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What are grid rubber stamps also known as table stamps and chart stamps?

grid rubber stamps

Here at Self-Inking Stamps, we get asked can we make grid rubber stamps or table stamps for NZ businesses? Yes, is the answer. Simple as that. There are many, many variations for a table rubber stamp also known as a chart stamp or a tick box stamp are made here in Auckland, NZ every day.

One of the best ways to understand what a grid stamp or table chart stamp is, would be to see the images below.

What is a grid rubber stamp or table stamp?

A grid rubber stamp is a series of boxes formed by rows and columns of various numbers. Like a spreadsheet when using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. A calendar is a great example of a table chart. With days of the week for the columns and weeks for the rows.

grid rubber stamps

Add headers for each column.

Also, each row. Then the rest of the table area is available to use for your purpose. It might be to write details or just as simple as a tick. Table stamps are great reminder stamps. At a quick glance you can see if there are details entered in every box and know if there is missing information or everything is ready to continue. If there is an empty cell in the table, then this information needs to be gathered and entered before moving on to the next task.

grid rubber stamps

Freight industry grid rubber stamps.

Freight industry grid rubber stamps are fantastic in the freight industry. Freight truck drivers can quickly stamp freight paperwork and fill in all the cells as required. As well as sign in the grid cell to indicate they have checked everything and recorded accountability for their actions. Drivers are under constant time pressure to get the freight vehicle loaded, get on the road, and make sure everything is delivered to the customer. With the rapid changes to online shopping these days and expectations of rapid delivery of their prized online purchase the driver is under a lot of pressure to get these items there in the minimum of time. This sort of pressure leads to mistakes.

grid rubber stamps

Using grid rubber stamps is a great tool for businesses.

To help minimise and preferably eliminate loading mistakes. Plus, with the grid rubber stamps mark outlining where a detail may have been missed or knowing who made the mistake then staff training can be identified or process changes that are required for higher efficiency. These grid rubber stamps can really change your NZ business at very low cost compared to correcting a mistake. Be initiative-taking and remove potential for lost time by using a custom-made table stamp for your unique business operation.

grid rubber stamps

Office management grid rubber stamps.

There is another variation of these grid rubber stamps being used in an office administration process.
Invoices received need to be paid at some time. There may be many steps in the process within an organisation up to the point of the person with access to the bank account to make that payment. That person needs to know that this invoice has had the goods or services supplied, the correct department has received them, the person controlling the budget has approved it and it is all ready for payment. With a table stamp with appropriate columns and rows for that business enterprise you can easily glance at the stamp mark and know everything has been performed correctly so that the supplier is quickly paid.

grid rubber stamps

Table stamps used in schools.

These table stamps are often used in schools with a chain of authority and often then goes on to an administration group for payment. That administration group uses them too. These are made regularly for identifying the schools they work with and have respective stamps for each school. Also, in schools there are variations of the table stamp used as motivation stamps like this one.

Which rubber stamp model can I use for grid rubber stamps?

This is an important question. To use a table stamp easily the cells to write in must be big enough. For someone in an office with a nice flat surface, good lighting and out of the weather a smaller area is possible. However, if you are trying to write on a clipboard or potentially in the wind then a larger cell will be appreciated by the people assigned to use the stamp mark. The number of rows in a stamp is a big determinant of a model choice as a taller stamp model is required. If there are a lot of rows and columns a large stamp will be required. For a stamp with two or three rows a smaller stamp up to 21mm high might be just the ticket.

More rows and columns usually go to one of these two grid rubber stamp sizes.

The 60 x 40mm or 75 x 38mm stamp can handle multiple rows. Depending on your wording and how many rows will vary which one is more suitable.

For high use situations we highly recommend going to a steel frame professional grade stamp.

These can go to large sizes as well. Here we have the two largest of the professional grade stamps which are highly suitable for these table stamp requirements.

Are there any bigger grid rubber stamps?

Yes. To go larger than 115 x 69mm we change stamp style. Instead of a self-inking stamp like all the above we change to a custom hand stamp with a separate ink pad. These are the traditional style of stamp with a wooden handle. Here at Self-Inking Stamps these are made on site in Auckland NZ. The wooden handle is hand turned by an independent artisan using recovered wood from fallen trees and offcut timber. Each one is different.

A base plate is laser cut from acrylic to the exact dimension required by you. The laser engraved rubber die is then fixed to the base plate. The rubber die and base plate are shaped to the image required so that there is minimal chance of an over mark commonly made by using a block of wood. These stamps are made to the measurement you require and can go large. The ink pads are more of a limitation here. Often the cost of a large stamp and a massive ink pad can be a bit prohibitive. For large stamps we recommend a rocker stamp to give adequate pressure and clear mark when stamping.

It’s too hard, can someone help me?

Do not worry about the specific stamp model if you are unsure. We are here to help with your custom-made table stamp. Email sales@self-inkingstamps.co.nz and tell us all about the stamp you need. With that information a proof sheet for you to print and check. When printed this will be actual size so you know whether this will work in your unique situation.

Write on it and test it. Get the people who will use it to test it as well. A quote price will be provided for the stamp and courier delivery so that you know how much everything will cost up front. Contact us with your questions and stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on our FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram.

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Contact us with your questions and stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram.

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