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Contact tracing rubber stamp pocket size to record your contact information

With the current Covid-19 Level 3 lockdown in Auckland we are receiving many enquiries. Many about options for a contact tracing rubber stamp for personal information for contact tracing registers. Some people have issues with the NZ Covid Tracer App not working in their phones. This is where a self-inking stamp can be of excellent assistance and save you a lot of time.

The NZ Government Covid-19 Contact Tracing Register form requires a few details on it. Namely the date, Time in, Full Name, and Phone number to assist in tracing. For the forms your name and phone number are always the same. In essence all this information could fit in a stamp.

News Flash for this month!

We have two new body colours rubber stamps for the Trodat Pocket Printy 9511 stamps. Our customers love their Trodat Pocket Stamp! The All Black version and the Fuchsia/Turquoise version look very cool. Both are the 37 x 13mm image size stamps. This means we now have 4 different body colours options for you.

trodat 9511 all black
trodat 9511 fuchsia & blue
contact tracing rubber stamp

Make Hygiene Your Number 1 Benefit & 2 Fast to Record Your Name!

With a personalised contact tracing rubber stamp, you can keep this with you in your pocket or bag. You can clean it whenever you use it as only the base of the stamp meets the form. It is an ideal way to reduce cross contamination from these forms back onto you from other people, pens and paper.

We have made many stamps to assist people with this paperwork. Some are visiting at risk spouses, family and friends during lower-level lockdowns or times of open movement. Some people are of poor health and find it very difficult to write all this detail clearly for reading. A personal custom-made stamp for contact tracing forms is extremely helpful.

Others are in and out of many establishments during a day and are continually writing this information. Some places are requesting more information which is over and above the government requirement. If you are comfortable sharing this personal contact information, then this could also be used in a custom-made stamp.

contact tracing rubber stamp trodat 4910 with carabiner

Which rubber stamp model can I buy for contact tracing?

For this purpose, there are quite a few contact tracing rubber stamp models which will work well for you.

Size – Small enough to fit inside your pocket

While you are outside going to buy food it is important you can easily provide your contact information. And other people might find different actions of the contact tracing rubber stamp easier to use. Hey why pay more for this rubber stamp than need be. So put your name on the top row and phone number on the second row in a small stamp that will mark within the paper line area.

Convenience of use – When the Covid Tracing App doesn’t work

The Contact Tracing Register form has a 9mm tall line. This can easily have two rows of text. The font is small but very readable. These are regularly used in the nursing profession for marking their name and registration number on one line in charts.

Can I get a new personalised stamp during Level 4 lockdown?

Yes, if you are an approved essential service provider. For these businesses and service providers like doctors, nurses, mid-wives, chemists, supermarkets, and other approved establishments we can ship your order. However, for everyone else we will have to wait until the Level of lockdown is lessened.

Our contact tracing rubber stamps are super easy to stamp your information.

With a self-inking stamp all you do is place over the spot to mark, press down, wait just a bit, release. All done in a few seconds. Time to move on and get things done. With some practice and looking through the stamp window you will quickly learn to aim precisely with these stamps.

It is as simple as that.

The smallest stamps for this purpose are ones with a text area up to 24.8 x 7.8mm or 24.8 x 8.8mm. The Trodat 4910 model has some options as it can have different outside case colours. Also, one model has a carabiner for quick attach and detach from a lanyard or belt loop.×10-mm/

Outside dimensions of the Shiny S1821 are 60 x 42 x 28mm to help think about the size in your pocket.

These Trodat 4910 stamps are 58 x 41 x 25mm. These are THE preferred models for nurses and ordered for personal use and by District Health Boards.

Sorry I haven’t got one of these Colop Printer 10 to hand to measure for you as they are out of stock and on back order right now. ☹ Yes, our supplies are being affected too.

A smaller convenient stamp?

contact tracing rubber stamp

There are some other versions of Self-Inking stamps that are smaller physically and paradoxically larger print area. These have an up to 36.8 x 12.8mm or 45.8 x 16.8mm area for text. Plus, an image is also possible. Yeah, add an emoji in there to brighten someone else’s day! These stamps are like a fat highlighter pen size. With this one you use your thumb to slide open the stamp. Aim over the spot to mark, give it a very minute rock top to bottom and move away off the paper. Then slide back with your thumb to fold the stamp back inside itself. There is a little technique to use this one. Once mastered it is fine.

contact tracing rubber stamp

The great thing with these stamps is that they do not have to be filled right up. With the width of image area, a long sentence can almost be written. Or if only a few words like your name and phone number the text can be nice and large and readable.

Higher quality data.

With the use of a stamp the quality of data is higher. There is no issue with messy unreadable handwriting. EVERY time it is used the mark is consistent. Yes, self-inking stamps has different fonts you can use for personalisation. Which font would you like? We do have some fonts like handwriting too.

What about a different colour of ink? There are five standard colours of:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • And Violet

If you don’t mind paying a bit extra how about Hot Pink for the ladies, or another of the inks from our multi-colour stamp ink range. Click here to see the Trodat ink colours.

Can I check my custom stamp first before paying?

Yes, you can check all the details first. We do recommend this. When ordering your stamp via the website on checkout choose YES, I want to see it first and then for payment choose bank transaction rather than credit card. Yes, you do have to pay before shipping.

We design your stamp then send a pdf of this to you. The great thing is when printed it is actual size! Check that for all the spelling and layout and size.  Will it fit what you need to do.

If you need a name stamp like this in a larger size with more details, contact us. Or better yet use this link to our product fill in the details of what you want you to receive a quote on that specific set of details and a proof sheet to check.

See what our customers are saying.

Our happy customers have a lot to say about our products and services!

Perfect. Very professional and friendly people. Have solved my complicated request. It was very urgent and they did their best to supply on time. I’m very happy. Thank you so much for your great work and excellent service. I Highly recommend this business and will use again without a doubt.

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Ninel Markovic

ic star rate 14ic star rate 14ic star rate 14ic star rate 14ic star rate 14

This is a brilliant company with fabulous customer service. I ordered stamps for my law practice at 2.30 pm on a Monday afternoon, they were shipped within an hour and arrived the next day to a rural address. Fast service, great communication and the product was reasonably priced and in perfect order. Impressed and highly recommend.

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Marie Roberts

ic star rate 14ic star rate 14ic star rate 14ic star rate 14ic star rate 14

Wow what a great company. The whole process of getting a special stamp made couldn’t have been easier. Super happy with the end product and the speed with which it arrived to our rural location was very impressive. I can;t recommend self-inking stamps highly enough!

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Nick Lassally

ic star rate 14ic star rate 14ic star rate 14ic star rate 14ic star rate 14

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