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Be sure to check your self inking custom date stamp has 2021 on it

Every year in December we like to bring to everyone’s attention, that it is time to check your rubber dater stamps. When you buy self inking custom date stamps, you can use them for many years. However, they will eventually run out of ink or the date will no longer be current.

Of course in December every year, we are busy rushing around. Got to finish everything before Christmas day. Plus, a multitude of other things going on all at once. Plus, one eye on THE HOLIDAYS! We are all so, looking for forward to the holidays.

Well just stop that for a moment.

I can predict you will have finished the end of year with a big sigh and raced off to your holiday. Then you will come back to work in 2021, yes 2021 and OH NO! My date stamp does not have 2021 on the date band! Got to get another stamp in a hurry. Trent please help!

This Dater stamp you have been using for years has a finite life. Yes, it will run out of years. On the date bands there are only 12 years on that year band. When did you last check and know when your self-inking date stamp will run out? If you have a 2021 year on the date band yippee.

My job is done, and you can continue on with your Christmas celebration and New Year happily. However, if you do not have a 2021 year on your self inking custom date stamp, then now is the time to get prepared.

How to choose a new date stamp?

There are lots of self inking custom date stamp to choose from. Old fashioned ones that use a separate ink pad through to professional grade stainless steel self-inking dater stamps. I just used the website and typed “date” as the search criteria and had 64 date stamps on the website appear plus a huge mob of also rand associated products. How do you choose from so many, you ask?

If you have given up already and need help, we can assist. You can scroll all the way to the bottom and use the contact us form and describe your needs to us or just email sales@selfinkingstamps.co.nz and describe what you need and we can help you. That is what we are here for.

Otherwise here are some options to follow if you would like a browse and do some comparisons. Different brands, different style and different budgets. Maybe there is a stamp that might do more than your last one and suit you better.

Where to find your self inking custom date stamp:

Identify what you need the date stamp to do is important.

No, the date cannot be moved around within the area of the stamp. The date is in a fix position. Generally, that position is in the middle of the larger stamps.

There are various layouts a dater stamp can achieve.

  • Just a date – nothing else
  • A text area to the left of the date
  • A text area above a date
  • Some commonly used words to dial up plus the date on the right
  • Area above and below the date for text and or image if the stamp is a bigger model
  • Double dater
  • Most date stamps have 3-4mm tall characters, there are some variations larger than that
  • A special way of presenting a date can be achieved with a numberer stamp by the way

The larger date stamp models can have a border around the outside.

  • Check boxes are possible. That is the beauty of self inking custom date stamps, anything is possible.
  • Different ink choices like red date and blue everything else or all one colour ink.
  • Most can have special inks for gloss paper, plastics, textile, steel, or rubber surfaces.
  • The smallest date stamp is around 15mm wide for the date through to 116 x 70mm behemoths.

Here are our suggestions for a quick fix.

Just date stamp


Date and a little bit of text one line above the date stamp


Text above and/or below the date stamp


Chemist stamp


Tallest date characters stamp


Largest area date stamp for text and/images


How do I fix my stamp ran out of ink?

Oh, this one is easy. Self-inking stamps have an internal ink pad for quick and clean stamping. The internal pad can be removed. It is designed that way. The professional grade stamps have been tested beyond six figure number of uses for normal expected lifetime. They will need more ink to do that.

There are two options.

Each model of stamp has its own ink pad. This pad can be removed and a new one inserted. Check our Help page to find out how to do that. If you are unsure which pad, then do this. Take the pad out of the stamp. Then look at the plastic underside of the pad. This might be hard to read and require tilting to catch the light just right.

Yes, wear your glasses! On there will be a set of numbers like 6/4850 or S400-7B. Type that number into ‘search products’ and all the pad colour options should come out for you. Click on the one you want to purchase. It will be tracked with courier delivery to you. Easy peasy.

If you use a stamp a lot, then an economical way of getting your stamp to have a bright strong colour of mark all the time then do this. Get a bottle of ink for your brand of stamp from our website. Take the ink pad out. Put a drop or two, more for a large stamp, on the pad and wait for it to soak in.

Place back in the stamp and after 10 minutes or so and you should be stamping away nicely again. Remember it is better to have too little ink than too much. DO NOT add too much ink.

Can I change the customised part of a date stamp?

Yes, a self-inking stamp with a rubber die can have that rubber die part changed. You can replace that part yourself. Read here how to do that. At any time you can update your self-inking dater stamp. If you move and need a new address on there.

Or contact details may change. Maybe a change in staff needs an update. These are all scenarios that mean changing your date stamp details. At Self-Inking Stamps we believe in recycling and reusing those stamps. A replacement rubber die can be made and shipped to you to update your stamp.

Contact us via email at sales@selfinkingstamps.co.nz and tell us the brand and model number of your stamp and we can provide you with the necessary part. This will save a considerable amount of money than buying a new stamp. Even better less plastic going to landfill.

Best brand of dater stamp.

Oh, that is a loaded question. We will no doubt get in trouble if we answer this and the brand manufacturers and distributors do not like it. While internationally the three brands we deal with have a huge range each we have to deal with what actually gets to New Zealand and is supported by the distributors. Some are better than others.

But we are here for you the end user and matching the right stamp to your needs is more important. That clear repeatable mark on paper is all that matters. End of story. Here are the criteria we would use to choose the brand and model of stamp for you.

  • What do you need that stamp to do – are there any models that can do that? Any brand.
  • How big is that stamp? Any brand. One goes larger.
  • Is there broad areas of ink – one brand is better than others with less mottling
  • Do you need a high usage date stamp? There is a professional range of stamps for this.
  • Is the cost of the stamp more important? One brand is lower cost.
  • Colour of ink required. One brand supplies a broader range
  • Inks for special purposes can be used in the stamp with special ink pads. Not a stamp brand.

With all of that in mind you will not find one particular brand will suit every parameter. That is why we stock three high quality self-inking date stamp brands, in alphabetical order, the brands Colop stamps, Shiny stamps and Trodat stamps. From these three brands a solution can, be found for your date stamp needs.

custom rubber stamps

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Please note this promotion is only for orders placed on our website. Expiry: 18.12.2020

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