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Laser engraving wall plaques for sponsors of a new facility.

laser engraving wall plaques

For this month’s Blog post case study we have really good information about our laser engraving service.

Self-Inking Stamps customer: You have a laser engraving machine, right? Can you do plaques with that?

Self-Inking Stamps: In theory we should be able to. Can you tell us more detail and we can identify if this is possible?

Self-Inking Stamps customer: I am working on a project which will have multiple plaques fixed to a wall honouring the wonderful sponsors of our new facility.

We need laser engraving wall plaques showing our sponsors names. There will be two different sizes of wall plaque. Those who donate extra get a larger wall plaque. This is to be an exterior area to be displayed and must handle the exterior environment.

How did we help solve the problem?

Sure, we can help there. There are acrylic laminates which can be laser cut and engraved. 

They are a two layer acrylic and the top layer is thin. With our laser machine we can engrave through the top layer exposing the backing layer. 

This gives the visual difference to make any shapes you need. That might be text or an image or both. 

Within the size of our laser bed the text or image can be any size. For Self-Inking Stamps that laser bed is 450 x 300mm.

A subsidiary of our stamp supplier is Trotec Laser Engraving.

This company manufactures high quality laser cutting and engraving machines and material to use in those machines like the Trolase acrylic.

There are different thicknesses of the acrylic. Also, there are different colour combinations of the acrylic.

Self-Inking Stamps uses thin sticker types for backs of medals and awards.

Slightly thicker at 0.8mm thick are regularly used on awards with the gold face with black text. 

Then the more robust 1.6 and 3.2mm thick ones can be used in name plates, desk name plates, door signs, general signs, plaques and exterior situations as well.

Tell us the size of these plaque you need. We can cut them to size. 

Also, we can cut the screw holes for you to attach them to the facility.

From the colour range let us know which colour material you need, and we can order this in for you and get this going.

What was the outcome for their laser engraving wall plaques?

Our customer chose to use the black/white acrylic combination which has the black backing and the white face.

2020 01 engraving plaques
Laser engraving wall plaques.

This was so that the plaques could be cleaned and if there was any dirt and atmospheric trash building up between cleanings it would be in the engraved darker areas and not distract from the overall look.

The 3.2mm thick Trolase material was chosen for the strongest result in the exterior situation.

All the details for the words to use, text font type, font size and layout were then used to do a proof to ensure everything was as required and correct.

Also, the size of the plaques and the size of the screw holes required were planned into the proof as well.

Once the work was approved Self-Inking Stamps made these 26 plaques for their project.

Contact us about our laser engraving service.

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