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christmas rubber stamps nz

Use Christmas rubber stamps for your gifts and cards

Order Christmas rubber stamps this week before you run out of time. We can design and make your Christmas stamps within 3 business days. Give us a call today. All of a sudden there will be no time to organise communications with clients, customers and family members scattered throughout the world. What does that have to do with personalised Christmas rubber stamps, you say? A […]

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pharmacy rubber stamps

Discover pharmacy rubber stamps custom-made and delivered within 3 working days!

Learn about pharmacy rubber stamps. In this month’s Blog post we explain how we helped a local pharmacy. We are often asked to make or repurpose pharmacy rubber stamps. You might also call these rubber stamps; chemist rubber stamps. As experienced rubber stamp makers we are fast to understand what is required and how the rubber stamp will be used. Making the best pharmacy rubber […]

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grid rubber stamps

What are grid rubber stamps also known as table stamps and chart stamps?

Here at Self-Inking Stamps, we get asked can we make grid rubber stamps or table stamps for NZ businesses? Yes, is the answer. Simple as that. There are many, many variations for a table rubber stamp also known as a chart stamp or a tick box stamp are made here in Auckland, NZ every day. One of the best ways to understand what a grid […]

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paper bag rubber stamps

Paper bag stamp kit perfect to promote your brand and reduce plastic bags!

In this month’s Blog post, we explore paper bag stamp options. Paper bags can come in many sizes however, the right rubber stamp is going to be a large rubber stamp. Generally paper bags are for carrying something. Something you have made yourself with loving care or maybe something you think is a great buy and you are supplying to your customers. So your customers […]

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Be sure to check your self inking custom date stamp has 2021 on it

Every year in December we like to bring to everyone’s attention, that it is time to check your rubber dater stamps. When you buy self inking custom date stamps, you can use them for many years. However, they will eventually run out of ink or the date will no longer be current. Of course in December every year, we are busy rushing around. Got to […]

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Personalised Christmas Rubber Stamps for your cards and gifts

Order your personalised christmas rubber stamps. Oh boy it is that time of year again! Another year raced by. The build up to Christmas starts now and the intensity rises, and timelines get shorter. All of a sudden there will be no time to organise communications with clients, customers and family members scattered throughout the world. For our type of business, it really is stress […]

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custom laser cutting key rings

Personalised keyrings engraved using our latest engraving machine

Read about our latest customer story for personalised keyrings engraved with our brand new laser engraving machine. Read now to find out more. We were having a chat the other day about engraving in general. It was mainly triggered by ordering a new bigger, better, faster, stronger laser engraving machine. One of the team said how about we practice new products that are different from […]

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wooden memorial plaque engraving

Wooden memorial plaque engraving for high quality and the best price!

Recently we had an enquiry from John a customer as to whether we could engrave a wooden memorial plaque. John works in a joinery workshop and could supply the timber to be engraved. This timber was finished to the size required and John supplied some off cuts for Self-Inking Stamps Ltd to experiment with. What was the problem John needed solving? Working with a joinery […]

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laser engraving letterbox sign

Laser engraving letterbox sign for our July Case Study

A customer asked if we can make a laser engraving letterbox sign. They got a lot of junk mail and wanted a sign made. Read our July case study What was the problem this customer needed solving? Customer: Hi Trent, I was wondering if you could help. I have a piece of stainless steel left over from a project. Could you make that into a […]

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Case Study – Stamps for cardboard boxes and paper bags

A customer asked if we could make rubber stamps for cardboard boxes. They had a logo which was in two colours. Read our June case study What was the problem this customer needed solving? Customer: Hi there can you make a custom stamp to print my logo on my cardboard courier bags and stamp on my paper bags. Self-Inking Stamps: Usually we can. How can […]

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Case Study – Plastic label rubber stamp for seedling trays

A customer asked if we could make a label rubber stamp. They had run out of plastic labels. We were able to provide the best solution. What was the problem this customer needed solving? How to label plant seedlings when you’ve run out and cannot buy any more plastic labels? With the lockdown quarantine situation one of our customers had a problem of no more […]

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metal machine tags engraving

Metal machine tags engraving made to last, order online today!

One of our customers needed to replace their metal machine tags. We were able to quickly provide the best solution. What was the problem the customer needed solving? Client on phone: Do you make machine tags? I have this milling machine I am restoring, and the machine tags are worn, and I can hardy read them. Can you make new machine tags for me? The […]

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