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Custom made return address rubber stamp ideal for your parcels in case of non delivery…

return address rubber stamps

A custom made return address rubber stamp is one of the most common personalised rubber stamps made by Self-Inking Stamps in New Zealand. It answers that question of how to get items returned to you. They may have been sent via courier or by post. Maybe they were hand delivered to someone and that receiving person needs to send it back. But where to? How do I get my parcel back?

return address rubber stamp

The other important function of a return address rubber stamp is to show where an item has come from.

When a letter is sent, who sent it? Should I bother opening it? Well, if you can see who sent it you get a great sense of connection to what you have in your hands.

return address rubber stamp

What if the receiver has moved away?

What happens to it now? Return to sender. But where? If you want your content back, there needs to be a way to find out where to send it non-destructively. Without opening the package. A rubber stamp mark on the outside on the back will quickly give all the information needed to return to your address.

  • Is it that certain something you have been longingly waiting for?
  • Is it a long lost relative?
  • Is it the new catalogue?
  • Is it the required legal documents?
  • The excitement builds and you turn over the envelope and there on the back is the clue!
  • It’s from…
return address rubber stamp

Get that special personalised mark a stamp makes.

It was from a return address stamp. Such a simple action to make such an important impact. Who you are? And where you are. How to get in contact. What is the valuable information needed in a return address stamp?
The ’where’ is the most important part. Firstly, and most importantly your address. Where to have the item returned. This needs to be where you want that item returned to. This might be a physical postal address which a courier or postal delivery service can access. It might be a Post Office box number.

Secondly is who. Who is it being returned to? Does a particular person need to sign for it? Or another way is who is it from? Is this from Aunty Mary or your business name? Is it a Government Department? This is also a great marketing opportunity. Even if it landed in the wrong persons hands, they could get a clue to contact you from that quick personalised stamp mark. Another lead that could be generated. Even the people transporting your item, yes people are involved in getting things to you, real live humans.

The world is not entirely impersonal machines. Baggage handlers, posties, courier drivers, we all have needs. Maybe what you have, or do, one of these people need. Yes, a stamp can supply connection.

customer return address rubber stamp

Beyond these two important parts the world is your oyster.

While you have the attention of the person who is reading there may be other ways of getting in contact. There are no rules about what to have on the personalised return address stamp. How else could someone contact you? Currently there is the less use of a telephone? Or is there? Mobile phones are always near someone.

Add a telephone number to your contact details. Then there is the internet and social media. An email address is a contact point. A major one today is a website. And then all the plethora of social media as contact points. It is now a bit of an arms race trying to constantly update all the places someone might find you. Well, none or all those places can be added to an address stamp.

return address rubber stamp cost effectiveness calculation

Is a return address rubber stamp cost effective?

Hey, we make these items we are biased. But… Do some calculations. Don’t take our word for it. (Yes, they are cost effective by the way). Time yourself. Write the information needed on a surface you require. How long did that take? Now take the wage to pay someone to do that. Is that you yourself? What is your hourly rate? Is it an employee writing the details? Will they take the same time as you? Figure out how many they can do in an hour.
How long will it take with a stamp? Easy.

Pick up the stamp, over to the envelope, push down, hold for little and press harder, release, move back to the place you store your stamp. That was a few seconds. How many stamps can you do per hour? Now think about the life of the stamp. If you aren’t using it much that could be 10 years plus. People come in here with 15- to 20-year-old stamps in full working order.

In high use situations that might be 100,000 times a year or more. Per stamp mark we are talking a few cents per stamp mark. Nothing can compete with that. Not your labour or a sticker. This is a very cost-effective way to mark your address on something. Plus, and importantly, it is legible. Is your handwriting legible? Or if you are writing as fast as possible, is it still legible?

How much does a return address rubber stamp cost?

This can vary. From a basic three-line address on a small stamp it starts from around mid-thirty dollars (2022 value inc GST). Mid-sized to larger plastic construction stamps are in the fifty-to-ninety-dollar range. While the purpose-built high use model with a steel frame runs from a hundred dollars up to high two-hundred-dollar mark for a massive stamp.

How to find just the right model for your purpose?

We have a product on the website which captures a lot of information. It isn’t a specific model. Just a means to find out more information. You can enter your details in there. The next working day you will receive a pdf to print out. This will be actual size of your proposed stamp. You can request different sizes and enter all the details for your return address stamp. Yes, images like your logo can be included. We can then supply a quote for a particular model of stamp that might suit you. Or there may be different brand and size alternatives to consider.

The most common style of stamp chosen is from the rectangle stamp shapes of stamp. Which one? If you want to play with your computer, you can use a Word Processor to type out and vary the fonts and sizes. Then use the rulers on the side and top to see how big that is. Then find the size in the lists of stamps.

Rectangle rubber stamps for logos small, medium or large (selfinkingstamps.co.nz)

Another way is to have a look at our pdf of stamp sizes on this page. Print it out and see what a decent size for you might be. Use the links on the pdf and go direct to the model on the website to check the price and make an order. Assorted brands have different prices at the same size. Does it matter which brand for an address stamp? We don’t think so. Having stamped Trodat, Shiny and Colop brands of stamp thousands of times we see no difference on the paper. For very tiny fonts we do prefer Trodat. For broad areas of ink, we prefer Shiny. Otherwise go for the cheapest one.

Can I stamp on any surface?

  • Yes and no. What! That doesn’t help.
  • Okay. Yes, most surfaces can be stamped on. But conditionally.
  • For regular envelopes which are just a matt surface paper the standard ink which is water based is perfect.
  • But if your envelope is coated or glossy different solvent-based ink is needed.

If the package has a plastic wrapper, then a different ink is needed and should be tested to ensure just the right ink type is going to stay on these surfaces. Contact us to find out which ink for your shiny or plastic surface you are using.

t511bl 2 1

Can I get replacement ink pads for my stamp?


trodat 4750 remove ink pad

The ink pads on all the self-inking stamps made here are also stocked for you to easily order. Often these can be received next working day if ordered before mid-day. Just type in the stamp model number in the search field at the top of the website to find all things for that model of stamp. Scroll down to find the colour of ink pad you are looking for. Then add to cart.

Do I have to order via the website?

No, you don’t have to order via the website. You can just email us at sales@selfinkingstamps.co.nz and we can help you find what you need and supply a quote. By the way the website process can be faster to get a stamp in your hand. There are automated processes for invoicing, payment and courier packaging efficiencies in this order pathway.

How can I pay for my order?

There are two methods of payment by ordering on the website and outside the website.

  1. Via credit card
  2. Via internet bank transfer

Yes, a purchase order can be used, and an invoice can be supplied for payment.

Do I have to pay before shipping?

All orders need to be paid for before shipping.

For schools we supply special circumstances and do not require prior payment before shipping.

If you need any help at all we are here to ease you through the process and use the contact form below. After many years of stamp making, we know each self-inking stamp model inside out and can find just the right one for you.

We will reply to the next working day to your enquiry. Often with a proof and quote for your personalised return address stamp.

It’s too hard, can someone help me?

Do not worry about the specific stamp model if you are unsure. We are here to help with your custom-made table stamp. Email sales@self-inkingstamps.co.nz and tell us all about the stamp you need. With that information a proof sheet for you to print and check. When printed this will be actual size so you know whether this will work in your unique situation.

Write on it and test it. Get the people who will use it to test it as well. A quote price will be provided for the stamp and courier delivery so that you know how much everything will cost up front. Contact us with your questions and stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on our FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram.

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Have questions? Contact our team.

Contact us with your questions and stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram.

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