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Sold Stamp S843

$45.32 GST Exc. $39.41

SOLD stamp S843 is what every business loves.

This Shiny S843 is the same size as a Colop Printer 30 and Trodat 4912 self-inking stamps

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Looking for a paid stamp to compliment your office rubber stamps the Sold stamp S843 could help?

So you are sick of the thin lines of the Paid Xstampers how about a solid ink one?

This Sold Stamp uses the very popular model with the Shiny S843.

Larger than the traditional one you get in the stationery stores like Xstamper this one will really get noticed.

If you are looking for an even larger one tell us in the “Questions, notes, comments” box above.  We specialise in personalised stamps making a one off is not a problem to us at all.

  • Text plate size: 46 x 17mm (rectangular)
  • Replacement pad S1823-7 in black, blue, green, red and violet
  • Clean, intuitive ink cartridge change without touching the ink – for clean fingers
  • Positioning window allows accurate imprint positioning

Looking for some funky personalised stamp colours for the body?

Try these neon ones here.

What about a Paid Rubber Stamp with different colours of ink here.

Self-Inking Stamps produce what we call an Extra colour stamp which uses one of the other 11 colours from the Trodat stamps Multi-colour range with special ink pads and our high tech machines to fill them.  This gives you a total of 16 single colours to choose from for your Trodat stamps like the Trodat 4912 and Trodat 4912 Neon too!

Self-Inking Stamps can customize your rubber stamps with the choice of 16 Trodat inks.

Want to get noticed?  Trodat multi-colour stamps can help you.

The Trodat 4912 stamp is available as a multi-colour stamp.

This is called the Trodat MCI 4912.  Try it here!

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