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Buy date stamps 2016 now and save!

If there is a particular style of date stamps 2016 you have but want to provide a specific word we can create it. Stamp on paper, scan and send to us say what word you want. We can custom make a date stamps 2016 how you want it. Make sure you tell us the dimensions for your date stamps 2016. From 26 x 9mm through to 85 x 55mm for the biggest professional date stamps.


Our suppliers in Europe inform us of a price increase in Feb 2016!

[box]Date Received Stamps[/box]
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[box]Date and Text Multi-Colour Self-Inking Stamps[/box]
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We can’t modify the actual “date” position for the stamp, nor the date stamp font.

The good news is the professional date stamps can have their bands changed.

We have a date stamp for everything! Our range of Daters can be just a date, or a combination of date and text.

There are more Daters in the Printy range down to small sizes and also traditional manual stamps from the Classic range with separate ink pad as well for special projects.  Contact us here if there is something you are looking for.  Character heights on these can range from 3mm to 9mm high.  What about a time and date stamp, there are a limited number of these too!

Maybe you are looking for a BEST BEFORE date stamp which we have a few models that suit this purpose like the Trodat 4850.

Self-inking date stamps 2016 are perfect to use as best before stamps.

People who might use one:

  • Inward goods
  • Dispatch
  • Reception
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Accounts payable/ receivable
  • Sales
  • Banks
  • Finance companies
  • Hotels

[box]Time and Date Stamps[/box]
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We can custom make colour combinations from our date stamps 2016 multi-colour range on selected models (for all the professional ones).

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