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Multi-Colour Trodat 4911 38x14mm

$51.04 GST Exc. $44.38

2 or more colours of ink

Multi-colour stamp. Excellent for stamp marks with one side as one colour and another on the other side.

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Water based ink for copy paper, cardboard and porous surfaces.

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    Trodat makes a fantastic little Multi-Colour Trodat 4911 stamp with multi-colour possibilities.

    If you need more than one colour in a stamp this is the one for you.

    Choose from 2 or more of the 16 colours of Trodat ink, see them here

    I just want one colour of ink?

    Save some money and choose one colour of ink in the Trodat 4911 standard colour stamp here.

    There are two rules

    • Multi-colour stamps must have a minimum of 2.5mm between each colour.
    • Any one colour must be at least 7 x 7mm

    A different colour border is also not possible generally unless you have a huge space around the perimeter.  This can be achieved with a larger body of stamp than the image you require.

    • Max text plate size: 38 x 14mm (rectangular)
    • Replacement pad 6/4911 MCI
    • Contains recycled plastic
    • Climate-neutral as standard
    • Clean, intuitive ink cartridge change without touching the ink – for clean fingers
    • Incredibly small and light with pleasant, secure stamp grip
    • Positioning window allows accurate imprint positioning
    • Same size as the Colop Printer 20 stamp

    What other multi-colour stamps are there?

    See the rest of the Trodat multi-colour stamp range here

    A lot of the Trodat range are available in multi-colour including round, oval and rectangular shapes.  Square are not available in multi-colour.

    What about some different Trodat stamp ink colours?

    Try the Trodat 4911 with different colours of ink here.

    Self Inking Stamps produce what we call an Extra colour stamp which uses one of the other 11 colours from the Trodat stamps Multi-colour range with special ink pads and our high tech machines to fill them.  This gives you a total of 16 single colours to choose from for your Trodat stamps like the Trodat Printy 4911.

    Self-Inking Stamps can make customised rubber stamps with the choice of 16 Trodat inks.

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