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Real Estate Rubber Stamp custom-made with your message or logo!

real estate rubber stamp

Over the years we have made a lot of Real Estate Rubber Stamps. Across the entire industry there is a huge range of custom-made stamps being ordered. From back-office paperwork to front of house client facing displays. Custom made real estate stamps save time and are low cost marking equipment.

Not only are new stamps ordered there are also stamp parts. On self-inking stamps there are two parts that can be replaced. The rubber dies which makes the mark on the paper and the ink pad.

Investing in a high-quality professional grade self-inking stamp and then changing the rubber die every time there is a new campaign is a great way to get decades of use out of a real estate stamp.

Another handy attribute is being able to replace or just add a few drops of ink into the ink pad whenever you like. If the image is fading off a little and you want to make that a stronger mark just adds a few drops of ink.

All these items are available on our website shop

Oh, and if you are considering custom made engraved items for promotional products our laser engraving machine that makes the custom-made rubber dies for the stamps can customise many other items. Things like keyrings, name badges, rotary engraved glassware, vacuum drink bottles and cups, small signage and coasters.

Being a custom stamp maker, we don’t stock off the shelf products much. There are a few items. We do have some stock design types we quickly make each day when required. What we do is listen to what you are requiring. Make a design for that idea to show you and give you a quote for that personalised stamp.

Do you need help or advice?

Don’t hesitate to call or email our Auckland office and we will reply promptly.

To a degree anything is possible. Remember this is a stamp not an ink jet printer.

The most common stamp items are logos, text, a combination of both and some images. Other process-based work may have outlines and tick boxes or columns and rows to fill in and serve as reminders. A lot of stamps are personalised to help people save time. Some are designed to help information flow within franchise groups or larger realty groups. Standardising the information for more efficient workflow. Quickly stamping your paperwork and ensuring a process has been achieved and signed off can save a huge amount of time later rectifying that missed step on a hurried day.

Reduce your stress and reduce your time. Think about where efficiencies can be made in repetitive tasks that are not able to be performed by a computer.

Often these are when entering data into your computer. Have you entered that invoice – yes stamp with “Entered into Xero” or whatever system you use.

Here is one Real Estate Rubber Stamp you will love – SOLD.

This one is asked for so often we have three versions of it for quick buying on the website. A small one for your paperwork. A large one for displays and one with a little inspiration message to get your next client with.

Often for behind the scenes work in a realty office there are the necessary money tracking and processing duties. Having a custom-made stamp for your process can really make a difference. This example uses tick boxes and underlines for places people can write the details necessary.

real estate rubber stamp

One item with high importance is a disclaimer. These will be insisted on by your legal team. You don’t want something to bite you later due to a small error. If you are in a hurry to get important documents to a client and aren’t near a printer a simple stamp can really save your day.

These messages below can fit onto large strong construction stamps.

real estate rubber stamp

While others can be very detailed and lengthy. These ones need to go a professional grade very large self-inking stamp. Or even larger can go onto a custom hand stamp with a separate ink pad.

real estate rubber stamp

Speaking of high importance is the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (AML/CFT Act).

These stamps are required a lot these days. There are all sorts of versions of the wording used. It is best to check with your legal team the wording for your situation. Also, whether you need to “Verify” or are qualified to “Certify” documents.

We have a range of Legal and AML types stamps ready to go or just add your details in our website.

AML Certify Document Stamp – Self-Inking Stamps NZ (

Some of your clients will be new homeowners. Not familiar with the sale and agreement process. Or more importantly not familiar with the legal documents trail and where to sign. Being able to quickly mark an agreement in a bright colour helps those scared and intimidated people get it right first time. That signature is important. Mark your documents with a Sign Here stamp. Easy as!

While you’re at it each page is going to need to be initialled as well. Yep, we thought of a stamp for that too.

Often in the hand over process there are various payments required to be made. For example, the outstanding rates from the local authority. Often these are paid in full, but they can also be apportioned, and the incoming owner needs to know where the payment liability lies. This is one example of a custom-made payment stamp made.

real estate rubber stamp

Sometimes in the process of negotiating the sale and purchase agreement there can be multiple agreements going back and forth. Which one is the current one?

Okay that’s easy stamp the old ones. Quick and easy. Still available for reference and marked clearly to help that smooth transition.

real estate rubber stamp

Once that sale is made there are some great celebrations. But it isn’t over yet. The administration continues its pathway. Necessary procedures still happen. Like the Deposit. Where is that? Where is the tracking? Hey presto a simple stamp designed and personalised for your system can be made to track when that deposit was released to the vendor.

real estate rubber stamp

Well, the sale is over. Phew. All has been completed. Everyone is happy. Time to retire.

Ah no! Life goes on. Bills to pay and the next sale is required to keep going and grow your business. Time to go and find some more people wanting to sell their property. That’s what you do.

Contacting people and cold calling is one way. Door knocking can be another. A regularly asked for stamp is one on the back of a business card. How about handwritten. You’re handwriting. Do you have the time? Delegate that out and have a stamp of your handwriting. Yes, that is possible.

Here is an example made for an agent with a simple message. What would you write? Contact details are on the other side remember. A personal message.

real estate rubber stamp

While we are about handwriting. We made personalised stamps for Real Estate agents using their handwriting on note pads. By scanning to pdf, we can get an accurate measurement (yes back that up with a measurement) of the pad line spacing. We can then use either a font you like or your own handwriting. Graphically we manipulate that to write on the lines of the paper.

Stamp a few pads and hand them out. Get your message out there. It might be as simple as on the last couple of pages that the pad is about to end and get in contact for another one.

real estate rubber stamp

Yes, signature like handwriting can be made into a stamp. All part of that time saving process. If you have items which do not require an original signature and something more generic a signature stamp is possible to make as well.

Anything else for a Real Estate Rubber Stamp?

Yes, here is a list of words used as a stamp by past orders from the Real Estate, Realtor, Land Agent and salesperson requests.

  • EMAILED 01 OCT 2023

And of course, there are the important envelope stamps or brochure stamps with the business name and contact detail of address, phone and email address.

Yes, let us know the font your enterprise uses, and we can work with that to keep your business stamp consistent with branding recommendations.

We are custom stamp makers who make personalised stamps. If there is something you need, just ask, we are here to help you. We know stamps you know what you need. We can usually find a solution.

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