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legal stamps maker

Legal stamps maker Self-inking Stamps NZ makes a wide variety of custom self-Inking stamp types. Legal stamps are required to mark important paperwork to last for many years. The rubber stamp mark must be readable on legal documents. These stamps save time.

These AML stamps we find have many different specific wording types for the requirement of the end user checking these documents. That is noted by the New Zealand Law Society in a blog post from 28th February 2014.

It always pays to check the wording used in these legal stamps that they are fit for the purpose of the end user. The Self-Inking Stamps team, your expert legal stamps maker will provide a design proof sheet to check every stamp before your acceptance. This is the time to query every word, check the spelling of each name and word, and check the legal name of the person to go on a stamp plus the layout.

Check the proof provided by PDF is the actual size when printed and also check spaces for where you will hand write any details to ensure you have enough room to write what you need. Test it out on that printed proof sheet. It is straightforward to change the proof design before manufacture. If you need to see different layouts first this is the time to do it.

While legal stamps are primarily for lawyer stamps or legal secretary stamps there is cross over into other areas. Often similar style of documents and legal wording is used for accountant stamps, mortgage broker stamps, school stamps, Justice of the Peace stamps (JP stamps), Notary Public stamps, Financial Institutions, and Professional Reporting entities.

There is a wide range of uses for a stamp in a legal practice. Then within each of those purposes there are assorted brands to choose from. Also, there are different body colour choices for some of those specific models as well. Do not panic about the number and complexity. Self-Inking Stamps are here to help guide you through the choices to find just the right stamp for you.

Currently supported brands of Self-Inking stamps, replacement ink pads and stamp ink in price order are:

  1. Name stamp
  2. Certification stamp
  3. Exhibit stamp
  4. Common Seal stamp
  5. Embossing
  6. Auto numberer stamp
  7. Date stamp plus date and time stamp

Name Stamp.

These are small types of rectangular shaped stamps. Depending on the length of the name and font type/size chosen this will vary within three common stamp sizes.

These stamps have the person’s legal name. If you are ordering for someone else go to that person and check their legal name, we often get corrections later for this reason.

Next line down is their position/title.

Last line is a location of the practice usually the city, town, or district.

They often look like this.

lawyer name stamp

The sizes of stamps below are usually not a problem for height it is the width of the stamp that is most important. The length of the row of text at a specific font size and font type will govern how wide the stamp will need to be. Often a font size of twelve point will be a starting point and the design will be made and then measured to see which stamp width that will fit within. If it is just one or two millimetres over size, we often graphicly squash it sideways to fit a lower cost stamp. Another way to use a smaller width stamp is using different fonts.

– Lawyer name stamp

Each font when typed occupies a different width. Take Arial as against Arial Narrow and you can immediately get a difference in width. Our default font is Calibri which is narrower that the often-used Arial in legal documents. Fonts like Times New Roman we find are mediocre quality stamping fonts as the text characters are thin on one side and thick on the other. The thin part can be so thin in small font sizes that the rubber can engrave a fraction shorter and then have difficulty obtaining ink and then transferring that to paper. Often, we graphically thicken the letters to get a higher quality print when this font is desired.

The most often used stamp body sizes are:

38 x 14mm

47 x 18mm

58 x 22mm

If you are working with multiple stamps on your desk the Trodat models have up to eight different body colours for quick identification. The ladies love the Neon Pink bodies. The Colop machines have a special card in the top that can be rotated or replaced with assorted colours that come in the box.

Certification stamp.

These stamps are for the certification of documents by authorised people. That might be a lawyer, solicitor, barrister, Justice of the Peace or Notary Public.

Often, they start with “I certify this ……”

From that point the purpose of the certification can vary from a document to the identity of a person or another electronic form on the internet.

There are two common wordings for certifying stamps.

There are the certify a document one on the website.×18-mm-2/×18-mm/

Also, the certifying a likeness of a person stamps.

Any variations of wording of the above examples are possible, you can tell us and as custom stamp makers we can design that up for you and give you a quote.

Exhibit stamp.

This is a generic wording stamp type. We have an easy to order version on the website.

Trodat 4926 Legal Exhibit Stamp 75x38mm – Self-Inking Stamps Ltd. (

Once again, we can customise this format for your usage.

Common seal stamp.

While these stamps are not required for companies within New Zealand these are still required in international trade. Often a common seal is required on paperwork for Asian and Middle Eastern countries as part of their authentication process.

Incorporated Societies are still required to have a common seal.

Self-Inking stamps has a variety of different stamp types and designs for common seals. If you would like something a little different or use a logo, send an email to and describe what you would like to do.

Each of these four products below have a particular niche in the common seals stamp requirements.


Often a rubber seal is embossed onto paper. A Notary Public will use an embossing machine.

These are machining a bit like a pair of pliers. The jaws have specially laser engraved parts which are a matching pair of an image the negative and positive. There is just enough tolerance engraved to allow for the thickness of a sheet of paper. Others are more spacious and can have foil and paper or thicker paper tolerances machined in at manufacture time. There are varied sizes of Embossing machines.

The sizes available are 25 x 50mm rectangle, 50mm diameter circle and 41mm diameter circle.

Self-Inking stamps stock limited numbers of these Trodat embossing machines and the parts. Multiple embossing jaws can be interchanged in one hand unit of these Trodat embossing machines.

Auto Numberer stamp.

These are special machines for consecutive numbering of pages. Often used for when documents are received and required to be presented as evidence that have not already been numbered before printing.

An auto numberer has rotating wheels with just numbers on each wheel. When pressed down and released a different action can happen depending on how you set up the stamp.

