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Discover pharmacy rubber stamps custom-made and delivered within 3 working days!

Learn about pharmacy rubber stamps. In this month’s Blog post we explain how we helped a local pharmacy. We are often asked to make or repurpose pharmacy rubber stamps. You might also call these rubber stamps; chemist rubber stamps. As experienced rubber stamp makers we are fast to understand what is required and how the rubber stamp will be used.

pharmacy rubber stamps

Making the best pharmacy rubber stamps for any purpose is what we do best. The Self-inking Stamps production team use the information supplied by the customer to design and custom-make rubber stamps. We have more than ten years of experience making rubber stamps. We also sell a vast product range of rubber stamp bodies available in New Zealand. So we can combine our knowledge for our customers’ everyday custom-made stamp needs.

Our pharmacy rubber stamps customer was able to order rubber stamps made by Self-Inking Stamps Ltd. And was able to buy in confidence knowing we also sell replacement ink pads, rubber stamp inks and replacement rubber dies to repurpose any rubber stamp they use.

pharmacy rubber stamps nz

Do you need advice?

Don’t hesitate to call or email our Auckland office and we will reply within one business day.

If you do not want to read any further and just want to find the most common pharmacy rubber stamp, we are asked for then here it is. There are four designs in this product we are often asked for. Let us know which one you need. Plus, the specific detail for your enterprise. The next working day you will get back a proof sheet of the design to check and approve before it is made. Yes, we do have more chemist stamps. To discover more rubber stamps for Chemists and Pharmacies you can scroll down as they are shared all the way through this blog post. 😊

We can make a custom-made rubber stamp in less than a day after approval. Often the couriers can ship it to you in one working day. That makes it around three days to be stamping away in your pharmacy. As we use NZPost you might be in Kaitaia, Mt Maunganui, Christchurch, Westport, or Dunedin and get fast next working day delivery.

We find for a single stamp in a courier overnight bag these we can be custom-made and delivered within three business days. However, for larger orders which require a box this adds a day or two to delivery times. An order for a rural delivery address like Eketahuna, Tirau, Poroti, Balclutha or Hawera can often be delivered within 1 to 2 days.

To make the best self-inking stamp for any business we need to know what they need. There are common factors in designing the best rubber stamp that we need to know:

  • Text and/or image
  • Any preferred fonts to work with for Trademarks
  • Size
  • Ink colour
  • Surface being stamped on.

Chemist or pharmacy rubber stamp text or image.

Starting with that first item of pharmacist text or image bring up one the important items. Brand.

It might be an independent Pharmacy. Or it may be a larger company like Unichem, Life Pharmacy, ……

Each company will have their brand and may want this represented on their stamp mark.

To do this please send the best image you have. A logo off a web page screenshot or off an email footer or even pasted into an email is not of sufficient quality if you want a high-quality stamp mark standing for your business. These usually are heavily pixelated. A vector image file is perfect. That might be one with .cdr, or more likely .ai after it.

An .svg file can be helpful. If it is a pixel-based image like jpg or .png then the largest file will usually have more detail for us. Over 300dpi we can usually get a quality image for laser reproduction in the rubber. This machine is capable of engraving accuracy of 0.1mm. Yes, that means if your image is pixelated the laser will make a pixelated image for you. Personally, I just hate that in any image I produce and spend a lot of time fixing these issues every day.

Next is the text. This is highly important. And to get the spelling right. Especially an address like Mosgiel or Paraparaumu. However, if you are from Taumatawhakatangi­hangakoauauotamatea­turipukakapikimaunga­horonukupokaiwhen­uakitanatahu I believe we would not be able to fit this in a stamp very well.

We would have to use all sorts of tricks to try and fit that in. We copy and paste to reduce operator error. Yes, I have poor spelling ☹. Do check what you have requested on the design proof you may also have made a spelling mistake which we have copied and pasted. That is why we recommend checking the design via our proof check before approving production.

The font can be important in particular brands. If it has then told us the font name to use. If we have it in our database, we can use it. Often, we spend time searching the internet for free downloads. Failing that if it is important to you then you can send the font file to us to use.

What is the best font to use in a pharmacy rubber stamp?

While there is no one ‘best font’ the shape of the font is important. When using text in a very large context like a billboard or sign and bold headings the shape of the letters is not so important. However, often a stamp is small. Font sizes under ten points can have difficulty picking up ink from the pad and transferring that to the paper surface if they get to thin.

Fonts like Times New Roman were extensively used. This font type has a thick and a thin part to each letter. The thin part when laser engraving at 1,000 dpi can get extremely thin. So thin they can get shorter than the other part of the letter. This means that thin part may not transfer ink to the page. Your words are then patchy and look terrible.

When small fonts are used the best fonts are a consistent thickness for the letters or numbers used. That is why we have Calibri and Arial in our drop-down font choices first. It is purely to produce a reliable mark on paper in font sizes down to 6.5 point. Even smaller has been achieved clearly however we do not recommend that. Changing to bold text can help with extremely small font sizes. Hooped letters often bubble over with the ink and the centres go solid making it a bit hard to read.

