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Use Christmas rubber stamps for your gifts and cards

Order Christmas rubber stamps this week before you run out of time. We can design and make your Christmas stamps within 3 business days. Give us a call today. All of a sudden there will be no time to organise communications with clients, customers and family members scattered throughout the world.

What does that have to do with personalised Christmas rubber stamps, you say?

A lot actually. Timelines are short. Trying to get something organised and printed in time is difficult. However, in around 3 to 5 days you can be stamping away with custom made personalised Christmas rubber stamps, with your Christmas messages.

No need to change your current formatting and printing presets. Personalisation and effective communication can be achieved fast with specific and strategic use of a personalised stamp. Your standard invoices do not have to be changed. Use a stamp to communicate Christmas wishes. Dispatch dockets can have the same.

A short message to communicate to those lucky people on the receiving end of those orders and shipments. A stamp can pass on your best wishes for the holiday season. Maybe a picture. Having your stamp organised and made this month means you are ready to go for December.

Everything runs smoothly for all those critical communication points in the lead up to Christmas. Another message to communicate is when your business will be closed for the holidays. Make sure your clients know well in advance so they can obtain what they need to function through the holiday break.

View all our Christmas rubber stamps range here

Hey, we all need a rest some time during the year and letting people know it is your turn is important.

Who sends Christmas cards anymore? Maybe you do? Do you need to put a return address on the envelope? Wow there is a task to achieve. Writing the same thing over and over again. That is a perfect task for a stamp. But that is boring, a plain bit of text with an address.

NO that does not have to happen.  There are literally thousands of stamp mark designs that could be used. Why not use some innovative designs with some impressive fonts. Curve them around in circles. Include some artwork. Use your own handwriting as a stamp. With graphic design impressive designs can be achieved.

An experienced rubber stamp designer will know how to ensure a design will mark well as a rubber stamp. So how to figure out your custom address stamp? Do a little Google search, find a design and do a screenshot of it and send us an email.

Simply explain to us you have seen this design and want to put your details and have included into the design. Tell us the exact fonts, the size you need it and an ink colour. With that we can design your customised Christmas stamp. It will come back to you as a pdf to print out at actual size and you can see before you pay. Simple as that.

Swing tag rubber personalised Christmas rubber stamps

If you are really wanting to dress up your Christmas presents how about a Christmas card stamp on a swing tag. That will really be impressive to receive a present with such attention to detail. For those in charge of corporate client presents being able to identify whom to give each present will be much easier. Or if you are an extremely generous person with a lot of presents to hand out everyone will now whose is whose and really enjoy that special effort given to the Christmas present label.

In this day and age where throw away, single use packaging is to be discouraged the solution is make sure your packaging is compostable. By using low cost craft cardboard for a Christmas present tag, some nice manilla string and a carbon neutral stamp using biodegradable stamp ink is a responsible idea for this year. The entire tag can then just go in the compost or recycling bin when finished with. Composting is a much better use for a resource like this as you can get that carbon back in the soil where it belongs. And rest assured that the stamp will be delivered in a home compostable courier bag as well.

How to design your customised Christmas stamp

A stamp is like an old fashioned printing press. Once set up with a beautiful design it can make that mark on paper the same every time over and over again. They can last for years and be reused each year. Even with specific information valid for only this year it can be updated for next year without having to buy an entire new stamp again. Do not throw it away! Stamps are so economical to use for this specific purpose.

Start with what details you need on your personalised Christmas rubber stamps

  • What words will you use?
  • Is there layout of those words that suits you?
  • Do you have a logo to incorporate in there?

What fonts to use? Here it is recommended to use fonts with consistent line thickness to get the best mark on paper. To choose your font we suggest a website all about fonts which is to find one you like. The finer the line width the larger the font size is needed to make the stamp rubber thick enough to make a nice mark.

Also keep your font size larger for clear print marks

Our minimum recommended font is 6.5 point font size as the quality falls off from here. While our Trotec laser engraving machine can engrave exceptionally fine detail down to around 4 point size the ability of extremely fine rubber to pick up ink and transfer it in a legible manner is compromised.

If you would like an image, then line art is the best option. Try to avoid broad areas of ink as they mottle. Simple designs without infinite fine lines works better. Colour photographs are fine art and not suited to stamping. A stamp is mono colour like old black and white photos. In that case black is the ink and white is the paper.  Extremely simplistic. Some outstanding things can be achieved with simplicity.

Size of your stamp is important

Not too small that portrays too much economy in the massage. It is time to be generous. Up to 59 x 39mm or 74 x 37mm can keep in the lower cost self-inking stamp range. Those stamps in 2020 can be up to $83.00 including GST each. Buy two or more and get a 10% discount off that price. To go larger the most economical method is the traditional custom hand stamp with a separate ink pad. These are individually priced to the millimetre, length and height measurement in a formula.

Ink colour is important as you want it to stand out. Might I suggest red or orange on invoices and address stamps are traditionally black. But why not something a bit different to really stand out.

Click the link here to see the colour range available. The top five colours are the standard colours and are all the same price. However, the bottom eleven are handmade and cost a little extra.

These inks are water based and their intended surface to mark is matt paper like copy paper or card with a porous surface.

If you have a different surface to mark, then there are other options. This does add extra cost and management issues. Nothing too dramatic but you must be aware the surface stamped on is important.

When stamping remember to take your time. Smashing out a record number of stamping in an hour is not a target! If you want your Christmas stamp mark to be the best representation of you then take your time. Place the stamp over the area to mark. Gently push down. Press firmly when on the paper surface and ensure all areas of the stamp touch the paper. Then release. Done.

Stamps are not hammers. They are a precision instrument and respecting them will ensure a long life. Glancing blows with a stamp will move the rubber die. The smaller the stamp the less area the rubber has to hold on with. We find the small loyalty card sized stamps at 12 x 12mm are particularly vulnerable to abuse like that and the rubber can fall off eventually.  That is a technique problem.

Do not panic about running out of ink.

At any time, the ink pad can be replaced, or a few drops of ink popped on the pad to keep the mark solid and intense all the time are possible. If you need stamp ink or stamp ink pads we have these in stock for you.

A stamp is like an inkjet printer. You will get more prints from a text stamp than a picture with a lot of ink laying down in each mark. Generally, you can guess around 2,000-4,000 prints from a stamp pad.

You will be pleasantly surprised what can be achieved by asking an experienced stamp maker if your design is possible. We would be honoured if you allowed us to redefine that design into a reliable stamp mark you can be proud of.

Contact our Rubber Stamp Design team for more information…

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding available variants or further product information. Stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram

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