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Custom desk signs ideal for your work place or event

custom made office desk signs

Like self-inking stamps, custom desk signs are important time savers in your office. Having a clearly marked desk sign can help your customers find where they are trying to go. This can also save you time as well by reducing interruption and repeating the same instructions repeatedly. We can help your business be more efficient and save time.

Custom desk signs can be used in multiple places for your business.

A desk name plate with logo at reception to help people find you in multiple business locations. A name holder for a desk to help people find the right person within your organisation. A custom name plaque to clarify who you are, your qualification and you are genuinely who people are looking for. Oh, and when you have that new job it is so cool to have your name engraved on a sign!

Desk signs come in different sizes and shapes. Here we focus on a two-part component system. These are composed of a polished metal frame and a laser engraved plastic insert with all your details. The great thing is when you get that promotion you can replace the insert with that new even more exciting title.

The metal frame used for custom desk signs is polished aluminium. In either a silver or gold colour.

They look smashing and so official sitting on your desk. A real statement of arrival at the right place. The custom-made desk sign insert is available in multiple colour combinations.


The custom desk sign insert is made of a two-layer acrylic.

A thick back colour is coated in a special manufacturing process with a very thin front facing colour. These highly technical plastics are specifically made for laser engraving to give the best detail results and a long lifespan. With a precision laser engraving machine, the front colour is vapourised away with a focused laser beam moving at high speed to expose the rear colour. The laser beam is so fine it can reveal detail at up to 1,000dpi. High quality engraving is possible. With this process a two-colour desk sign is the outcome, a background colour and the custom text or image laser engraved area within that background area.

The acrylic insert is not printed. It will not rub off. It is slightly cut out to achieve the effect. There is a little texture to this exposed area. When you run your finger across it you can feel the removed area. This process will last for years. The desk sign can be cleaned. However, we must warn you not to use alcohol-based cleaners as this will detrimentally affect the acrylic causing microfractures in the chemical reaction. This will cause a disappointing result in your lovely sign.

Cleaning is easy with a damp cloth and a good wipe clean on a regular basis.

While a range of product colours are always in stock others are available within a few days from bulk suppliers within New Zealand. If you have a special two-colour combination you need to have your sign made in which is not listed in the product do ask as there is a huge range worldwide that with sufficient forward order time can be imported for you. As you may understand this may be many weeks to months to get this to New Zealand for you. Also, as a one-off project importing a minimum volume of material is required and will affect the cost of your custom laser engraving project substantially.

What can you have on your desk sign?

Generally, a desk sign is text. This might be your business name, an address, a person’s name and maybe their title within your business. Some of them are even funny which is fun to make from our point of view. It is great to have a laugh every now and then when you are working. Small images are possible but take extra time and require high quality vector images to get the best results. That old rule garbage in, garbage out will apply here. It is so important that the first impression someone gets of you from your sign is one of quality. Supplying us with just the right image is important.

All sorts of fonts are possible. But do remember you may have much more attachment to that perfect one-off font than the person struggling to read it. They might be some distance away and need to clearly read it as they are getting close to your sign. Do think of the end user who currently has milliseconds to concentrate and read this before moving on. It is a bit sad but very real. Lines and borders, circles all sorts of shapes are possible as the graphic design component part of creating the image for laser engraving can produce some amazing patterns. Here we concentrate on the production of high-quality desk signs rather than graphic design work, however.

While desk signs are a particular sign type within that same style personalised office door signs are remarkably similar. These are of the same construction with a metal frame which is fixed to the door, or alongside the door on the wall as a wall sign. Then the insert is slide into the metal frame. These can be changed out depending on who is in the office that day. Multiple rows of inserts can be achieved within wall signs. If you need a desk sign, or a replacement insert for your current desk sign, you can get in contact with us by email at sales@self-inkingstamps.co.nz, use a contact form below or on our contact us pages or click on one of our products below and start your journey to having your own desk sign.


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