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What is the cost to buy rubber stamps in 2023?

cost to buy rubber stamps in 2023

The Self-Inking Rubber Stamps Team are asked what is the cost to buy rubber stamps all the time. What will the cost to buy rubber stamps be in 2023? In December we were notified by our international brand suppliers that the price we pay will increase. The reason is due to the current global economical situation and limited freight availability. Plus the increasing freight rates, a poor NZ exchange rate, labour rates going up and inflation all compounding into that perfect storm of a price hike. The cost to buy rubber stamps will increase in February for Shiny brand stamps, and March for Trodat stamps, Colop stamps and Dixon stamp brands.

cost to buy rubber stamps

What will this do to the cost to buy rubber stamps?

We often have to smile when we are asked what is the ‘standard rubber stamp price?’ Our response is there is no ‘standard rubber stamp’. If we look at a custom self-inking rubber stamp, with no dates or number changing parts, there are a lot of choices. If we look at Trodat rectangular stamps we use 17 standard sizes, there. Plus 13 Shiny rectangle shapes. And an additional 10 Colop rectangle stamps. Then there are square shapes and round, plus oval. Oh, and the professional grade ones additional to those ones. Yes, it gets out of hand very quickly when you know all the options. The total number of self-inking stamps on our website when this was written it was 305. That is a lot to choose from. If you would like to see the Trodat and Shiny one’s side by side in a guide you can find it on this link here.

We are here to give you options and find the right self-inking rubber stamp for you.

A custom-made rubber stamp has multiple inputs required to make it mark just the right way for you. There is the hard tangible mass-produced components and the important human design process plus some custom manufacturing we can deliver for you.

All these ‘standard sized stamps’ use mass produced bodies. Whether they are all plastic in construction or with a steel frame for high use situations they are manufactured in factories in high efficiency and low cost. Also during the manufacturing process they have an eye on the carbon impact and have reduced waste, reduced material used, are using recycled plastics, using renewable energy and reducing their carbon footprint. Also mass produced is the sheet rubber from which we engrave the mark you need to use. These are hard tangible components.

The human interaction part of how much is a custom rubber stamp is the critical part.

This is where the level of service can make the difference between just what you needed and disappointment. At Self-Inking Stamps we believe this human interaction part is critical. We need to know exactly what you need. Our task is then to create the manufacturing design to fit just one of those standard body sizes. We call this the proof sheet.

When printed out it is the actual size of the rubber stamp. Do check your pdf print settings. We have noticed when clients say it is a different measurement their print setting is not 100%. We then need to send that proof sheet to you by email to check with you that it is completely correct and a good size for you.

superseded rubber stamp

Professional Service and Communication is our number one priority.

This part may mean some back-and-forth communications to get the font, layout, size, ink colour, ink type, surface being stamped on and price into what you expect this stamp to do.

Only then is it wise to make that custom rubber stamp. Once that last proof of design is approved that is the one that will be made. Any previous reference on a website order is superseded by this final approved proof sheet.

cost to buy rubber stamps

Once all this communication is settled the custom manufacturing starts. That design is converted to a print file ready for the laser engraving machine. The correct file colours and line widths for the specific machine must be used for engraving and cutting. Then that can be sent to the machine for engraving. The design is positioned on the bed of the machine and the amazing engraving machine carves out your design. Using 1,000dpi we find we can get some amazing detail and smaller fonts these days with our new laser engraving machine.

standard rubber stamp price die placement

After engraving the custom rubber, our rubber stamp maker selects the correct ‘standard body’ from the proof sheet.

Also, the ink pad of the correct colour and inserts that into the body. The tricky next bit takes a steady hand. The excess rubber is removed to reduce over marking. Basically, getting the edge of the rubber closer to the image part. Aligning on the body is critical. Too far in one direction and it may jam on the body or miss the ink pad. The tolerances are small and that might be just 1mm. On an angle will be frustrating to people using the stamp as the image will always be out of alignment. So, care is required here. On top of the stamp is a piece of card under a clear plastic cover. This has been stamped with that stamp. This shows which way around the image is so you can just pick it up and stamp knowing you have it the correct way around. It also helps for round stamps to know the rotation of the image for correct marking.

Once that is done the rubber stamp is ready to mark.

Again, more human interaction is needed, and the next parts are important. There is the financial transaction to do. This may have already been done on the website via credit/debit card or for internet banking the payment must be manually made and checked that it has been received.

cost to buy rubber stamps
Cost to buy rubber stamps

But wait there is more. If you want your stamp delivered to you, we must receive the correct address to deliver to. It may be to a different address from where you are. This must be checked. We are amazed at how many people give us addresses that are incorrect. Often in a hurry or under stress of using a website to order the incorrect address is entered, or a default on your browser, for delivery is given. Oh boy that causes some trouble.

And delays your order. Please double check your address for delivery. Often, we are given a delivery address and it will not show in the NZPost delivery address system. If it will not show, we cannot print the delivery address sticker for your parcel. We often loose time here. And finally, after all that your stamp is on its way to you on the courier. Having said that the average time from start to stamping with a custom-made stamp is around 3 working days.

delivery cost for a rubber stamp
Delivery cost for a rubber stamp

How much is a rubber stamp is dominated by the human interaction part. There is a lot of communication and ‘paperwork’ that is no different between a small stamp and a large one. The components for a small stamp are minimal. For larger stamps and especially the steel frame units the body becomes the larger part of the cost of a self-inking stamp.

As the rubber stamp price for the components is going up, we conducted a time in motion review of the stamps. How are our prices? Are we covering our cost? Can we absorb some of the price increase? Are our overheads being recovered? Could we pay our people more than the minimum wage? Are the stamps getting too expensive? Will this create lower demand?

Every business goes through this process.

Good budgeting keeps a business afloat. We want to be here for you the next time you need a custom-made rubber stamp. So, it had been a while since a full review of the time in motion for these stamps has been done. It turns out the smaller stamps were being subsidised by the larger stamps. Our rubber stamp price will change on 1st February for Shiny stamps and 1st March for the Trodat, Colop and Dixon stamps.

Smaller stamps will go up in price to reflect the amount of time that goes into a custom-made stamp. We will try to keep minimal increases on the larger stamps. If you want to buy a self-inking stamp or need the price of a self-inking date stamp you can see up front what a stamp will cost, you on our website. When looking at the stamps the price is shown for the completed stamp.

This is for the stamp ready to mark straight out of the box when you receive it. There are only two other prices involved. One of those is only charged where necessary. A stamp like a signature stamp takes a lot of graphic design time. Or converting logos to something laser engravable. The other is the delivery cost. The prices shown are inclusive of GST.

We are here to help with your questions about custom rubber stamps.

A quote will be provided for our custom rubber stamps service and courier delivery so that you know how much everything will cost up front. Contact us with your questions and stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on our FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram.

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Thanks to Antoinette for her wonderful, helpful and friendly assistance, and the designers for quickly producing and editing proof’s as requested. Great service and pricing. Delivery was superfast! 10/10 – thanks team!

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Thank you Antionette and Trent for going above and beyond on a last-minute project for me. Great people and great work!

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