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Heavy duty rubber stamps built to last and perform year after year!

Heavy duty rubber stamps are ideal for high use rubber stamping applications. These rubber stamps are constructed with a metal frame in them. Most self-inking rubber stamps are made with a strong plastic construction. This allows for light weight simple construction with less parts and ensures great value for money.

heavy duty rubber stamps 600x600 2

Heavy duty rubber stamps range.

There are heavy duty rubber stamps which have a steel frame. This is specifically to provide extra strength. That might be because the rubber stamp is really large like the Trodat 5212 which is the largest self-inking stamp in the world.

Do heavy duty stamps all look the same?

There are differences between brands and within brands for the look and construction of these stamps. Most brands have models which have a combination of plastic and steel in the mainframe. This steel frame runs from the handle at the top down each side and then a hoop at the base surrounding the stamp mark area where the rubber die comes to make contact.

trodat heavy duty rubber stamp 5200

Or it may be for continuous use throughout the day. You might see these in use at the local bank branch, oh if they haven’t closed your branch down already. Does anybody still go to their bank now with internet banking being so convenient? Heavy duty stamps are particularly suited to office work. Date stamps in particular in the heavy duty versions are often used extensively in busy offices like legal practices, accounting firms, banks and receiving goods in warehouses and factories.

Are heavy duty stamps only for large stamps?

No, these heavy duty rubber stamps come in a range of sizes. From small heavy duty rubber stamps at 40 x 23mm and range up to the largest rubber stamp at 115 x 69mm. For Trodat rubber stamps they call this steel frame range of stamps “Trodat Professional”. This clearly identifies these as the heavy-duty type of self-inking stamp designed for high use. Colop calls their steel frame stamps heavy duty. This does differentiate these particularly useful rubber stamps.

Do heavy duty stamps all look the same?

There are differences between rubber stamp brands and within brands for the look and construction of these stamps. Most rubber stamp brands have models which have a combination of plastic and steel in the mainframe. This steel frame runs from the stamp handle at the top down each side. And then a hoop at the base surrounding the rubber stamp mark area where the rubber die comes to make contact.

It is designed to handle the constant impact on the paper that is often encountered by the stamp. The shock is transferred from the handle around the more delicate moving parts to the paper being stamped. Often a plastic layer may be on the outside of the frame to change its appearance more in line with brand differentiation.

trodat professional 5274

Trodat has introduced many new stamp models recently.

I have to say these new stainless steel framed stamps are rather nice to use. Silky smooth action! We always test stamps once made to ensure they are stamping fully and correctly the image they need to mark. The paper on the top of the stamp showing what it will mark is made by that stamp itself. We then install that on the body after the ink has dried which only takes a short time. I have to give these guys an extra stamp or two as they are just so nice to use. Well done Trodat keeps these stamps going.

What can you stamp with a heavy duty rubber stamp?

Wow that’s a question with a long answer. Just about anything. These rubber stamps are the top of the rubber stamp range. All the options are available here. Text and or image is definitely possible. Large models are regularly used for paper bag stamps as they have a good size for marking logos on paper bags.

There are heavy duty date stamp models…

From just a date right through to the largest model with a double date. The date is always in the middle. No the date size does not increase in size with the size of the stamp. Unfortunately the date is always the same at 4mm in height. The layout of the date is day number, month as three characters and year as four numbers like 21 JAN 2023. Each day has two bands to rotate. The month is one band to rotate. And the year is one band to rotate. Generally there is at least 10 years left on the date band. More unusual models can have less time left as they can sit around a while waiting for that special purpose for you.

Here at self-inking stamps we usually have only one or two of these models in stock so that we can quickly get the latest version back in stock. Usually this takes around two days to get to us. These stamps can be updated with new sets of bands when you run out of years. Yes, all four bands need to be replaced to ensure the length of the characters are all the same to make sure they can all touch the paper equally and make a mark. If one is worn further down it may be held up off the paper by the longer ones and not mark the paper. Not a good look and really frustrating. We usually carry bands for this purpose when you need to update your dater stamp.

Numberer stamps are also in heavy duty versions. These are stamps with rotatable bands like the dater stamps. This one band per number and a drive wheel to turn them with your fingers. They come in different numbers of bands like 6, 8, 10 and 18 bands. They are 4mm or 5mm tall characters.

Are different rubber stamp body shapes possible?

Yes there are a couple of shapes. Rectangular or round. Just about all of them are rectangular. There are a couple of round bodies. and there are no square or oval shaped bodies.

What if my image is square or larger than the round one?

Any self-inking stamp can have any shape of image on it. Yes, any shape. It also does not have to fill every part. You could just have a full stop there. To find a good stamp for a larger circle choose a stamp body size looking at the smaller number of the two dimensions on it as that is the limiting dimension for an image of equal width and height like a circle or a square. Figure out the dimension of the mark you wish to make on paper and look through the models until you find one which will fit those dimensions into. We do have a pdf with the sizes so you can see them side by side and visually help that choice.

What happens when my heavy duty rubber stamp runs out of ink?

These stamps all come with an ink pad which is inside the body of the stamp. That is why they are so clean and simple to use. When the stamp is resting it has the rubber die resting against the ink pad. Always ready to stamp immediately. From that ink pad can do thousands of stamp marks. Like an inkjet printer it is difficult to know how many. A few small marks or a solid image can make a massive difference to ink use per stamp mark. That ink pad is removable and replaceable. For high use situations we suggest getting a bottle of stamp ink in the colour you are using and for that brand of stamp.

