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Common Seal Stamp 4642 41mm

$94.08 GST Exc. $81.81

  • Common Seal Stamp
  • Uses a Trodat 4642 Round Self Inking Stamp.
  • Imprint size 41 x 41mm
  • Excellent for travelling. Squash down, lock, place end cap and it is nice and small.
  • also referred to as a chop stamp or company chop
  • easy to use – place on the spot to mark, press down, apply pressure momentarily, release, done, clean and quick.
  • Yes a logo is possible, send it in vector image form via pdf file. Extra cost for jpeg, png or screen sot image.

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    A Common Seal Stamp or also known as a Company Seal Stamp was required to be used for all organisations in New Zealand. However, since 1993 a “common seal stamp” for a company was no longer required. Also all the guidelines for a common seal were abandoned. It is mentioned in the method of contracting to affix its common seal within the companies act 1993.

    Impress your clients, get your very own company seal stamp today!

    Most of the time a company seal stamp is required for foreign companies. As a consequence we have lots of export company customers using company seal stamps. Please make sure your export destination will accept your stamp. Check the minimum requirements for the country export destination. Because this is a legal document tool we advise to consult a lawyer if you are unsure. Self-Inking Stamps recommends using the company number or NZBN number that is searchable and verifiable to check your identity.  

    For a society a common seal stamp is required.

    The minimum requirement is the name of the society and the words ‘common seal’.  There is no other requirements for the common seal stamp design. Common items included in a seal stamp are the company number or the incorporated society number.  If you are unsure what should be on a Common Seal, then you will be best to seek legal advice, as it is a matter of interpreting legislation. Another requested received is to include a logo. Because these can be very intricate not all logos can be included. Do remember these stamps are not very big and the details of a complex design can be too small in a stamp. Please send a vector image of your logo for us to work with.  Otherwise charges do apply for setup of a print image.

    Chop stamp.

    In some parts of the world a common seal or company seal can be referred to colloquially as a chop stamp. Most commonly this is through Asia. These chop stamps are generally company stamps or personal marks made by officials. Apparently it was adapted from the Hindi word chapa and from the Malay word cap which had a meaning of stamp.

    Sometimes a larger rubber stamp is required.

    Every now and then an enterprise has a very long name. because of that it usually means more space is required to fit all the text in and be readable. In these cases there are are a couple of alternative stamp sizes we recommend. The Trodat 46045 which is slightly larger at 45mm. The Shiny SR552 which is quite a bit bigger and is 52mm. Those stamps will generally fit much longer names.

    A smaller stamp for the seal to travel with.

    If you travel and need a smaller stamp to pack in your suitcase then there is a stamp which can be locked in the down position and a cap goes over the end so it doesn’t mark everything.  This can be very convenient for international trading situations. This stamp is the Trodat 4642 click HERE to go to that one.

    More questions after all of that?

    Then contact our Rubber Stamp Design team for more information…

    Contact us, if you have any questions regarding available variants or further product information.

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