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Rubber Stamps for Business available in New Zealand

Rubber stamps for business are available in New Zealand. Rubber stamps are an incredibly cost effective investment for your business. A new website or new office building are fantastic investments but sometimes the smaller assets are overlooked far too often. Learn about the benefits of rubber stamps for your business in our blog.

rubber stamps for business

Rubber Stamps are very versatile for Businesses

So you have a business, a new one, and you don’t have vast wodges of cash to buy printing machines or buy huge volumes of custom printed packaging. Our solution? Use a rubber stamp. Put your brand on there and make sure people can see how to contact you to buy that fantastic product again!

Quickly change stamps to give a different message each day. It really is that quick and effective. Talking about quick changes how about date stamps. Rotate a dial and hey presto a new date is in position to mark paperwork with the day required. Personalise these with your own words or brand logo. Chemists love these stamps especially the Trodat 5440 to mark their documents.

An Effective and low cost Branding Solution

We have a great new stamp that is huge (the largest in New Zealand ) which is proving effective for stamping bags for shops. Get your brand out there at low cost. Buy low cost plain bags and up-cycle them to personalised marketing.

stamp of the month

Have a think about the cost saving of a stamp. Buy lower volumes of plain packaging but don’t miss out on the personalised marketing opportunity.  Change your location as your business grows! No problem at all. With a rubber stamp you can change the rubber die and your back in business with the same stamp.

No need to buy a new one, just recycle what you have now. We have a client who just replaces the rubber die every time they change their product mix. Very simple, time efficient, and cost effective.

Purchase your Rubber Stamps for Business

rubber stamps for business


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