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best rubber stamp designs

Yenda at Bleed wins best rubber stamp design!

This month the gong goes to a long time client of ours Yenda from Bleed Limited. We finally get to show off her talents. This one went out as a custom hand stamp with separate ink pad. A nice big hand stamp to brand this orchard’s produce. This type of stamp is just what you need to get your brand on show. Our latest blog […]

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embossing seal machine

Embossing seal for notaries and companies

Learn about an embossing seal. While Self-Inking Stamps makes actual rubber stamp ink seals for a company seal, we can also make an embossing seal as well. This special embossing seal tool presses into the paper and pushes up a pattern thereby embossed into the surface. While a common use is for a company seal it is useful for another document marking and decorating. These […]

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rubber stamps for government departments

Rubber stamps for Government departments bulk orders

Does Self-Inking Stamps Ltd make rubber stamps for Government departments? Yes, we have done for many years. While the initial thought is government as stamps in Wellington. But not just the parliamentary government services. These may also include regional government services like Auckland Regional Council. Or local government services like Kawerau District Council. And do not ignore the great work that nurses across the country […]

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best rubber stamp designs

Stephanie at Alcheringa wins best rubber stamp design!

This month’s rubber stamp of the month goes to Stephanie at Alcheringa Sheep Farming. The image of a sheep reminds me well as I was a sheep farmer many moons ago. It made a wonderful mark even though I was doubtful about the mark of the fleece of the sheep. But hey presto a great rubber stamp mark was made. Our latest blog post is […]

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self inking stamps customer reviews

5 Star Customer Review – Can’t ask for a better service than that!

This month, we received an email from one of our customers thanking us for our awesome service. Here at Self-Inking Stamps Limited, the entire team truly enjoys working hard to assist all of our customers. Therefore, when a customer takes the time to send us a message expressing their gratitude and appreciation, we are absolutely thrilled. What a fantastic, fast & efficient company to deal […]

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best rubber stamp designs

Kim at Katipo Creative Studio wins best rubber stamp design!

This month’s rubber stamp of the month goes to Kim at Katipo Creative Studio and their client Sapphire Springs, for this stand out rubber stamp. When marked on paper this one is really effective and it will catch your attention. That’s just what a rubber stamp like this is supposed to do! We also have our latest blog post about 13 popular laser cutting materials, […]

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best laser cutting service

Best Laser Cutting Service for 13 Popular Materials

Read about the best laser cutting service in Auckland. At our facility, we utilize a CO2 laser capable of cutting shapes from a wide array of materials. Whether it’s the delicate intricacies of a paper doily or the simplicity of a circle, our laser beam is focused onto the material to burn, vaporize, or melt through it precisely. By adjusting parameters such as power, speed, […]

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best rubber stamp designs

Sandra from Parāoa Brewing wins best rubber stamp design!

The Self-Inking Stamps team were too busy last month and we didn’t get a chance to send our HNY newsletter! For January 2024 Sandra at Parāoa Brewing gets the judges decision. Great little stamp for marking hands when entering an event. What makes this rubber stamp even better is this different ink colour. This sky blue ink is something different from the standard five ink […]

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wof rubber stamps

WOF Rubber Stamps and Custom Stamps for the Auto Industry

WOF Rubber Stamps custom-made in Auckland and shipped NZ wide. Custom-made self-inking stamps continue to be widely utilised in the auto industry across New Zealand. While specialised apps and handheld devices are increasingly employed for written tasks, there remain instances where WOF rubber stamps prove invaluable, expediting and simplifying paperwork. One of the most prevalent rubber stamps used in the auto industry pertains to vehicle […]

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laser engraver trent wadham

Auckland’s Hidden Gem Business Laser Engraver Trent Wadham

Explore this hidden gem of laser engraving by laser engraver Trent Wadham. Experience this precision art form. Ideal for your business and for personalised gifts. Laser engraving, a precise and versatile technique, utilises a laser beam to etch or engrave designs onto various materials. Its applications span across industries such as manufacturing, arts and crafts, and personalization of gifts and promotional merchandise. In Auckland, Trent […]

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happy new year rubber stamps

Happy New Year and it’s time to order 2024 Date Stamps!

The Self-Inking Stamps team are back to work. Currently working through a large number of orders and enquiries placed during the holidays. We have already processed many of these and are shipping every day again. For this week we will be a couple of days slower than usual. We should have caught up again by this Friday and expect to resume our usual 3 working […]

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self inking stamps promotion

15% OFF Xmas Sale and thanks for your amazing support this year!

From all the team at Self-Inking Stamps Ltd., we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who ordered from us this year. We love making creative rubber stamps and engraving business signs and special gifts for our customers. We wish you and your family a happy and safe festive season and we thank you for your continued business. We need to let you know that […]

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