts are Calibri or Arial.  Calibri is slightly less formal.  Both work really well in stamps.

    Arial is a longer text and if you have a lot of characters on one row it may prove to be too long for some stamps.

    To make it shorter we can change to Arial Narrow which saves alot of space.

    Comic Sans is quite casual and works well in a stamp.

    You can have a different font on each row or even each word if you are really going for the funky look.  Once you have selected the ‘other’ font field just type this in the Notes box for us to understand and even the point sizes too.  Or even attach a file describing what you need.

    How many rows of text can I get on my address stamp?

    If you need to know how many rows of text you can get on a stamp have a look here on the address stamps self inking page.

    It depends on which stamp as to how much height is available, the second measurement is the height.  38 x 14mm means it is 14mm high and you can get 2-3 rows of text comfortably on there for a 12 point font.

    You can find this part in the drop down box above named Size of stamp”

    Can I add my logo to the address stamp?

    Yes you can you can upload it in the box “Add your file here – .pdf is good”

    As mentioned we prefer pdf files, jpeg just doesn’t work that well in our system.

    Also if the image is in one colour that is even better as a stamp is one colour in operation.

    Also tell us where on the stamp this logo or image needs to be.

    What colour ink can we get in our self-inking stamp?

    There are 5 standard colours, black, red, blue, green and violet.  There a few models that cannot use all of these.

    Then there are another 11 colours which are used in the multi-colour stamps as well.

    Some stamps we can use special ink pads and add one of these colours.

    You can see the colour chart here.

    For a unique multi-colour stamp let us know which of the colours you like and what part of the stamp they are to be on.  You can see the multi-colour stamps that are available on this page here.

    How long will it take for my personalised stamp to get to me?

    Here is where to find the answer on that one.  The more times it needs re-proofing the longer it takes.  It can at times add another day each time through the system if we are really busy.  The more information you can give us at the start the faster we get to the perfect stamp for you.  Remember that getting it perfect before it is made is much easier than later, take your time and get it right.  You will be using this stamp thousands of times in the future and you deserve it to be just right.  Don’t worry you can change it in the future too.

    Can I get a discount on my self inking address stamps?

    Yes you can.

    If you order two or more self-inking stamps from anywhere on this website you qualify for a 10% discount on all the self-inking stamps in your cart. Should you have a large volume of stamps you would like to purchase you will qualify for a higher discount.

    I have an address stamp now and it is running out of ink, what do I do?

    There are two remedies for this.

    1. Use a replacement ink pad
    2. Add ink to the ink pad

    1. These rubber self-inking stamps have replacement ink pads that we stock here.  To do that just type in the box at the very top of the page the model number like “4912″ and click enter and all the options for that model of stamp will show in the results.  Just choose the colour of pad you need.  The courier fee on your order will be reduced when it gets to us for just an ink pad or two.  Here is where to find instruction on how to replace the ink pad.

    2.  For adding ink any water based ink in a standard ink pad will do.  We have these inks here and you can find them on the “Stamp Ink” page.  Just pop the current ink pad out and add few drops at a time then test, it is always better to add too little then add some more if necessary than too much and blur up the words on your stamp from bleeding ink.


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