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Best 2020 date stamps. All you need to know from the experts…

Best 2020 date stamps. As we enter a new year and new decade maybe a discussion on date stamps is appropriate.

best 2020 date stamps
Order Dater with adjustable date band…

Wow 2020! That seemed like science fiction back in the day. Well a bit of that science fiction is working as I am now driving an all-electric car.

Meanwhile stamps are still appropriate today. Already we are getting plenty of enquiries for 2020 date stamps.

What is a rubber date stamp?

These rubber date stamps have a changeable date in them. Some date only others with a customisable area around that date.

The date part has four rubber bands which are rotatable with a little thumb wheel independently of each other.

On each band there are different characters. These can be changed any time you like.

trodat 4820 4mm rubber dater stamp
Trodat 4820 4mm Rubber Dater Stamp

The first and second band both have numbers on them.

This is to dial up the date of the month like today might show 1 and 4 to be the 14th.

The third band is for the month. These have three letters for the month all in caps. Today would be JAN for January.

The fourth and last band has the year on it. Four numbers here and for this year is 2020.

The font would best be described as like Arial Narrow. No this cannot be changed to a different font type.

Learn how to change a date stamp.

To use the date stamp, you can rotate the bands to get the date you need to display.

It might be to mark the day you processed some work or received an item.

Commonly date stamps get used for Best Before Date stamps and these you adjust to a date out in the future somewhere.

A date stamp can also have text, or a small image included depending on the model chosen. Some models can have a word or two to the left or above the date.

Something like Best Before or Received are common for this purpose.

Then there are models with space above and below the date which can have text in two places and even a border around it.

These might be like the below image.

trodat 4750 4mm date stamp + 41x24mm
Trodat 4750 4mm date stamp

For special purposes there are rubber stamp models with the adjustable date. With the “Do It Yourself” character parts to add whatever you like and change the words whenever you like.

These are great for Best Before and batch numbers where both lots of detail need to be changed.

There are even a couple of models which also have the time as well as the date on them for those time sensitive applications.

Heavy duty date stamp.

There are heavy duty date stamps with steel frames.

These are for high use situations like banks, mail centres and dispatch and received goods where hundreds of stamping per day are performed.

Pharmacies like the Trodat Professional 5440 date stamp for this reason that they are strong and have a long durable life.

Traditional date stamps.

In the past a date stamp generally needed a separate ink pad. Then the Self-Inking Stamps were invented.

However, for some circumstances a traditional style of stamp works.

We have manufacturers who need to mark products inside tight spaces. The smaller size of the traditional dater works great for them.

These rubber date stamps do need a separate ink pad. Make sure you add an ink pad to your order so that you can use it when it arrives.

The date stamp ink pads are here.

How long does a date stamp last?

Generally, the date stamp is made in the factory with 12 years on the date band.

However, there might be a long time between manufacture and when the stamp is purchased.

There might be a year or more that has elapsed by the time you get yours.

The models that are not used commonly generally may have 2 years or more elapsed.

Right now, the stock items will have 2019 on the first band so that one has already passed by.

Once the last year band has gone by unfortunately you will have to purchase a new stamp.

What happens when a date stamp runs out of ink?

If the ink in the pad runs low and image fades when stamping this can be remedied in one of two ways.

Either replace the ink pad. Or in high use situations it is more cost effective to add a few drops of ink at any time to get the image nice and strong again.

When the ink pad gets a bit beaten up after repeated filling that can be replaced.

Just type the model number of the stamp into the search products box on our website and press enter.

You’ll find the date stamp and usually the ink pads will pop up in the search result for you too.

Then just pick the date stamp ink colour you require.

For the date stamp ink use the stamp brand ink appropriate for your stamp.

You can find date stamp ink here.

If you find the choice of a date stamp a bit hard from all the models available just ask for help on the form below.

If you describe your rubber date stamp requirements in detail, we might be able to help you to find just the right date stamp model for you.

Contact our Rubber Stamp Design team for more information…

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding available variants or further product information.

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