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Business card rubber stamp made to order delivered within 3 days!

A business card rubber stamp is completely unique to you. Order a custom-made rubber stamp for your business. This important document represents you and what you stand for. In some parts of the world business cards are highly revered. Did you know about the Japanese ritual of exchanging meishi, which is Japanese for ‘business card,’ is a much higher valued practice in Japan than in the West?

Printed business cards are a dime a dozen these days. Mass production with high quality digital printing can produce beautiful images and text. These are readily available at a fraction of the cost of business cards before this century. You can easily buy business card A4 sheets and print with your own printer at home.

business card rubber stamps

Never run out of business cards again. Use a business card rubber stamp!

Why not get back to basics. Olde world charm. A custom-made rubber stamp for your business. You can even order a business card rubber stamp with biodegradable ink!

Read why we advise you to use a business card rubber stamp.

Most business cards perform the function of transferring in writing or images who you are what you do and how to contact you. You can simply write this on a piece of paper and hand it to your customer if you like. But after a while this gets a bit tedious. And let us face it we are busy. Do we have time to write these out? You see the progression here from handwriting, to stamping, to printing, and outsourcing this task to someone else in trade for money.

avery laser inkjet business cards
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Personalisation of your business card.

Using a business card rubber stamp is just one step off complete personalisation of your own handwriting. How much carbon are you putting into the atmosphere to create your cards? There is no mechanisation or waste product in stamping. The energy requirements are you. Now have a think about that, your own handwriting. We have many Real estate agent customers who use a business card rubber stamps. The front face of their business card is mass produced at low cost.

However, on the back is where that unique personalisation comes in. If the surface is the matt paper cardstock it will accept standard water-based stamp ink. Self-Inking Stamps has on many occasions made stamps from a handwritten note. Use your own handwriting for a message to homeowners on the back of a card. This can transform your time. It is so quick and easy to stamp cards ready to go for the next day’s work.

Business Logo Rubber Stamp.

Progressing on from the handwritten form to text is easy. There are thousands of fonts available these days. There are even fonts like handwriting. Some people are not proud of their handwriting so a substitute font like handwriting is used. Something a little trickier is a business logo.

Not all logos can be achieved in a stamp. A stamp applies ink. Just one colour at a time. Having said that Self-Inking Stamps can produce multi-colour stamps. Read the special conditions for multi-colour stamps here.

business card rubber stamp

10% discount when you buy 2 or more stamps.

Self-Inking Stamps Ltd can provide bulk order discounts. When your add two or more self-inking stamps to your order, you will get a 10% discount. Contact us for larger orders for even greater discounts. Any combination of rubber stamp can qualify. Also each stamp can have a different image. Contact our team for more Information.

business card rubber stamps nz

Graduated colour blends and grey scale images are not the forte of a stamp.

However, by supplying a vector image of your logo, or an above 300dpi image, these can be used to create a single colour logo for stamping. Depending on how much time needs to be spent in graphic design this may incur an extra cost. Low quality images like a screen shot, word doc or content of an email are going to make you a stamp you will be embarrassed to use. Our laser engraving at 1,000 dpi will replicate that horrible pixelation.

We hate making low quality stamps and will actively badger you for a higher quality image to use. It takes a lot of time to minimise the effect of pixelation in a high-quality stamp. Sometimes we resort to starting from nothing and totally replicating the image for high quality images produced by a stamp. It can be faster than trying to fix a poor-quality image supplied.

Creating stamps with logo and text is something that is done every day here. Where everything is laid out on the card is entirely your choice. Position of logos, what font to use, alignments, row spacing all of these are adjustable to just what you need. Sometimes a business logo stamp must be radically changed. Part of the olde world charm of a stamp is a mottled effect. With normal thin text this is a rarely evident.

However, for bolder text and broad areas of ink mottling is common. Good ink coverage on the stamp, pressure on the paper for a longer time and technique when applying the stamp can all improve this effect. However sometimes a crisp dark mark is required for representing a business. A technique for a logo that is a solid lump of colour with some lettering inside it is to reverse the image like a negative. This has been used on many occasions to get a high-quality mark on paper.

Does size matter in a business card stamp?

Yes. Usually, a business card is around 90 x 50mm. That is not a size for a novel. It is not a place for a logo with fine detail and text for a stamp. Size matters for stamps. Especially for line thickness and text font size. Most of the time this is irrelevant. Everything works perfectly. However, we do recommend for the best stamp marks there are some minimum sizes to consider. Do not worry too much about all these technical issues as we regularly adjust these to fine tune a stamp image when we receive a vector image to work with.

