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Create Your Company Seal Stamp Today and Get NZ Wide Delivery

We can create and deliver your company seal stamp NZ wide! Company Seal Stamps are an official seal used by a company. Simply send us your company seal stamp NZ design and our team will create and deliver the company seal stamp to your New Zealand location. Get in touch with our team if you have any questions regarding how we can create your company seal stamps including font and colour options. We can suggest the best ink stamp model to use and what colours and designs would work best. Want to learn more about company seals stamps? Read our blog post for more information.

company seal stamp nz

What is a Company Seal Stamp?

A company seal stamp (also referred to as a corporate seal stamp or common seal stamp) is an official seal used by a company. As of 1993, a company seal stamp was no longer a requirement for New Zealand companies and the strict guidelines for the design were removed. However, you will find that company seal stamps are still widely used by many companies operating in New Zealand.

Why use a Company Seal Stamp?

For companies that export their goods and services to other countries, you will find that they have company seal stamps as other countries still require the use of them.

A company seal stamp is required for a “society.” The design requirements are not too strict, all you need are the words of the society, number and the word “common seal.” It is best to consult a professional when designing your common seal stamp as laws and rules can vary per country. Read about our full range of Company Seal Stamps here.

How long does it take to get a Common Seal Stamp?

We can make a proof in a day, create the stamp in a day and courier it. Generally it takes three days for the stamp to arrive in your hand. If it is really urgent we can proof and send in one day, if payment is received fast. Ordering using a product in the website speeds it up immensely with the use of automated processes and payment options. We can also complete the proof and make in the day and you can pick up from us and head to the wharf.

What sizes do the Common Seal Stamps come in?

Most common seals are around the 40mm diameter mark, the 42mm and 45mm sized round body stamps are the most popular ones and the 42mm square Shiny is excellent at a lower price. Every now and then a 30mm round one is used, just be careful at that size as there is not a lot of space. We have to get a bit creative on some so that the logo or even very long enterprise names can fit. Remember the shape of the image or text in a stamp does not matter, it is more about the fit and if it is within budget.

What ink colours are available?

The ink colour options can include traditional black, red or blue. The reason Black is chosen a lot is this colour scans or faxes reliably if documents are being transmitted to another place or copies are required. While we may live in a so called paperless society many other trading countries may not.

We Will Create Your Company Seal Stamp NZ Wide

Get in touch with our team for creating your company seal stamp NZ wide! Send us the ink stamp design using a high quality media file such as a vector file and we will provide you with a design proof to approve. Once we create your company seal stamp, we will deliver to your New Zealand location. Give us a call today if you have any questions you would like to discuss at 09 412 9381 or complete our online contact form below. Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ to receive our latest news and promotions.

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