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Paper bag stamp kit perfect to promote your brand and reduce plastic bags!

In this month’s Blog post, we explore paper bag stamp options. Paper bags can come in many sizes however, the right rubber stamp is going to be a large rubber stamp. Generally paper bags are for carrying something. Something you have made yourself with loving care or maybe something you think is a great buy and you are supplying to your customers. So your customers can get that special something from you to their home. A paper bag is ideal and will help reduce non biodegradable plastic bags.

Product packaging is a low cost solution to promote your business brand. A paper bag without your business logo is a marketing opportunity lost…

This is where a low-cost marketing solution like a paper bag stamp comes in.

Small volumes of paper bags can be stamped at lower cost than having them printed. When paper bag suppliers and printers come to us at Self-Inking Stamps NZ to buy rubber stamps for their clients, that is a good indicator that this low volume paper bag marking is cost effective. To get paper bags printed with your information usually takes a bigger volume to purchase and higher cost than a plain paper bag. Often the cost of the paper bag stamp, ink pad and delivery can be lower than small run printed paper bags. For single colour printing often, a rubber stamp can compete for the overall impression on the paper bag for your customers.

Paper Bag Stamp!

Which paper bag stamp is the one for me? – As bags come in different sizes this gets a little tricky. If you are really wanting to impress you could have a stamp for each bag size optimised to the surface area being stamped. However a more cost-effective way is to consider your smallest paper bag. Get the size right for that bag size, a little on the large size. Then use that paper bag stamp on all your paper bags.

paper bag stamp for brand marking
graedon testimonial

Please note, this is important.

The following information is based on the paper being a matt porous surface without any coating. Yes coated, shiny or other surfaces can be stamped but require different inks like Noris 191Noris 119 or Noris 007 to stay in place and may require testing before use to make sure they work on your particular carry bag. Ask Self-Inking Stamps about your requirement and they will guide you for a rubber stamp ink suited for your paper bags.

paper bag stamp sizes

So which stamp size? Okay there are three options…

  1. Smaller self-inking stamp, all plastic construction, lower cost.
  2. Large self-inking stamp, professional grade with steel frame for strength and high volume, higher cost.
  3. Traditional style custom hand stamp with separate ink pad, a wooden handle with acrylic base plate laser cut to the shape of your image. It can be a really large image to stamp and can be a lower cost compared to a professional grade self-inking stamp.

Self-Inking Stamps Ltd will show you a proof sheet with the size of the bag and the mark on that paper bag.

To see how that will look when stamped so you can get a feel for the finished result. When a rubber stamp is proofed for you to check a PDF file is emailed to you to check and approve before anything is custom made. At that proofing time you can make any changes necessary to get your perfect image for your paper bag stamp.

Small self-inking brand marking paper bag stamp.

These rubber stamps are easy to use. Place on the spot to mark. Press down gently to the paper. Once in contact press firmly and ensure all the stamp surface is firmly in contact with the paper. Release. On to the next bag. It is fast, clean, and repeatable at lower cost.

Square shape stamp bodies available up to 41mm image size. To go larger use a very large rectangle stamp. Round stamp bodies available up to 51mm image size. To go larger use a very large rectangle stamp. Oval stamp bodies available up to 54 x 34mm. To go larger use a very large rectangle stamp. All plastic rectangle shaped stamp bodies up to 74 x 37mm or 59 x 39mm. To go larger it is advised to use a very large rectangle stamp.

Large self-inking logo marking paper bag stamp.

For large logos and images which are generally required on a paper bag and with a fast clean and repeatable self-inking stamp then the professional grade stamps are the way to go. These stamps in the smaller size now have deliciously smooth all stainless-steel body frames.

The larger ones have a steel frame within a plastic outside. These stamps are designed for hundreds of stampings per day. We have professional grade large rectangle stamps with an image size up to 115 x 69mm in stock. If you need a square image up to 69mm is possible. Or a round image is possible up to 69mm diameter.

Your large format logo will look great on any paper bag. Any size we can custom make it!

Yes, any size! Self-Inking Stamps Ltd make on site in our workshop these types of custom hand stamps. There is the stamp and a separate ink pad. You pick up the stamp. Over to the ink pad. Dab a couple of times to ensure a good ink coverage on the rubber. Place on the bag where you need the mark. Once on the paper press firmly. If it is a big stamp, then press with your finger around the edges to make sure there is good rubber to paper contact everywhere. Then remove from the paper. On to the next bag.

These stamps are robust. However, don’t let your fork hoist run over them! There have been a few tears shed over that and then an order for a replacement one over the years. Don’t worry about how to get the exact replacement we store all the orders on our system and can look up that stamp and make it again for you any time.

large paper bag stamp 1

So which stamp size? Okay there are three options…

  1. Smaller self-inking stamp, all plastic construction, lower cost.
  2. Large self-inking stamp, professional grade with steel frame for strength and high volume, higher cost.
  3. Traditional style custom hand stamp with separate ink pad, a wooden handle with acrylic base plate laser cut to the shape of your image. It can be a really large image to stamp and can be a lower cost compared to a professional grade self-inking stamp.

A replacement order came in a while back for a rubber stamp that was used for about a year.

