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Certify Copy of Document Stamp 47×18 mm

$45.32 GST Exc. $39.41

This is one of the largest sellers in the Shiny Printer range of stamps.  There are both larger and smaller stamps in this range.

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This Certify Copy of Document stamp is quick and easy to use.

  • Place over the spot you need to mark.
  • Push down
  • Release
  • Your done.

So much faster than writing this over and over again. Then you can sign next to this stamp mark on the paperwork.

The Shiny S843 stamp is nice and small and can easy sit on your desk without hogging space.  It is also small enough to travel with you to see clients.

Can I use this stamp for AML documents?

Yes this stamp wording is recommended by the New Zealand Law Society in it blog post 28 February 2014.

From 30 June 2013 when the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 came into force these type of stamps became very useful for managing your time.  Oh and saving your writing hand from cramp.

One thing to note is there is no absolute rule on the wording lawyers should use when certifying documentation.  However this wording is the “THE” most requested wording we receive here at Self-Inking Stamps.

These stamps are regularly used by people in law firms, accountancy, finance and schools. A great office stamp. Another use is to be one of the Justice of the Peace stamps or JP stamps.

Can I get any other AML type stamps?

Yes you can we have a section of legal or JP stamps available.

Click HERE to see other legal stamps.

or click HERE for JP stamps.

Also available are AML stamps which be of interest to you for certifying documents.

There are also certifying stamps as well for smaller spaces.

If you would like to make custom stamps for your specific purpose Self-Inking Stamps specialise in custom made rubber stamps.

Use our contact form below to inquire.

If you have any images to show us what you would like then email us direct at and we will reply the next working day generally.

How long does it take to make a stamp?

This certify copy of a document stamp is very quick to make. Order in the morning and it can ship in the afternoon.

The stamp is sent via courier on next working day delivery.

For a custom made stamp where you would like to check the detail on a stamp before manufacture this takes a little longer.

Generally it takes:

  • Next working day for a proof to review and check.
  • Any reproof to make subsequent changes also takes one working day.
  • Less than a day to manufacture the rubber stamp and pack for delivery.
  • Next working day on the courier delivery.

It can be a short as 2 days only for your personalised stamp.

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