Then when the mark fades just add a few drops to the pad and wait a few minutes for it to disperse into the ink pad. DO NOT over ink the pad. The ink can dribble out and make a heck of a mess. Plus the mark will be just blobs. The pad should look dry. Pressing with a blunt object will show a wet patch just in the dented area only with the correct amount of ink in the pad. After adding a couple of drops pop the pad back in, test it and then continue stamping. This way your brand can always be looking its best. Often on the larger stamps a bottle of ink is lower cost than the ink pad. Given time that ink pad will need to be replaced. The surface cotton layer will wear and deform over time.

trodat 6/50 replacement stamp ink pad

Trodat heavy duty stamp ink.

  • Replacement ink pad for Trodat 4022/4030/4031/4034/4200/4430/4431/4546/4548/5030/5200/5430/5431/5435/5546 rubber stamps.
  • Clean impression, document quality.
  • Precise inking prevents colours running.
  • No drying out.
  • Ink is completely non-toxic.
  • Clean change of ink cartridge in no time at all.
  • No re-inking. Simply replace the cartridge.

How do I order the correct ink pad for my rubber stamp?

There are a couple of ways to do this. On the outside of the stamp will be the brand and the model number. Usually near or on the handle. If they are older or well used this may have rubbed off. Don’t worry too much if it has. The second way is to pop out the ink pad. Have a look at the plastic base opposite the ink side. It is fine to turn it over so the ink will not run out. On the base will be a number. This is specific to that stamp. Trodat stamps might have 6/50 for the smallest one up to 6/512 for the largest.

The 6/ denotes an ink pad. The 50 the model of stamp it will fit. For the Trodat Professional stamps these pads will fit multiple stamp bodies. For Colop stamps the number will be like E2600. E denoting the ink pad and then the model number. Shiny ink pads are the S1821-7, the seven on the end denoting the ink pad status, the S for Shiny brand and the number the model of the stamp it fits. Quite easy once you know that.

What ink colours are available in these heavy duty stamps?

There are generally five standard ink colours available. Plus for the dater stamps a red date in the centre and blue around that. Different models will have different options.

The colours are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Violet
  • Dry
  • Red/Blue
  • Multi-colour
  • Extra colour – that’s a Self-Inking Stamps special we make for you. Check the colours out here.

What is a dry pad for a heavy duty rubber stamp?

These are special stamp pads with no ink in them. When stamping it is important for us to know what you are stamping on. Absorbent surfaces like paper, cardboard and wood are suited to the standard water-based inks. However if there is a non porous surface that may be a printed paper or a coated paper, metal, glass, plastics, textiles, freezer bags or rubber then special inks are required. Water based inks will wipe straight off. Solvent based inks require special felt based ink pads. We do stock a different dry pad also for water-based inks. We have found the felt dry pads disappointing to put water based inks like our extra colours into and have imported these ones to get better stamp marks. You can see the colours available in our pdf of Trodat ink colours.

Where do I get rubber stamp ink bottles from?

Like all the multitude of ink pads you can see here we also stock ink bottles for all the colours and brands too. You can find what you are looking for on our rubber stamp ink page.

How long does it take to order a custom made heavy duty stamp?

Generally these are no different to any other custom made rubber stamp we make. We carry less stock of these as they are not ordered as often. Larger numbers take an extra 2 days usually.

For stamp timeline we generally have the following:

  1. One day for a proof, or a re-proof
  2. Less than a day to manufacture
  3. After payment is received on the next courier for next working day delivery  (this stage is irrelevant for Schools, we understand how difficult this can be)

Most orders take three days to have it in your hands and go crazy with excitement stamping everything in sight.  Alright, only some people get that excited. We have had a few admit that to us 😊

How to use a heavy-duty stamp.

Please pay attention! These stamps while heavy duty ARE NOT A HAMMER! They are a precision instrument you have paid a lot of money for. Please respect them. They will then work for hundreds of thousands of times for you.

Here is our heavy duty rubber stamp guide.

Start with what you are stamping on is on a flat surface. Strong with a just slightly soft surface. Like 10 pages of paper sort of thing. A single piece of paper half way across the mark will stop the rubber coming in contact with the paper leaving a gap in the image. Seams in paper bags or folds can do the same thing. For boxes mark them when they are flat. If already made when pressing down the stamp it will apply a lot of pressure and flex that box. The middle of the rubber die cannot touch and the middle of the mark will be missing. Find something to support the inside of the box.

  • Pick the stamp up and move to where you need to stamp.
  • Place gently on the surface. Not a hammer or machine gun application.
  • Then once placed, press down gently to contact the surface.
  • Once on the surface place more pressure on the handle.

Even adjust that pressure to ensure top and bottom and each side out to the corners all get good contact. Don’t lift an edge as you can get duplicate marks like a shadow. More important for large stamps.

  • Release the pressure and the handle will pop up.
  • Move off the paper ready for the next mark.

These pictures show that even a plastic box can have issues with flexing and not allowing a contact point in the middle of the stamp mark. First the box without the mark. Then the poor quality mark. And then supported with a brick in the box with a great mark.

We are here to help with your questions about heavy duty rubber stamps.

We are here to help guide you through all the rubber stamp models for selection including different inks. Contact us with your questions and stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on our FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram.

Customer Testimonials

They were so helpful, gave clear easy instruction which made ordering very quick & easy. All done with with such speedy service. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Jenny Adams

Thanks to Antoinette for her wonderful, helpful and friendly assistance, and the designers for quickly producing and editing proof’s as requested. Great service and pricing. Delivery was superfast! 10/10 – thanks team!

Jasmine Milton

Thank you Antionette and Trent for going above and beyond on a last-minute project for me. Great people and great work!

Simone Ward

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