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Real Estate Rubber Stamp

Real Estate Rubber Stamp custom-made with your message or logo!

Over the years we have made a lot of Real Estate Rubber Stamps. Across the entire industry there is a huge range of custom-made stamps being ordered. From back-office paperwork to front of house client facing displays. Custom made real estate stamps save time and are low cost marking equipment. Not only are new stamps ordered there are also stamp parts. On self-inking stamps there […]

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christmas rubber stamps

Use Christmas rubber stamps for your family and friend’s gifts and cards.

Order Christmas rubber stamps this week before you run out of time. We can design and make your Christmas stamps within 3 business days. Give us a call today. All of a sudden there will be no time to organise communications with clients, customers and family members scattered throughout the world. What does that have to do with personalised Christmas rubber stamps, you say? A […]

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what rubber stamps to buy

Learn about what rubber stamps to buy for your new business…

New businesses start all the time so in this Blog article we explain what rubber stamps to buy. Also, businesses change hands to new excited owners regularly. Generally, in this initial stage funds are restricted. Also, the direction the new enterprise will follow is likely to change. Short-term, low-cost systems for repetitive work are needed. The solution is a custom-made rubber stamp. During the past […]

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best font size for rubber stamps

Best font size for rubber stamps. Learn what font size will be easy to read.

All the below information will be irrelevant if you ask us to make a rubber stamp that is not big enough to read. All our rubber stamp work is context appropriate. We treat quality control as important and will put in the extra time to design a custom-made rubber stamp to perform the best it can. If you do not share what that context appropriate […]

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Custom made stamps NZ

Custom made rubber stamps guide to work out the correct size for your stamp design

A question asked a lot is can we make custom made rubber stamps? We reply yes most definitely, you have come to the right place. Order online now for fast delivery. Here at Self-Inking Stamps we have made thousands of custom made rubber stamps since 2006. We have become experts at understanding our customers rubber stamp marking requirements. We always help to select the right […]

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Grid rubber stamps

What are grid rubber stamps also known as table stamps and chart stamps?

Here at Self-Inking Stamps, we get asked can we make grid rubber stamps or table stamps for NZ businesses? Yes, is the answer. Simple as that. There are many, many variations for a table rubber stamp also known as a chart stamp or a tick box stamp are made here in Auckland, NZ every day. One of the best ways to understand what a grid […]

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Paper bag rubber stamps

Paper bag stamp kit perfect to promote your brand and reduce plastic bags!

In this month’s Blog post, we explore paper bag stamp options. Paper bags can come in many sizes however, the right rubber stamp is going to be a large rubber stamp. Generally paper bags are for carrying something. Something you have made yourself with loving care or maybe something you think is a great buy and you are supplying to your customers. So your customers […]

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Contact tracing rubber stamp pocket size to record your contact information

With the current Covid-19 Level 3 lockdown in Auckland we are receiving many enquiries. Many about options for a contact tracing rubber stamp for personal information for contact tracing registers. Some people have issues with the NZ Covid Tracer App not working in their phones. This is where a self-inking stamp can be of excellent assistance and save you a lot of time. The NZ […]

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Name stamps for clothes are perfect for all the family!

Name stamps for clothes are common rubber stamps we get asked for a lot for businesses. Name stamps for a business are generally for professionals for marking documents. Usually for doctors, lawyers, accountants and Justice of the Peace or JP. A name stamp for schools is also a regular request for document witnessing as well. A lot of the time these personalised name stamps are […]

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Happy New Year, Stamp Design Winner and Save 15% off 2021 Dater Stamps!

We would like to send you a warm welcome to 2021 and trust you had a deserving Christmas and New Year. The Self-Inking Stamps team are back to work on the Thursday 14th Jan. For now its no problem to place orders from our website and expect delivery from next week onwards. Best regards from Trent and Antoinette Wadham. Stamp of the month goes to […]

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Rubber Stamp Design Winner and Save 15% off 2021 Dater Stamps

Quite a character this one. Janet asked for a stamp to use in clay. Sure thing. She really loves this small custom hand stamp. She also asked if we could make a larger one to stamp into clay for Christmas ornaments. Wow yeah we could do that too. There were two stamps made one in thick rubber which was small and a larger one we […]

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