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Teachers Stamps are great for rewarding kids

Teachers Stamps can help save a lot of time. If you talk to lots of teachers about their job, there is a good chance they will tell you about marking.

Having to mark a lot of work for a lot of students can be very time consuming. Often taking up valuable hours after school.

teachers stamps for marking

How using teachers stamps can help manage marking school work successfully!

Read about these productive marking tips for primary school teachers using teachers stamps. Here you can read 3 tips to help you find ideas to help you with your marking.

  1. Student marking using teachers stamps – Why not involve your students to help mark each others work. This can be a very educating activity to make sure your students understand the work. Explain how the work is to be marked. Provide a guideline or checklist so they know what to look for. You can encourage discussion and positive and constructive criticism.
  2. Student discussion feedback teachers stamps – This teacher stamp is very effective in the classroom. This stamp states verbal feedback has been given by the teacher and students. Make sure you use the stamp to mark their work. Its very easy to forget when you have already given feedback and made comments about their work. To make sure they have understood all the feedback, they can add the verbal feed below your stamp mark.
  3. Use reward teachers stamps for achievements – Everyone loves positive feedback and compliments. Its always important to give your students recognition for their good work. Teachers stamps used for rewards are perfect to demonstrate work well done. You can use many different types of custom design and words to say well done!!!

Giving written feedback to your students is valuable for them and their parents. It’s important to use what you know best and use other successful marking techniques used by other teachers.


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