Some font types produce poor stamp marks. The larger font sizes reduce this issue. Fonts with fine lines can be hard to reproduce. Fonts like Times New Roman with one side of the font thick and the other thin can, when in small font sizes and laser engraved, have the thin side disappear in a stamp mark. When using a stamp to replicate text there are letters to be careful with.

The hooped ones. Letters like e, a, d, and o all have what we term a hoop. And like blowing bubbles from a soap solution, you would put a hoop of wire into the soap solution then lift out and a bubble is there, and you can blow it out and away. Well stamp ink can do that too. Highly frustrating if you do not want the centre of those letters solid ink. That can be avoided by using larger font sizes.

Keep font sizes over 6.5-point font size to minimise this effect. While we have replicated fonts down to five point or on occasions smaller it is rare to get clear stamp marks under 6.5 point. Line thickness is another important consideration. Stay thicker than 0.2mm and they mark well. Gaps in ink are important too. When the stamp is placed on the paper the ink gets pressed out past the edge of the rubber a little. In printing this is called bleed.

Really absorbent paper can suck this out into the surrounding fibres as well blurring the edges. Keep gaps at least 0.2mm apart. This means fine writing in a logo that is small inside a large solid ink area can disappear with ink bleed. Often a beautiful logo when reduced in size for a card becomes so small that a stamp will obliterate the internal text.

How much does a business card stamp cost?

Good question. It depends. Two things can affect the price, stamp type and size. While a business card is around that 90 x 50mm size the mark on it is usually smaller. There are margins there. The smaller the mark the lower the cost. Stamp type can change the price. There are self-inking stamps and the traditional custom hand stamp with separate ink pad.

Smaller stamps are more cost effective in self-inking stamps. Larger ones the custom hand stamp. Smaller self-inking stamps might be from 50 x 30mm to 60 x 40mm and 75 x 38mm. Larger one’s professional model 85 x 55mm. Custom hand stamps are made to the exact dimensions required.

They have a wooden handle and a base plate the shape of the image stamped. However, for a business card stamp often these are made to the exact size of your card stock. That base plate is then used to aim precisely at your card. The rubber die that makes the mark is positioned on that base plate so that the mark is on your card in the same place every time.

This technique can give high consistency to marking your cards every time. A stamp mark on an angle can look awful. Aligning the base plate with the edge of the card can eliminate that from happening. Also, if your logo needs to be on a specific angle this can easily be set up and using that base plate on the edge of the card that angel will be correct every time.

Which stamp type is best for a business card stamp?

Both stamp types use the same rubber and the same stamp ink so there is no variation there. They can make identical marks. If you have sheet card stock with perforations either stamp type is suitable. Self-inking stamps are faster. They are also cleaner as the ink parts are all within the body and you do not meet them. The ink pad is not exposed for accidental contact.

The body of the self-inking stamp holds the die and ink pad enclosed. When you put the stamp down it will not mark anything. A traditional stamp has the ink pad exposed when marking. Then the stamp itself when put down will have ink on the rubber die and can be around the edges as well. There is the potential for accidental marking.

If you have individual cards this can suit a traditional stamp a little better. Sometimes the base of the self-inking stamp can be larger than the card. The big professional grade self-inking stamp bodies can land outside the card edges. When push down is not a problem. Lifting again sometimes the card sucks on to the stamp rubber die and lifts as well.

If you are not paying attention, it can then go right up and be pressed onto the ink pad. Yuck! Full ink coverage! Ruined card. Yes, we have done that and learnt! Smaller self-inking stamp bases often land on the card fully and this issue is not a problem. If a custom hand stamp is made with the base plate the size of the card this can be the most accurate way of marking business cards.

How long does it take to have a personalised stamp made?

Around three days. The next working day to your enquiry via email we supply a proof sheet via pdf to check and approve. Each time there is a change it adds a day. Once approved they are made within one working day. Once paid for they are on the next courier pick up around 3pm business days. That delivery will be next working day to urban areas. Our courier is connected to the rural network and can take one or more days to deliver to you.

While Self-Inking Stamps are considered rural in outer northwest Auckland next business day deliveries are normal for Whangarei, Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Taupo, Napier, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Timaru, Queenstown and Wanaka, Dunedin, and Invercargill. Our couriers have even had deliveries to rural areas like RD2 Tirau the next working day. Very amazing but please do not expect that. We have one flat fee for deliveries anywhere in New Zealand.

It’s too hard, can someone help me?

Do not worry about the specific stamp model if you are unsure. We are here to help with your custom-made table stamp. Email and tell us all about the stamp you need. With that information a proof sheet for you to print and check. When printed this will be actual size so you know whether this will work in your unique situation.

Write on it and test it. Get the people who will use it to test it as well. A quote price will be provided for the stamp and courier delivery so that you know how much everything will cost up front. Contact us with your questions and stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on our FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram.

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