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Trodat 4910 stamp base end cap

$4.33 GST Exc. $3.77

  • Trodat 4910 stamp base cap clips on
  • Get a base cap to stop ink transfer
  • Push stamp down into marking position
  • Lock into place with the clip
  • Reduces size for your pocket

178 in stock (can be backordered)


Save your pockets! Get an end cap to stop ink transfer.

Reduces the size of your stamp to fit better in your pocket.

Trodat 4910 stamp base end cap is to clip onto the base of your stamp.

Squash the stamp down into the marking position, lock in place, clip on the end cap.

Or place the cap down on the desk, sit the stamp into the cap, squash down until it clicks in place.

Trodat 4910 stamp is a convenient sized small custom self-inking stamp.

  • Max text plate size: 26 x 9mm (rectangular)
  • Replacement pad 6/4910 in black, blue, green, red, violet, dry
  • At minimum fonts size (Arial Narrow 6.5 point) no more than 27 characters in a row
  • up to three rows of text

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