That press down action causes the wheel to turn, and the next number is ready to go for the next mark. The first mark would be 0001, then 0002 etc.

There are different numbers of wheels for small numbers right up to eight digits. Yes, you can set them to start at just one without the previous numbers. Yes, they can be reset to 0000 again.

Depending on the model different settings for the number of times the stamp can be stamped before the number automatically changes. They can stamp the same number repeatedly. Or be set to change after 1 press down, or 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 times and only then change.

The Plus BB model is the most used model and is kept in stock for you.

These are the range of auto numberer stamps available.

You searched for – Self-Inking Stamps Ltd.

For legal practices there are a range of date stamps that are useful. Some are just a date, nothing else. Great for marking when something was received. Others have room for a word or two like received, paid, emailed, Xero, processed or someone’s name above the date. Larger models can have text above and below the date that might identify the practice and a person receiving the document.

Often a date stamp is used in the accounting division to process invoices immediately identifying that a bill has been paid or processed in the accounting system. Using different ink colours to help here as well to just glance at the paperwork and know with that colour of mark that process has been performed. Self-Inking stamps has 16 Trodat ink colours available for most of the stamp models. There are five standard colours being Black, Blue, Red, Green and Violet.

Even more specific are date stamps with a manual time mark. If it is important to have this identified on a document, then these are just the ticket. The stamp is round and has a dial around the outside edge which is manually rotated to the time required in the day. The date is in the middle and the day bands rotated to the day required. There is a small amount of space for customization in the centre above and below the date. This might have the legal practice name stamped here.

Can my stamp be updated or repurposed?


Please do not send a perfectly good stamp to the waste system, they can be repurposed. Any of the three brands – Trodat, Colop or Shiny, can be reposed with a new rubber die.

Yes, you can do that yourself.

Read here how to do that.

Just send us details of what stamp brand and model number that is to be replaced. This way we know how big it is and size to make your new rubber die. The rubber die is the rubber piece laser engraved to make the mark on paper. This is mounted on a plate that flips over from the ink pad to the paper when you press down. Or you can use the Search products field in our website to find your stamp model and order direct off the website. You can also see the price there.

If you cannot find a brand or model number on the outside you can remove the ink pad. On the underside should be a moulding which if you hold it in the light exactly right should be able to read the small text and it is the model number on that pad. We can then identify that stamp from the pad number.

Then tell us what you need on the new stamp mark. If you bought from Self-Inking Stamps, we would have on file your past purchase(s) and can check for the same formatting and layout to keep your marks consistent.

The most common reasons to reuse a stamp body is when people are married and change their name. For larger practises when staff leave, and new people join the team the stamps can be updated for new staff.

My stamp is running out of ink, can it be fixed?


The Self-Inking stamps have replaceable ink pads. If you seldom use your stamp the ink will last for years without any need to do anything. However, at some stage it will begin to give a faded mark and eventually be very hard to see if it is marking. Basically, running out of ink.

If you do use one seldom and it has taken years to get to this point, then the best option is to pop out the old ink pad and replace with a new one. These rubber stamps are always in stock at Self-Inking Stamps Ltd and can be shipped overnight to you by courier.

How to find a replacement ink pad for a self-inking stamp.

Look at the stamp and find the brand or model number. Something like Trodat 4913 or Colop Printer 60 or Shiny S830. If you cannot find that take out the ink pad, look on the underside, in small moulding will be the ink pad number like 6/4913, E60 or S830-7.

You can use our Search Products field in the top right of our website to search for that stamp model or ink pad number. Just the number is all you need there. The results will have anything to do with that model number. Scroll around to find the pad and ink colour you need.

How to find the correct ink for your stamp.

If you have multiple stamps with the same ink colour or are part of a practice with many stamps in the same ink colour then it is more economical to have a bottle of stamp ink and add a couple of drops of ink at a time to the ink pad, wait 10 minutes replace the ink pad and test the stamp again to see if the mark is nice and bold again. Repeat if still faded to get a good mark. Please be careful not to add too much ink.

It is better to have too little than too much as that will leak out everywhere and make a heck of mess of the stamp and everything it touches. The pad should look dry on the surface. If you push the surface with a small blunt object, then a little wet area should show around that indentation and only that part. If you have too much ink in the pad before you put it back in the stamp, just use a tissue or paper towel to remove some ink from the surface.

Choose the same ink brand for the brand of stamp you have. Most self-inking stamps running standard ink pads are water based. That is why they do not work on plastic or gloss surfaces. If you add solvent-based ink to the ink pad it will wreck the pad and you will have to buy a new ink pad. Hopefully, the stamp will survive as most rubber stamps are designed to function with solvent-based ink for special purposes too. These stamp ink bottles are in stock and can ship overnight by courier to you.

Rubber Stamp Ink Archives – Self-Inking Stamps Ltd.

Are Bulk discounts possible?

Not only do Self-inking Stamps NZ sell to anyone, bulk discounts are also available as well.

If you buy any two self-inking stamps at one time, there is a 10% discount.

If you are buying twenty or more self-inking stamps at one time, please ask for a bulk discount quote. We will take in to factor the different stamp types and prices to formulate a larger discount for you.

Self-Inking Stamps ships via courier anywhere within New Zealand for the same fixed price no matter how large the order. Smaller items like an ink pad or a bottle of ink have a lower shipping value.

You will receive a quote for all items at the point of supply of a proof sheet to inspect.

If you are unsure where to start that is easy. Just email us and describe what you need, and we can start from there and work to the final point of what you need. We are here to help you through the process. That includes stamp selection, stamp design, payment methods and shipping.

There may even be other services our laser engraving may be able to help around the office with too like desk signs, doors signs, name badges, custom engraving branding items and the likes.

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