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What is trending right now in Custom SelfInking Stamps?

While any month can see every single use for custom selfInking stamps, we receive demand for specific stamp types. These may be time of year related or for some items a change on a larger national level has happened.

We do get asked what is the minimum number we will make? There is a minimum and that is one. So, from one to hundreds at a time is the range of custom stamps we can provide for you.
We also get asked can anyone buy from us.

Yes, we sell to anyone, from a private person to our largest corporations in the country with all the brands names you are familiar with and Government Departments and District Health Boards.

Order before 30 April to save 15% OFF!

Use the coupon code APRIL2019 when you are at your checkout page for all the below Trodat Office Stamps. (Only available on website orders.)

trodat rubber stamps nz

Some of the smaller pulses we get for people needing assistance are when nurses graduate a new group of people need a nurse stamp with their name and registration number on it. In the new year we have people who find their date stamp is out of years on the year band and need to replace these.

Luckily there are 12 years on a band for the stamps so you don’t have to replace these as often. Two of the major national topics that have changed are the replacement of plastic one-way shopping bags with paper bags and the other is the changes to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Amendment Act (AML).

We have solutions for both important for the nation topics. There is one major beneficial topic for the nation we haven’t had a need for yet and that is the Ketogenic Diet which has helped a couple of us here. Maybe a stamp or laser engraving poster for “Keep Calm and Keto On” could be used! Anyway, back to helping people with their rubber stamps.

We already covered the rubber stamp for paper bags topic with our custom hand stamp and separate rubber stamp ink pads a couple of blog posts ago.

This post is about the AML stamps. We have been helping lawyers, real-estate agents, accountants and the finance industry with these stamps. They are like the JP stamps we make but differ depending on who is using them.

The phone regularly rings with a confused staff member who has been tasked with sourcing a stamp for this anti money laundering law and must have the words “I certify ……….” Or “I verify ………..” somewhere in them.

Do you have the standard stamp for this? Oh boy we wish there was one! So, we followed some patterns of wording used from what we get asked for and suggest them and then just about every time they get changed. Sorry we do not see a standard one.

That is why Self Inking Stamps NZ is here, we can make custom stamps in NZ just right for you. We ship to any urban area in New Zealand overnight by courier. Also, Post-office Boxes and Rural addresses are accessible too.

You could call us your local stamp maker really with the courier services we have now.

These AML stamps have a huge range from a just a few words to the feeling of a novel in there for the volume of text and places to sign. They quite often get paired with a stamp to identify a person on the staff as well like this below

Anthony Jarrod Smith


Jessica Amy Jones
Legal Executive

Selecting the right model is important.

• The font size must be big enough to clearly read as this is an official document that is being certified or verified.
• The right wording for your purpose must be in there, but don’t get too wordy either. This must fit on the document without hogging the whole page.
• Then there must be good sized spaces for a signature, who the person is signing, where they are based and any other official identification. A JP would use their number, a lawyer might to have

“A Barrister/Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand”.

Can I see a Proof before having to pay anything?

Absolutely. There is huge value in having a proof to view, print it out and write on the print out. Can you write everything you need in the space available in that model of stamp?

Staying smaller keeps in the lower cost range of stamps however if large size is required that jumps in the higher cost Professional grade of stamps with the steel frame due to their size and high use capabilities.

I can hear you saying but which one? Show me the stamp!

Here are the suggestions for popular Custom SelfInking Stamps in 2019.

Custom SelfInking Stamps Option One.

For not too many words and not so long in total words length across the stamp then a 60 x 40mm stamp works. This can have a good amount of height to get enough rows for this example below;

• Name:
• Position:
• Signed:
• Date:

We have two Custom SelfInking Stamps to choose from

Trodat 4927 60 x 40mm

Trodat 4927 60x40mm

Shiny S829 64 x 40mm

Custom SelfInking Stamps Option Two.

The next option contains much more in words and still requires rows for signatures and other information to be filled in by hand. This is the most used model and is 75 x 38mm in size. Again, we have two models to choose from. Here is a common style of wording.
I, ________________________________________,
hereby certify that this is a true and correct
copy of the original document which I have sighted

on _____ day of ______________________ 20____

Signed, _______________________________ as an
Enrolled Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand

Trodat 4926 75 x 38mm

Trodat 4926 75x38mm

Shiny S830 75 x 38mm×38-mm/

There are two more models larger in the Professional Trodat stamp range and every now and then we get asked to make these sizes for AML stamps. There tends to more of a novel in these ones or a requirement for a larger stamp font size to be used.

Trodat Professional 5211 85 x 55mm

The largest one available is the Trodat Professional 5212 116 x 70mm

How to order your AML stamps?

Use the contact form below or email us directly at and tell us about what you need the stamp for.

If you already have a stamp or have seen one you like scan it as a pdf at high resolution or dpi and email that to us so we can see the layout and wording to match. We can trace over it if we can load it in our design programme to get the size just right for you.

Write out the words for the stamp that you need to meet your needs, tell use where there are gaps to be for hand writing information and we can copy and paste into the design for the stamp to reduce human error there.

We will then return the proof sheet to you. Print it out, write on it as that is true to life size when printed and check it does what you need. Let us know whether that is right for you or if you need some changes. We can update and get it back to you.

How long does it take to get my custom stamps?

  1. On average it takes one working day for a proof, or a re-proof.
  2. It takes less than a day to make your self inking stamps.
  3. Once payment is received, we ship your stamp via courier on next working day delivery.

Are there any volume discounts?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for two or more self-inking stamps purchase at any one time. Check around the office and see who else needs one.

Any two self-inking stamps that applies to, big or small, just text or with a date.

For 20 or more stamps purchased at one time we can negotiate a larger discount for you depending on how many you require be that just a small legal practice or a nationwide business.

Order before 30 April 2019 to save 15% OFF!

Use the coupon code APRIL2019 when you are at your checkout page for all the above Trodat Office Stamps. (Only available on website orders.)

Contact our Rubber Stamp Design team for more information…

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding available variants or further product information. Stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google+.

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