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Best Laser Cutting Service for 13 Popular Materials

Read about the best laser cutting service in Auckland. At our facility, we utilize a CO2 laser capable of cutting shapes from a wide array of materials. Whether it’s the delicate intricacies of a paper doily or the simplicity of a circle, our laser beam is focused onto the material to burn, vaporize, or melt through it precisely. By adjusting parameters such as power, speed, and focal distance, our laser machine can cut through a vast range of thicknesses, from thin items like paper or stickers to thick materials like 12mm wood or acrylic.

One of the advantages of our contactless process is the absence of the need to fix items down, eliminating any restraint marks on the material. The material is simply placed on the working table of the machine, adjusted for focus, and then cut. This method allows us to cut right to the very edges of the material, minimizing waste and maximizing material utilization.

intricate laser cutting plywood

For batch cutting, we can place items closely alongside each other, even partially touching, and program the machine to execute a single cut to separate them, speeding up the process. The only waste produced is the thickness of the cut itself, which can range from as little as 0.1mm on thin materials to slightly more on thicker ones. This precision is particularly beneficial for items like jigsaw puzzles, reducing movement when pieces are put back together. However, items like 10mm thick acrylic can be challenging to separate due to the small kerf tolerance, requiring some effort to detach.

Here are the materials that Self-Inking Stamps Ltd specializes in for the best laser cutting service:

  1. Acrylic – both cast and extruded
  2. Rubber – used for custom rubber stamps
  3. Untreated plywood
  4. MDF wood
  5. Untreated wood
  6. Paper
  7. Cardboard
  8. Cork
  9. Delrin plastic
  10. Textiles
  11. Polyester felt
  12. Leatherette for laser
  13. Leather vegetable tanned

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Among these materials, acrylic is one of the most frequently cut items.

Excluding the thousands of rubber stamps we produce. With various forms of acrylic available and the capability for both laser cutting and engraving, we can create a wide range of products, from simple heart shapes to intricate signage and lettering. Our use of 6mm acrylic for traditional style custom hand stamps is another example, where bonding the rubber to the acrylic yields excellent results. We also specialize in laser cutting intricate shapes for custom hand stamps, ensuring precision down to the curve of the handle and supporting pieces.

Another common application for acrylic is in creating text plates for trophies. We can cut these plates into any shape or size, simultaneously engraving them as needed. Additionally, machine tags and warning signs are often crafted from two-layer acrylic sheets, which can also be used for creating thin acrylic stickers. The laser is programmed with different parameters to achieve a two-colour image on these stickers, cutting them to shape on the backing material with remarkable precision.

Our laser cutting services extend to a wide array of applications, including trophy plates, small signage, low-volume sticker production, wall art, coasters, replacement shower drain grates, Christmas decorations, photo frames, and much more.

When it comes to laser cutting rubber, we specialize in producing stamps. The density of rubber requires substantial energy to cut through, and our specialized extraction system ensures efficient handling of the resulting dust. Whether it’s intricate shapes or specific sizes, we utilize A4 sheet sizes of rubber at various thicknesses to create custom stamp rubber dies.

In the realm of plywood laser cutting, we find that most interior-grade options are suitable for our purposes.

laser cutting plywood

However, we also stock 3mm ply specifically developed for laser cutting, ensuring high-quality material without gaps or imperfections at interior joints. With at least half a dozen different wood species available, ranging from dark Walnut to light Maple and Poplar, we create a variety of items such as plaques, models, small boxes, and personalized picture frames.

laser cutting plywood photo frame

For laser cutting MDF, this material proves highly suitable due to its consistent composition.

We can create any shape imaginable, whether it’s 500 circles for a special project or intricate designs with tight fits. The versatility of MDF allows for a range of applications, from detailed models to customized project components.

laser cutting plywood changeable light

When it comes to untreated wood, we emphasize the importance of using exterior-grade timber for laser cutting, especially for outdoor applications. Wood can vary significantly in its reaction to the laser, requiring testing to determine optimal cutting times—particularly for thicker items. In some cases, a rotary CNC machine might be more suitable for projects involving thick or exterior-grade timber.

laser cutting mdf wood heart shapes

Laser cutting textiles opens up a world of possibilities, including linen, cotton, silk, polyester, and leatherette.

This capability is particularly useful in clothing design, where intricate patterns can be precisely cut, saving materials and creating unique designs. From steam punk clothing to intricate designs for various applications, the laser’s precision ensures high-quality results.

For paper laser cutting, we employ special paper sheets designed for laser use.

Offering a distinct fawn-coloured edge when cut. With the option for fine detail cutting, including items like paper doilies, we also utilize a camera location system for accurate cutting of paper, cardboard, and acrylic with UV printing. This system enables precise cutting of multi-layered cards and intricate designs.

laser cutting paper

Cardboard, like paper, is also suitable for laser cutting and engraving. We often use cardboard to create quick jigs for holding items in place during laser engraving, ensuring consistent results. Additionally, coated cardboard can be engraved to reveal the material beneath, offering unique possibilities for items like business cards.

Cork, a natural material, provides a beautiful finish when laser cut and engraved.

Dark brown edges complement the surface engravings, making it ideal for coasters and placemats. We stock different thicknesses of cork sheets to accommodate various projects.

laser cutting cork

Delrin plastic below, when laser cut and engraved, is perfect for embossing leather and other soft materials.

Our black Delrin plastic is specially selected for creating embossing seals, designed with precise front and back pieces for creating the desired pattern. These seals are commonly used for leather folders, certificates, cards, awards, and notary public certifications.

For laser cutting fabrics and textiles, we work with a variety of materials.

All sorts of fabrics can be laser cut. Like these automotive fabrics below. From custom logo engraving and cutting polar fleece, denim laser engraving and Jute for wedding place matts laser cutting can take many forms.

laser cutting fabric used in automotive industry

Including cotton, silk, linen, fleece, denim, and more. Whether it’s custom logo engraving, intricate designs, or wedding place mats, the laser offers precise cutting for a range of fabric types.

• Cotton
• Felt (synthetic)
• Silk
• Linen
• Lace
• Polyester
• Fleece
• Softshell
• Denim
• Alcantara

laser cutting fabrics

Leatherette designed for laser cutting, such as Trotec’s Laser Leather, offers a versatile material for a range of projects.

Available in various colours, this material imitates leather while allowing for precise cutting and engraving. From jewellery to keychains and even handbags, the laser can create stitch holes for easy sewing and uniform spacings.

laser cutting leather for laser

Polyester felt, another material we specialize in, offers unique possibilities for laser cutting.

We’ve used multiple colours of polyester felt to create intricate designs, such as the two-colour placemat project. With a range of options available, polyester felt opens up creative avenues for various projects.

laser cutting polyester felt serving placemat

Lastly, laser cutting vegetable-tanned leather requires careful consideration due to the tanning process.

Chromium-tanned leather releases toxic gases when cut, making vegetable-tanned leather the safer option. We recently used vegetable-tanned leather for a steampunk Goggle project. Cutting each piece with stitching holes included for a seamless assembly.

laser cut vegetable tanned leather

To address a common enquiry, our laser is not designed for cutting steel. However, we offer laser engraving services for stainless steel drink bottles and coolers, providing branding and personalization options.

laser engraving drink bottle

In conclusion, our laser cutting services cover a wide range of materials and applications, from intricate paper designs to durable acrylic signage, custom rubber stamps, and textile creations. With precise cutting capabilities and a focus on quality, we aim to bring your creative visions to life with our laser cutting expertise.

For more information and to explore our laser cutting capabilities further, please contact us directly.

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