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Coffee Stamps for Custom Loyalty Cards will Help Your Business

Coffee stamps for custom loyalty cards will help your coffee shop retain existing customers for a longer period of time. In this blog post, we will discuss exactly how this will help your business.

loyalty card stamps

Retain more customers with Coffee Stamps for Custom Loyalty Cards

If you are a coffee shop owner, a loyalty card can remind your customers of your business every time they take a look in their wallet. A loyalty card also gives your customers a goal to complete. You should offer your customers an achievable reward, whether that should be a free coffee or a brownie is up to you. The purpose of this is to give your customers another incentive to return to your business. This is a great way to sell more coffee. You will not necessarily make less money by offering a free coffee. Your repeating customers will high likely buy more than just the coffee each time they return so stack up on cookies and your delicious sandwiches.

Personalise your Coffee Stamps for Custom Loyalty Cards

We have many great ideas to how you can personalise your coffee stamps. Most importantly, it should show the identity of your coffee shop. Little hearts, coffee cups, coffee beans or your logo is just some of the ways we can customise your coffee stamp. Furthermore, by personalising your stamp you prevent fraud from people copying your stamp.

Our coffee stamps for custom loyalty cards start from $23.48

Join many other coffee shops in discovering the great use of stamps for custom loyalty cards. If you are wondering which self-inking stamp you will need, then we are here to help you.

The loyalty card stamps are 12 x 12 in size and are two of our most popular stamps. They are small and light which makes them perfect for daily use. We recommend that you use Shiny or Trodat stamps for your cards. Also, please remember to check the surface of your loyalty card as you will need the right ink. We recommend changing to Noris 009 which is fast drying and is available in three colours.

The prices below are the completed stamp price personalised to your coffee shop. Remember, you’ll get 10% off the price if you order two or more at one time.

Contact Us for more Information about Coffee Stamps for Custom Loyalty Cards

If you are unsure regarding any queries, please get in touch with our team. We love answering questions from our customers, it’s much better to gain clarity regarding an issue versus just buying and hoping for the best. We’ll help find the right loyalty card stamps for you! Also, learn how using teachers stamps can help manage marking school work successfully.

Complete our online contact form or call 09 412 9381 and we’ll be happy to help you out. Follow us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google Plus to receive our daily updates!

Send Your Ink Stamp Designs To Our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. How long will it take to make my rubber stamp?

  • On average 3 working days from inquiry to stamping.

Question. Does a hand stamp take the same time as a self inking stamp?

  • Generally yes they do, but sometimes testing the stamps reveals a detail we are not happy to let you have and the cycle is repeated to get it just right. Sometimes the glue on the handle has not set enough for testing and packaging.

Question. What is the process in making my stamps?

  • There are a few steps involved – the proof, manufacture and payment, shipping.
  • The Proof – all stamps have a proof sheet made and sent to you by pdf file which must be approved before we make them.
  • To read our full explanation visit

Question. Are there any design specifications required for my stamp?

  • font sizes must be larger than 6.5 point or larger.
  • line thickness must be 0.2mm or thicker for reliable reproduction
  • gaps between ink parts must be more than 0.2mm
  • for images if you can supply a vector image it is free for production.  Other files we charge for conversion, click HERE to see the price.

Contact Self Inking Stamps For any Enquiries

Have any questions about our self inking rubber stamps or our customisation options? Give us a call at 09 412 9381 or send us an email at or use our online contact form below. Follow us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google+ to receive our latest news and promotions.

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