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ISO 8601 Rubber Stamp Dater Customer Case Study.

Our customer was looking for an ISO 8601 rubber stamp dater for his company.

He couldn’t find one with a particular layout and was wondering if we could make a custom stamp for him.

iso 8601 rubber stamp dater

What was the problem the customer needed solving?

He wanted to use this stamp in the ISO 8601 Date format. Not being familiar with this ISO specification we asked what is that?

The ISO 8601 date format would have the year first, then a hyphen, then the month, then a hyphen, then the day of the month.

There is even more for the hour, minute and seconds if you really needed to geek out on it.

He just wanted to mark invoices with the year, month and day.

How did we help make the ISO 8601 Rubber Stamp Dater?

That format is not a standard date stamp.

We had an idea and had to count out the number of characters involved which totalled ten.

Excellent, a ten band Numberer stamp could be used.

The professional grade Numberer stamps can have the bands rearranged or swapped out with half of the alphabet so there should be a solution available in that.

The Trodat Professional 55510 stamp is a 10 band Numberer. It has 5 mm tall characters.

By rearranging the bands without having to swap anything the ISO 8601 layout could be achieved.

These Professional grade Trodat stamps have a steel frame inside which make them great for high use situations and a long life.

This stamp will need a long life! With this band layout the stamp could potentially be used for thousands of years.

Yes that is right thousands of years!

The funny thing is we were already using this format to date order store our files in the computer database.

We had no idea this was an International Organisation for Standardisation format.

What was the outcome for the ISO 8601 Rubber Stamp Dater?

With this information and the ability to actually make one of these ISO 8601 compliant date stamps Self-Inking Stamps have created a product for the website.

It is called “Trodat 55510 Professional 5mm Dater ISO 8601 compliant”.

Trodat 55510 Professional 5mm Dater ISO 8601 compliant

Wow what a mouthful.  This Professional grade Date stamp has the layout of the date as 2023-12-20.

The Trodat 55510 Professional Numberer stamp has a replaceable ink pad.

Or you can just top it up whenever you feel like it with Trodat 7011 ink.

On this occasion our client wanted rubber stamp red ink.

This would stand out well on the invoices and at a glance know that the task was completed.

If you have a stamp need and you can’t find just the right one contact Self-Inking Stamps and you might find your custom stamp is possible.

Contact our Rubber Stamp Design team for more information…

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding available variants or further product information.

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