For our Pharmacy or Chemist Stamp 5440 we use Arial as the font. Often a lot of text for an address can be too wide in the stamp space. Then we will transfer to Arial Narrow and see if it fits. And then into Utah Condensed. Then we have graphic design tools to reduce letters spacing. Or just brutally squash sideways. We can usually find a solution for you.

Pharmacy rubber stamp size is important.

Often a paper typed form must be stamped on and marked. If there is a particular spot that must have a mark placed in it the dimension of that place is critical then to the particular model of stamp that could be used. Not all of a stamp must be used and we try and find a model size to make sure there is very little waste space around the image. There is no need to buy a larger rubber stamp or use more ink than you need.

We also aim to fit your budget as well. We stock three brands of stamp and can slide through those brands to fit your budget. For us we find Shiny are the lowest cost, Colop in the middle, but some dearer ones can be expensive, and the top price is Trodat generally. Trodat and Colop have heavy duty models in their range that are particularly good in high use situations like pharmacy stamps.

trodat professional 5440 date stamp

Trodat Pharmacy Rubber Stamp

  • Designed for Pharmacies and chemists
  • Tell us below which design you prefer
  • Professional grade stamp body with stainless steel frame
  • 4mm tall adjustable date
  • 48 x 27mm plate
  • Replaceable ink pad
  • Silky Smooth action

The Trodat 5440 rubber stamp model we particularly promote and is a fantastic model with its stainless-steel frame being so smooth to work. There are many models to choose from including all plastic construction and the heavy-duty steel frame ones. Trodat have a terrific colour of body selection for a few models which really help when you have multiple stamps in your work area.

For size tell us what you need by giving us the dimensions of the width and the height something may have to fit within. Also, if it is all text, you can tell us a font size and we can fit that to a stamp body size as well.

There are 12 different body colours for the Trodat rubber stamps range

pharmacy rubber stamps trodat

Rubber stamp ink colour.

This can be important. For some stamps they ned to be a warning. Let’s use red then. Other are more administrative and use black. Assorted colours of stamp can be used to quickly assess a process that needs to be done and a quick glance seeing that colour you immediately, or your team member, can quickly get that done.

Standard ink colours are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Violet

Also available for date stamps are the red/blue combination with red in the centre for the date.

However, as we can manufacture multi-colour stamps, we also have another eleven colours available for custom manufacturing.

Have a look at the Trodat ink colours available here.

The last item is important. Which surface will have to be stamped on?

Most of the time standard copy paper is used. A matt paper which the standard water-based stamp ink dries on quickly. In this scenario all of the above inks are suitable.

However, if the surface has a coating or is a gloss surface the standard ink will not dry or if it does dry it might not stay and could easily rub off.

Yes, there are alternative inks.

These inks are solvent based and often alcohol based. We use inks from Germany called Noris. There are many versions and suitable for different surfaces like gloss paper, plastics, steel, rubber, wood, freezer bags, textiles and even bricks and concrete! Each surface may need a different ink. Testing on some surfaces may be needed especially different plastics.

These special inks do cost more. The stamp comes with a dry ink pad plus a bottle of the ink and a bottle of the refresher (the solvent). There are management issues to understand as well with these inks as the solvent evaporates over time out of the ink pad. Yes, we have instructions sheets for their use for you.

Pharmacy rubber stamps can vary wildly.

We recently had a pharmacy who initially bought one for their pharmacy with the date. Plus, another general purpose one. Then when they realised how fast and efficient these stamps were to use. And how quickly the team at Self-inking Stamps could make their custom-made rubber stamps, they wanted to order all the rubber stamps they needed!

So, we were busy making rubber stamps to help increase productivity for all their staff. Assorted colours of inks were used for rubber stamps. And as we stock up to eight assorted colours of rubber stamp bodies colours for some models each stamp can quickly be identified at once as the one to use without even having to read the top. This makes for faster use as well.

All these rubber stamps that we custom-made saved our customer time and increased accuracy and reduced errors. A rubber stamp is not an expense. It is an investment. Rubber stamps will last for years. And for the steel frame stamps decades. The cost per rubber stamp mark can also be measured in dollars. How much does a mistake cost?

And when you are dealing with the health of your clients a simple low cost means of warning like a stamp mark can be life changing!

Ensuring that a product is fridge stored can reduce stock wastage. A simple stamp mark on the paperwork. Done. Everyone knows. Whether trained to know the product or not.

We are here to help with your questions about pharmacy rubber stamps.

Just ask us. If we have not made one before we can make one just for you. We custom make stamps all day long. Why not get one to save you time in repetitive work, help your workflow, and reduce error. stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on our FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram.

Customer Testimonials

They were so helpful, gave clear easy instruction which made ordering very quick & easy. All done with such speedy service. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Jenny Adams

Thanks to Antoinette for her wonderful, helpful and friendly assistance, and the designers for quickly producing and editing proof’s as requested. Great service and pricing. Delivery was superfast! 10/10 – thanks team!

Jasmine Milton

Thank you Antionette and Trent for going above and beyond on a last-minute project for me. Great people and great work!

Simone Ward

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