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How to reuse or recycle rubber stamps for office, home or school…

Read our How to reuse or recycle rubber stamps Blog post. A customer used rubber stamps for their product dispatch team to stamp their name to each package. However, when staff left the company the stamp was no longer used…

Self Inking-Stamps Ltd is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Find out more here… We make Trodat custom made stamps and multi-colour rubber stamps. Along with Shiny and traditional rubber stamps.

What was the problem the customer needed solving?

Customer – Can you recycle a stamp?

Self-Inking Stamps – What do you mean by recycle, does that mean can the stamp plastics be recycled?

Customer – No, the stamp can it be changed?

Self-Inking Stamps – Changed like a new image in the same stamp body?

Customer – Yes that is what I am talking about.

Self-Inking Stamps – Then yes, we can help you. Tell me about your situation and we can get you going.

Customer – We have people in our dispatch area who pick and pack our orders. When they complete an order, they stamp on the packing slip with their own person stamp. This helps identify who packed the order for quality control and makes it more personal for our customers.

So they know there really was a nice person on the other end of the order who packed it for them. We have people leave every now and then and new people join our team but the rubber stamps being personal are no longer appropriate and are wasted.

Self-Inking Stamps – Thank you for explaining and yes, we can help you.

Customer – How long does it take and when can I get this stamp going again?

Self-Inking Stamps – It takes around three days on average to make and deliver. One day for a proof or a reproof. Less than a day to make it. Once payment is received it is on the next courier pick up for next working day delivery. Using the website products and ordering there is faster than us invoicing you, waiting for payment and then shipping.

How did we help our customer solve their problem?

Self-Inking Rubber Stamps have three major parts;

  1. The rubber stamp outside body – some models have different colours too.
  2. The rubber stamp ink pad – available in multiple colours, this is replaceable, and we stock those.
  3. The rubber stamp die – the part that makes the mark on the paper, this is replaceable, we manufacture these for your custom rubber stamp.

When someone leaves, we can create a new rubber die for you. We send it to you with a new backing tape on it. You remove the old rubber die off your stamp then put the new one on. Hey presto a new stamp. Read this article here how to remove rubber stamp die so you can do that yourself. No need for sending your stamp away. This means the stamp is recycled and not put in to the waste stream unnecessarily.

It also means it is a lower cost to the business as this is around half the price of a new stamp. We also suggest for older stamps that the ink pad is replaced at the same time due to the dents in the older ink pads. The older rubber ink pads may not swell back out to meet the new position of the rubber die.

We discount this combo to lower your cost. To ensure you get brand spanking new stamp performance from a recycled stamp.

All we need to know is which stamp brand and model number it is, and we can create the correct size replacement rubber die for their stamp. We can also supply a replacement ink pad as well if required. For larger companies with multiple stamps we also can supply stamp ink bottles for them to top up their stamp ink levels. In these busy situations to keep the mark nice and bright and clear on the paper.

What was the outcome for how to reuse or recycle rubber stamps?

For this situation we discussed what was required for the rubber stamp so that we could produce a proof sheet for our client to see. Then we simply print out and check that the size and space available to write in was enough for them.

Most of the stamp design has the same format every time and we store the design files for them. Every time a new person is in the team, we look up their designs, copy and update to the new person and get the new rubber die away as quick as we can.

Every now and then there is a terminal accident for the poor stamp in a busy dispatch area. Having the designs on file means we can rapidly get a new stamp away to our clients quickly so their people are back in action quickly.

Maybe you have order pickers, dispatch and inwards goods personnel or personal shoppers which you wan to personalise their work then we can provide a lower cost solution for your business when you have a changing role.

For this client they use the Trodat 4915 rubber stamp which is a 70 x 25mm stamp size. This model comes with 5 different outside body colours. This can help with multiple people in the dispatch area knowing whose stamp is who’s at a glance.

If you are trying to find a solution for your stamp the fastest way is to look at the stamp and find the brand name, it might be a Trodat stamp or a Shiny stamp or a Colop stamp.

Then there should be a number on the stamp like 4915, S1825 or Printer 50.

Go to our website and in the top right corner there is a box “Search Products” type in there the model number and press enter.

All the options for that stamp appear. There may be many.

In amongst that will be two options:

1. Rubber Die plus Ink Pad combo for ………
2. Rubber Die only for ………

Select the one you want by clicking on it.

Then just fill in all the details you need for your new rubber die on your stamp.

If you do not want to commit to paying up front, click “yes proof required” and on checkout choose to pay via direct bank transfer or internet banking and you can pay once you are satisfied with the proof sheet.

We can unlock the order again later to use your credit card if that is a good method of payment for you. Yes, you can pay on invoice. We do require payment before shipping.

Contact our Custom made rubber stamps Auckland team.

If you need some help, we are here to help you pinpoint just what you need.

Just use the enquiry form to describe what you need, attach any sketches or diagrams or a vector image of a logo and we can get this in process for you.

If you have multiple files or larger files sending us an email directly at is easier.

Contact Trent, if you have any questions or need further product information. Stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google+.

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