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Rectangle rubber stamps are ideal for logos small, medium or large

There are many rectangle shaped rubber stamps and a couple of brands as well. To help you visualise them we have produced a pdf for you with them all on a page side by side to compare brand at a time. Find the size you like for your personalised rubber stamp.

See the rectangle rubber stamps sizes side by side.

  • Click here to view our Self-Inking Rubber Stamps Sizes PDF Guide to view rubber stamp sizes alongside each other.
  • Use this pdf below to see all the self-inking rubber stamps side by side.
  • Print it out to see them in actual size to find the perfect one for you.
  • Click on the stamp in the PDF to get to the stamp in the website nice and quick to order.
  • Unsure? Call or contact us using the form below.

Small mobile rectangle rubber stamps (pocket size)

These handy little stamps fold up and slip into a pocket easily. These little stamps are particularly suited to busy people on the move. Nurse stamps and doctor stamps are the most common uses for these convenient little stamps. These stamps have a larger area for more text than the commonly used Trodat 4910 or Shiny S1821 stamps.

Small Rectangular rubber stamps

Small rectangular stamps are the most commonly used self inking stamps. These stamps can have both text and images. Some models are available in different outside body colours. Having more than one rubber stamp of the same size can be easily picked on your desk by quickly glancing at the colour of the stamp required. The standard ink for these stamps is water based and perfecting for stamping on copy paper or matt cardboard. To stamp on different surfaces the ink colour ‘dry’ is selected. Then the particular ink required can be added to the order. The smaller models here are perfect for nurse stamps or warrant of fitness stamps. Larger models are terrific for address stamps. Name stamps are most commonly selected from this group. If you are looking for a clothing marker use the search box and enter ‘clothing marker’ to find your stamp. Extra colour models have different ink colours choices to the standard five colours.

Large Rectangular rubber stamps

Large rectangular stamps are perfect for grid stamps. Multiple rows of text can be used here. Larger models are also good for certifying stamps used by lawyers and JP’s. Larger models are often used for paper bag stamps. Great to get your brand out and working for you. Ideal for text and images these larger stamps can portray an image better due to the larger area and fine details not being too small. Extra colour models have different ink colours choices to the standard five colours.

Short and Wide rectangle rubber stamps

This particular group of rubber stamps are excellent for a single line of text. Some of them have more height for multiple rows of text. Great to mark school books with the school name. The larger models are also useful for certifying stamps.

Heavy Duty rectangle rubber stamps

These stamps are designed for high use situations. They have steel frames for extra strength. These steel frame range are designed to work all day every day. The ink pads can be topped up with ink or replaced at any time to keep the stamp print nice a dark all the time. This group have the largest of the Self-Inking stamps available worldwide and up to 115 x 69mm can be printed by these stamps.

Multi-colour Self-Inking Personalised Rubber Stamps NZ.

Get 2 or more colours in the one stamp!

An individual, multi-coloured rubber stamp impression is something special. It helps to set you off from the competition. Your custom stamp impression can display colourful symbols or present your logo in these 16 colours according to your Corporate Identity.

  • Select colours from our range of 16 inks
  • Emphasise your corporate identity
  • Save with our cost-effective, replaceable ink pads.

There are two rules

  1. Multi-colour stamps must have a minimum of 2.5mm between each colour.
  2. Any one colour must be at least 7 x 7mm.

A different colour border is also not possible generally unless you have a huge space around the perimeter.  This can be achieved with a larger body of stamp than the image you require.

Below are images on each stamp showing what is possible in multi-colour stamps and the various sizes available.

Multi-colour Rubber Stamps – Small

Multi-colour Rubber Stamps – Large

Get 2 or more colours in the one stamp

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