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Wooden memorial plaque engraving for high quality and the best price!

Recently we had an enquiry from John a customer as to whether we could engrave a wooden memorial plaque. John works in a joinery workshop and could supply the timber to be engraved. This timber was finished to the size required and John supplied some off cuts for Self-Inking Stamps Ltd to experiment with.

wooden memorial plaque engraving

What was the problem John needed solving?

Working with a joinery workshop to produce timber items and quite often CNC shaped first and then laser engraved can produce some amazing results. What was needed was a plaque for a memorial in a cemetery in which everything needed to biodegrade. The timber was biodegradable so that part works.

And one of the timbers chosen being Jarrah would last a good while too. As the engraving process is in essence burning of the wood there is no inorganic or toxic additions to this biological breakdown process. During the laser engraving process there are no waste products either.
John asked for a particular font to be used and supplied the wording required and layout.

How did we help John solve the problem?

With all of this information and the material sizes a design for the engraving process was started. This was sent back to our customer for approval. As a laser engraving machine is extremely accurate text is easy to reproduce on surfaces to engrave.

In this case it was requested that the text been deep cut into the timber to get a reasonable length of time that this custom plaque could be read over the coming years. Having the test pieces many tests were performed to get sufficient depth and get a dark enough burn mark to make the letters in the timber a black colour.

The final effect chosen was a three step process to get depth, crispness to the edge of lettering and colour exactly right. As the plaque was not big, a laser engraving machine is the perfect tool for the job. A CNC router machine cannot get the fine detail and sharp corners.

What was the outcome for the wooden memorial plaque engraving?

Two types of timber were offered to work with. They were a vastly different look. One being Jarrah a deep rich reddish brown wood and the other Ash a pale almost white timber with a beautiful fawn grain.

wooden memorial plaque engraving

That one was the hardest one to get a good result from as it turned out. And that was the one chosen for the plaque. The dark brown/black engraving stood out exceptionally well from the pale timber.

Personally, I liked the Jarrah. That is the most important thing for personalised engraving projects everyone is different and working with those choices is important to get our clients their best result.

The funny thing was it took a bit for the decision between the two pieces. After the Ash piece had been completed our client came back and ordered the Jarrah one too! Was not expecting that one.

There are many types of surface a laser can engrave for a memorial plaque.

  • Enquire about our Wood memorial plaque engraving service.
  • Find out more about our Granite memorial plaque engraving service.
  • Order your very on Glass memorial plaque engraving service.
  • Buy our Acrylic Laminates for a memorial plaque engraving service.
  • Ceramic tiles are ideal for a memorial plaque engraving service.
  • Ceramic paint on steel like our earlier article on a letter box sign.

Currently Self-Inking Stamps can laser engrave a plaque for you onto a piece of material up to 450 x 300mm in size and approximately 150mm tall. It must be flat, however. If you are interested in commissioning a memorial plaque send us an email to

  • In your email please describe what you would like to have.
  • The size you would like.
  • The material you are thinking of.
  • If you have found photos of what you need, please send to us.

The more information you can supply the better we can assess how we can help you. We can fit this work around our production of Self-Inking stamps and will take a while to produce. Price will vary depending on the material chosen to engrave onto. Plus design time and whether you can supply the material to engrave on with test samples.

Contact our team for more Information

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