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Name stamps for clothes are perfect for all the family!

Name stamps for clothes are common rubber stamps we get asked for a lot for businesses. Name stamps for a business are generally for professionals for marking documents. Usually for doctors, lawyers, accountants and Justice of the Peace or JP. A name stamp for schools is also a regular request for document witnessing as well.

A lot of the time these personalised name stamps are used in conjunction with the NZ Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 stamp range and for JP’s witnessing documents. While these stamping purposes are similar, they are not the same. Don’t worry Self-Inking Stamps have a range of stamps that can cover most situations and sizes required.

name stamps for clothes
Ideal for your kids clothing all for all the family clothes

Rubber name stamps for clothes are easy to use!

This type of rubber stamp used for marking clothing can handle repeated washing and uses a special ink. This ink is designed to be washable in 90-degree water temperature. It is only available in black. I hear you saying well that is no good my child’s clothing is black it will not show. Yes, that has been thought of too and there is an iron on fabric in white which can be stamped and ironed on to the clothes.  If you run out of that iron on fabric that is able to be purchased separately when you need iron on fabric in white click here. The rubber stamp ink will last for about 12 months and will dry out. Again, this is an item that can be purchased separately, and your rubber stamp can be up and running again in around a minute to change the ink pad. You can get the Trodat 4911 model of clothing stamp replacement ink pad HERE.

trodat 6/4911c swop-pad for 4911cm black textile ink

The custom-made clothing name stamp is the Trodat 4911 – Option 1

The Trodat 4911 model has a maximum image size of 36.8 x 12.8mm. There are a couple of size options for this type of rubber name stamps for clothing. The first option is this one an off the shelf option and it is a DIY rubber stamp.

4911 diy clothing marker

This DIY stamp has a ribbed base plate. Also, a set of characters. In that sets are multiples of letters and numbers plus some symbols and images. In the kit as well are a pair of tweezers to grab and pluck out the characters you need and then place on to the base plate of the stamp. You have the freedom to spell out a name like ‘Finley Wade’ as we used on our lead image in one of the stamp options. It can even be a company name stamp for clothing like ‘name stamp nz’. Yes, multiple rows are possible but not an image for this type.

Name stamps for clothes for all the family – Option 2

This DIY type of stamp can be changed repeatedly. As each member of the family requires their name stamped it can be changed whenever you need it. Once it is finished marking clothing the ink pad can be swapped out for a standard ink pad and used for general paper stamping later in its life. This one below is a custom-made clothing stamp.

trodat 4911 personalised with your name clothing stamp

Here we have a stamp that has a rubber die custom made for you.

It can have a name or even a phone number added. An image is possible. Also, multiple rows of text. With graphic design all sorts of manipulation and alternative fonts can be used. In a way it is permanent compared to the DIY version. In that area you can get quite a large font for a name in one row. Or even bigger in two rows. There is even space for a simple picture. A lot of these clothing stamps are used for pre-school age children.

Usually before they can read so they can’t recognise their clothing from another even if it has their name. However sometimes a bit of artwork or an image of a favourite animal can help them identify that it is their clothing. We are governed by trademark rules, so the Disney characters and the likes are not possible. We can use a vector image to get a high-quality image for the stamp and you can use the internet to find free vector images.

Sites you could use might include vecteezy and freepik. A screen shot is usually around 70-100dpi and have a huge amount of pixilation and blurring making it very difficult to get a clean image for the laser to distinguish between what is required and what is not, so it makes up its own mind and tries to interpret the mess of information on the image. That doesn’t go well!

We can spend graphic design time to clean up the image for production but must charge for that time. But wait! As Self-Inking stamps can be repurposed and so can these. Once the first purpose as a name stamp for one person is over the rubber die can be replaced and repurpose the stamp for the next person.

Name stamps for lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers and more…

These personalised stamps use a Self-Inking stamp body. It generally has three rows of text. The top row the persons name, second line their position in the business or practice and the last line is often the locality. However, these are fully customisable and that means whatever you need goes in a name stamp. That suggestion is the usual ones we are asked for in lawyer stamps or accountant stamps.

The other professionals who use personalised name stamps are Doctors.

Generally, these stamps are a little larger as there are more rows of text in there. Often including their medical council license number, NZMC and HPI numbers sometimes the ACC number as well. Often there is the address of the medical practice and phone/fax numbers. Yeah, faxes are still used!  These doctor name stamps quite often have 4, 5 or 6 rows of text to include. Here we have some larger models to help.×25-mm/

Also in the medical field are name stamps for nurses.

These are a smaller stamp generally as nurses are on the go and needing to mark their name and registration number in many places around the ward. They need to have a small stamp which is easy to operate and has a clear and readable mark every time. Self-Inking stamps stock a couple of options including the Trodat 4910 and the Trodat Pocket Printy. The smaller text area of the Trodat 4910 can have one, two or with a very small font size three rows of text.

The Shiny S1821 or Colop Printer 10 are better suited to three rows of text as they have a 1mm higher text area. Also, the Colop Printer 10 is 1 mm wider for those longer names. The Trodat Pocket Printy is like a fat highlighter pen. So small for the pocket and has a lanyard hook bar built in. It also has the larger image area of up to 36.8 x 12.8mm for people with long names. Another advantage of the Trodat 4910 is a model with a carabiner clip so it can be quickly released, stamp and back on lanyard or belt loop.×10-mm/

Read how to order your name stamp for home or work

There are a couple of ways to order your personalised name stamp. Use one of the links to products above. Click on the version you need, enter all the text and if an image is required upload that and follow the order process. Yes, you can get a free proof sheet to check size and details before shipping. Yes, you can use both credit card and internet banking from an invoice to pay for your stamp.

Or alternatively just email us at and tell us about your stamping needs and what information you need included. We can then select a model of stamp, or more, that would be most suitable for your purpose and provide a quote.

If you need more than one stamp there is a 10% discount for two or more stamps. If you are ordering in bulk for your business, department or a group of your friends and have over 20 stamps to buy we have bulk discounting prices for you.

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Our happy customers have a lot to say about our products and services!

Perfect. Very professional and friendly people. Have solved my complicated request. It was very urgent and they did their best to supply on time. I’m very happy. Thank you so much for your great work and excellent service. I Highly recommend this business and will use again without a doubt.

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Ninel Markovic

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This is a brilliant company with fabulous customer service. I ordered stamps for my law practice at 2.30 pm on a Monday afternoon, they were shipped within an hour and arrived the next day to a rural address. Fast service, great communication and the product was reasonably priced and in perfect order. Impressed and highly recommend.

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Marie Roberts

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Wow what a great company. The whole process of getting a special stamp made couldn’t have been easier. Super happy with the end product and the speed with which it arrived to our rural location was very impressive. I can;t recommend self-inking stamps highly enough!

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Nick Lassally

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