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Custom made stencil made by Self-Inking Stamps!

We had a question from one of our regular clients. Can you make us a custom made stencil? Our client knows we have a Trotec laser cutting and laser engraving machine. We use it for our Self-Inking Stamps and we had discussed some other things it can do. The last time when they were visiting a while back. You just never know when you can help someone.

They had a client which required some food grade stencils that needed to be flexible. So we did some homework and found that the 1 mm thick PETG clear material would be great for their purpose. One of the things we particularly like is that this material is recyclable.

After looking at our test sample the go ahead was given to make two designs for their client and 30 of each design. Bulk ordering is cost effective as the artwork required to get an effective stencil can be spread across a greater number and lower the per unit cost.

How big can we make a custom made stencil?

Being primarily a stamp maker we don’t need a large machine. We can make a stencil up to 450 x 300mm in size. With a lug design on the edge of the stencil it could be made like a jigsaw piece and add together to make larger designs as well.

How to lower the cost for us to make your custom made stencil.

  • Supply your own art work to avoid our graphic design fees.

Here is what we need to go straight to production.

  • width and height in millimetres of required image
  • Supply your file with vector art work.
  • Cut lines in hairline thickness in Red, with RGB values of R:255,G:0,B:0
  • Engraving areas solid fill in Black, R:0, G:0, B:0
  • File type can be CorelDRAW(cdr), Adobe Illustrator(ai) or vector image in pdf file.
  • We need one dimension to check the image size is correct.

We will need to charge for our time if the above is not supplied. Click HERE to see our hourly rate.

If you are looking for a custom made stencil use the contact form below and tell us as much as you can about your stencil need and we can see if we can help you.

Please click here see our newer blog post on stencils for design information and how long it take to make your custom made stencil.

Contact our team for more Information

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