We were puzzled about this rubber stamp and asked our customer if it was alright. The customer replied “Oh yes it’s fine. I am opening up a new shop and need a second one” was the answer. Phew. So, we asked “how this first stamp went for him”.

“Oh, it is doing well we have been using it heaps.” “So how much is that, could you put a number on it?” Well, we do so many burgers a day plus other items, um well I think the count would be just under 300,000 times since we bought it”. “Wow!!!” We replied yes, these rubber stamps can handle a lot of work.

paper bag stamp and cup stamp

Can a paper bag stamp be used as a paper cup stamp?

Yes, a custom hand stamp style is great for paper cups as well. Use it for both your bag and cups and even more cost effective. To use on the cup first ink the stamp. Then land one side of the stamp on the cup and then curve around the outside of the cup and remove. Hey presto cup marked.

heavy duty rubber stamps

What size custom hand stamp?

As mentioned, these rubber stamps are made to order. We have made custom hand stamps as small as a few millimetres across for inside circuitry. Also many loyalty card stamps through to large A4 page size custom stamps as a maximum for cardboard box stamps. A pizza box stamp often is very large and suited to this style of stamp.

Why is a curved stamp better?

It is all about the point pressure of the rubber die on the paper to press the ink on. The magic is in the word press. If you write with a pencil and don’t touch the paper nothing happens. When you press the pencil on the paper and write hey presto a mark. If you press harder there is more mark. When printing first started these were called letter press and printing presses. Pressing the mark onto the paper. Then pressure on the paper is the key to a good quality mark on paper.

With a curved rocker stamps this point pressure is much better, and a sharper clearer image is made on your paper bag or box. Pricing is calculated on the size of the stamp using the width in millimetres times the height in millimetres, and to the millimetre. Very small stamps are more cost effective in self-inking stamps. Price parity is around 40mm, but the speed of the self-inking stamp wins the race. Larger stamps then the custom hand stamp is lower cost.

Which ink pad to use with a custom hand stamp?

This is sort of easy but price we find changes people’s minds about how big their stamp needs to be when on a tight budget. Basically, check the two dimensions of the stamp, width, and height. Then look at the ink pad size and deduct a minimum of 7mm of the ink pad size. This gives JUST enough room for our version of custom hand stamp to dab and move just slightly for a second dab of ink before using it. More space is better, but budget often limits that.

How big does the pad need to be for a round stamp or square stamp?

Use the smallest ink pad size minus 7mm to be the largest round or square stamp size. Let’s take the smallest pad at 90 x 50mm. Minus 7mm means a maximum stamp size of 83 x 47mm. Or for a round or square stamp 47mm.

Ink pads are available in these sizes:

  • 90 x 50mm
  • 110 x 70mm
  • 160 x 90mm
  • 220 x 160mm
  • 310 x 240mm

Which ink pads are lower cost?

The three smaller pads up to 160 x 90mm are the lower cost pads. The two larger ones jump considerably in price. These pads we order with no ink in them and add the ink colour you require to them before shipping.

What can I stamp on my bag?

Well, basically anything. Most of the time people who buy rubber stamps for their bag it is a business logo stamp or a custom logo stamp. Yes, a logo and text can be stamped. These are a personalised stamp. Just for you. Basically, anything you like can go on there. Hey, keep it clean please sometimes some people go a little silly. Some people can describe these as art stamps as they are completely customisable and often artists have created the image for their own work or for someone else.

What design requirements are required for my personalised stamp?

There are some things required. Minimum font size is 6.5-point font size. Below this size down to 4 points has been produced but is not often readable or may not mark. For readable reliable marks try and stay above 6.5 point. Line thickness should be no less than 0.2mm thick. And gaps between ink area should be above 0.3mm so the ink doesn’t squelch back and join up, bleed the term is used.

Mottling in a stamp mark.

This is a common occurrence for broad areas of ink. A stamp cannot compete with a printing press for broad areas of ink. Often there is a mottling effect to the mark on the paper. Different every time. Sometimes perfect, sometimes mottled. Here at Self-Inking Stamps, there are various grades of rubber used and for broad areas a special type of rubber more suited to this type of image is used. This can improve the appearance of that mottling. Time and pressure on paper is important to concentrate on when stamping. SLOW DOWN! Place and then press for a while to get a better mark.

Which file type for stamp?

The perfect file type for us is a vector image. If there are aspects needed to change, we can optimise the stamps performance of this file. Also, we know that that image will mark as we see it. Bitmap files with pixels are discouraged. Low resolution screen shots or images in an email are very poor quality around 72dpi. These make very poor stamps unless you are going for a pixelated or blurry look.

Over 300 dpi image we prefer and can convert these to vector image for accurate and high-quality image production for your stamps. Our laser machine which engraves the rubber for the stamp rubber die we run at 1,000 dpi. This means small detail like pixels in an image will reproduce in the stamp. It also means extremely fine lines and extremely small fonts have been produced.

It’s too hard, can someone help me?

Absolutely. We are here to help and guide you to the perfect stamp for your situation. Email us at sales@self-inkingstamps.co.nz and you can attach your image file and tell us everything about what you need. From there we can guide you to just the right stamp and give you a quote. Contact us with your questions and stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and Instagram.

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